Thursday, January 31, 2013


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saw it.  pinned it.  did it.
My PINSPIRATION for this week was:
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So I made a trip to the Dollar Make Ya Hollar Store and picked up my items.  I already had some modge podge and sealer so I figured I would use that instead of the hot glue.
It's not what it called for exactly but I just roll with shit.
I picked up the items and it was time to get to work.
I needed a wine break first though of course.
After drinking the whole bottle a glass or so I got to work!
I laid out all my supplies and decided to put a teaser photo on IG.
Sheila were you right?  LOL
So I was too busy drinking to actually take step by step pictures but my finished product looks a leetle something like this.
I am pretty happy with it.

I probably should have made the B with all dark stones but whatevs.
This baby is going out on the back deck.
It's safe to say that I am a C- Pinterester but at least I tried.
And then this happened...

The end.


  1. Love the vlog..I believe you and Miss Whitney need a reality series together!

  2. haha love the vlog! i can't see your finished product unfort but hey i bet it looks pretty tight.

  3. So cute! and lmao at the crop mess!

  4. Drunken Marcy blogs make me smile! Love you bitch! xo

  5. hahaha! you are too cute. Wine is always involved in my crafts. always. :) love it. Thanks for linking up and sharing with us today!

  6. Saw this episode last night and about died from her explanation of "crop dusting". HILARIOUS!

    PS-Love the mat!

  7. LoL I hate to admit it, but I watch Honey Boo Boo....I just can't resist!

  8. I can't see the pic of your Mat blogger is being a pain in my arse today lol! I love the one on Pinterest and I am sure you rocked it! LOL yup Marcy blame the glue for your funny hahahaha you crack me up! I think you look hot, I know if I said cute you would punch me, I love watching the video sideways do you know I seriously turned my head sideways what is wrong with me?! LOL! I love your vlogs they are hilarious! OMG what does Mama June even mean by that lol! Yes I have to admit I watch and when Honey Boo Boo named her chicken Nugget I lost it hahahahah! love ya girlfrannnnn!

  9. Love the wine induced vlog! Thought it was so funny!

  10. Love the mat! Your vlog made laugh!