Friday, January 18, 2013

Marcy's happies AND crappies!

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up

Lurve'n the new link-up my BBFF Stephanie and sidekick Sarah came up with!

My Happies

~Everything is officially moved out of the old house and into the new house.
It’s the weekend!

~I woke up an hour before I technically had to this morning allowing time to actually take my time getting ready, do some laundry, and play with Stache before even having to wake my spawns of Satan my darling beautiful daughters up.

~If I am way beyond the times and FINALLY getting an iPhone tomorrow.
My Droid and I have had an amazing relationship but it is time to move on.
...oh and now I can get the cell phone case that I have been drooling over for an eternity.
I think I just pissed myself from excitement.
It's the small things that get me people...

~We get our entire deposit back on the place we were renting prior to getting our new home.

It pays to take care of your shit.

~I got my sweet fur baby this week and he is just totes fucking awesome.

~I lost 3 1/2 pounds this week.

~I hit over 400 followers this week.
I happen to think you guys like me for my sailor language, snarkalicious tendencies, and muh GIF usage...

The Crappies:

~I still cannot find the GD nail clippers hence having my toes resemble something like this...

~Having a shit ton of SHIT to put away this weekend around the new house.
I just wanna be done and over it like yesterday.
I wish I could bippity boppity boo and snap a finger like Mary Poppins and POOF that shit would just be done and in it's place.
A girl can dream right?

~Payton will be a whole six months {THAT'S HALF A FUCKING YEAR IF YOU DIDN'T KNOW} next Friday and also getting two toofers in on the bottom.
I want to have an anxiety cry fest at any given moment over it.
My girls are growing up too damn fast.
Knowing that I will never have another baby this small again makes me sad...
and then I remember how I looked 6 1/2~7 months ago.

And to all you bitches that told me I looked good.
Eff the fuck off cuz I know you were lying.
PS in this last picture doesn't it seem like I pretty much want to take a bite out of his face?
So yea...
...and I am all like...

Oh PS I look pretty fucking hot holding a gun do I not?

I can make that duck face look sexy no?

Okay so this post sucked ballz but it's all you get after writing two guests posts and actually having to get some legit work done.

Love you girls!!!!
Cheers for Beers
A typical first night in the Bad Girls Club.


  1. HAHHA loving the GIFS in this!!! Looking schemxy with ur gun! Cheers to the weekend!

  2. Your blog is awesome! I love how quirky and real you are :) definitely the place to go for a good laugh or pick me up.

  3. Bahahaha I seriously LOL'd at work just now reading this. You are so crazy funny lady!

  4. ha ha ha ha! I happen to like that last one of the girl coming in and out of the shot. Hilarious!

  5. LOL you crack my ass up!! I loved this post. Have fun unpacking this weekend! BTW sexiest duck face I have evah seen!

  6. You're a nut! In the best way possible!

  7. OH GIRL YOUR DEFIANTLY SPORTING THAT GUN.... Your gonna love your I Phone!It kicks ass..... Good luck on the unpacking!!!!

  8. The last gif looks like semen coming down her FUNNY!

  9. Only you sweet girl would want that iphone case hehe! I will stick to my otterbox iphone case :) PS as long as you promise not to shoot me I will say you look hawt as hell with the gun but otherwise I will say officer please come arrest her before I die hehe :) loves!xoxo

  10. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you for my laugh tonight!!!! i looked the exact same way when i was six months pregnant!! you def make the duck face sexy & good luck (and have fun -_-) getting everything situated at the new house! (congrats BTW) new follower on GFC an IG ! <3 Christin

  11. You have to have that cell phone case.

    I'm drinking lots of beer tonight.

  12. I totally needed that laugh! Stopped by from the link up and I"m glad I did!

  13. Thanks for that! I needed a good laugh too. Now following via GFC from the giveaway! :)

    Diana @ Nanny2Mommy

  14. bahahahaha this post was the best. i heart you and you're crazy self! thanks for participating in happies and crappies sexay laday! we hope you'll join us next friday!

  15. looooove all the animated pix! :)
    Congrats on losing some weight!! :)

  16. everytime I see that wig on nicki I want it SO BAD. :( lol

  17. Heeyy! I nominated you and your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award. Check it out here!! Congrats <3