Thursday, August 29, 2013

Saying goodbye to the girl on the left...

{Note: Girl on the Left is the far left picture.  Girl in the middle and the Right is the "new" girl}
Today's post is all for the girl on the left.
It's about sharing her memory and letting her go.
She is no more.
She was only a once was...
The girl on the Left isn't very old.
She existed up until the beginning of July.
She was sad.
She faked her smile.
She faked her confidence.
She did it well.
She was good at masking the pain.
She abused her body.
She made poor decisions with food.
She ate her emotions.
She felt overwhelmed and was quickly spiraling out of control.
The girl on the Left couldn't run an entire mile without stopping.
She couldn't do a push up.
She couldn't do a lot of things.
Maybe it was her mind telling her she couldn't I am not sure.
She wasn't able to stick to anything.
Committed was something she most certainly was not.
The girl on the left was helping others.
That she has always been good with.
The only problem is she was helping everybody but herself.
The girl on the Left was moody.
She wasn't being a good Wife, Mother, Daughter, Friend, employee, etc.
She wasn't living the life she truly deserved.
She was miserable.
The girl on the right however...
The girl on the right is genuinely happy.
She does not have to fake her smile or her confidence.
She is finally feeling comfortable in the skin she is in.
Does she have her days?
Don't we all?
But she is learning to be proud of who she has become stretch marks and all.
The girl on the right can run almost five miles without having to stop.
The girl on the right can actually do a push up.
She doesn't get winded easily.
She has energy to keep up with her kids.
The girl on the right is sticking to things.
She isn't quitting.
She is a fighter.
She is strong.
The girl on the right is learning a lot about nutrition and sticking to her plan.
She may waiver from time to time but always manages to get herself back on track.
She realizes that every second is a new one.
There is no tomorrow or next week.
There is right now.
The girl on the right wants nothing more than to see people succeed and knows in order to do that she must continue to succeed her self.
The girl on the right...
She is happy.
She is proud.
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Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Pretty Strong Medicine

Miss me?
I haven't participated in a couple of weeks.
I know.  I know.
I have been super busy though.
What?!  Your a working full time mom?!  Get over it we all are!

Regardless I haven't slacked when it comes to my nutrition and workouts.

I have upped my running and I have been sticking to my calories.
I am roughly eating about 1600 calories a day for my activity level.
I am currently working out about 6 days a week.
Starting Monday though it turned into 7 because I let Mrs. OperationSkinnyJeans talk me into doing the 30 Day Shred with my favorite bish Jillian.
I have had this DVD since March.
I have started week one of this DVD multiple times.
More times than I care to admit.
Yesterday I completed the second day which is better than I have ever done.
Sometimes when you have to hold yourself accountable it helps.
My Husband even tried talking me out of it.
He said, "Honey you already ran today one day is not going to kill you to skip!"
No, Mr., that is where you have it wrong!
He thinks I am nuts but he is proud of me none the less.

I did weigh in this morning even after yesterday's post.
I just kinda wanted to see what was up after being five pounds up yesterday morning.
I am happy to report I am already four pounds back down.
I am hanging right around 168-169.
For right now I will take that.
I feel stronger than I have in a long time.

I posted it on IG this morning but I really do feel like you could bounce a quarter off my ass today.


On the schedule for the rest of the week...
TODAY-Cross train for 45 minutes which will include elliptical for 40 minutes at lunch and JM later.
TOMORROW-3 mile run + JM
SATURDAY-4 mile run + JM
SUNDAY-50 minutes of cross train which will be JM + walking around at Kings Island all day =)

PS Stay tuned because this weekend ends the #threadeleven challenge!
We will be sending in our Before/After photos and I cannot wait to see the difference!
As of right now I have lost 15 pounds since the challenge started and several inches =)


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Staying positive.

Hey y'all!!!!
How is everybody feeling today?
I actually feel relatively well even though when I hopped on the scale this morning I was up FIVE MUTHER FAAAAKING POUNDS.
How does that happen?
Surely to God it malfunctioned, or it's water, or just straight muscle.
This is why after this upcoming weekend when I weigh in for the Thread Eleven Challenge I am breaking up with that gosh forsaken scale.
I have to weigh in every Friday for another challenge I am in but that is it.
I will not weigh myself every day like I do now.
I just can't.
I am much better at not letting it ruin a perfectly wonderful day but it is still hard not to think about it.
Not to let it suck the wind out of my sails just a tad.
I have come so far how dare I let a number define me.
I just ran 4.55 miles on Sunday surely to goodness that has to stand for something.
The way my clothes fit.
Just generally how I feel.
I am happy and that is what should matter.
I am just trucking right along.
I have decided to partake in the Hudepohl Run this year.
I have always heard it's a blast plus you get free beer at the end!
There is a 14k and a 7k and honestly I still haven't decided which one I am doing yet.
Part of me really wants to go balls to the wall and part of me that just kinda wants to take it easy.
However I am planning on trying to stick to the following schedule to see if there is anyway I can do the 14k at all.
Monday-SundayStretch & strengthen3 m run45 min cross3 m run + strengthRest4 m run50 min cross
Monday-SundayStretch & strengthen5 m run45 min cross3 m run + strengthRest7 m run60 min cross
Monday-SundayStretch & strengthen5 m run45 min cross3 m run + strengthRest8 m run60 min cross
Monday-SundayStretch & strengthen3 m run30 min cross2 m run + strength2 m run or rest Hudepohl14K 

For my fellow runners do you think it's impossible for me to be ready for the 14k in four weeks?

Yesterday I did some inclined walking on the treadmill at lunch because it felt so good to stretch my muscles out that way.
Then last night I let JM kick my ass.
I figured that counts as stretch and strengthen right?
Today on the agenda I have a three mile run planned along with another session of Jillian.
Some people are saying that I am doing too much but honestly I know my body and I feel better than I ever have.
If I feel hurt I will slow down but right now I feel strong and healthy.
I really need to keep my eating in check though.
All this running really has me feeling like I have the appetite of a linebacker a lot of the time so I just have to remember to eat healthier options.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Finally feeling like an athlete...

The weeks are moving so quickly here lately.
I cannot believe the kids are starting their second full week of school!
What the what?!
This weekend was jam packed with awesome!
Friday night I had my girls over for my Tastefully Simple Party and if you still want to order you can go HERE !!!
The person who orders the most product will get an extra special prize from me!
Moving along...
Saturday morning was The Color Run!
It really is the "happiest" 5k I have ever been a part of.
Absolute blast and everybody really is THAT happy.
My only complaint was there was so many people that I was jammed into a crowd of thousands of people like a sardine waiting to start.
1. I had ants in my pants ready to go and 2. I was feeling quite claustrophobic.
Other than that it was awesome and we ran the whole.damn.thing.
No, it did not take me 1:44 minutes to run a 5k!
We ran it in a little under forty minutes but I had started my Polar as soon as we got out of the car that morning because we walked a bit to get to the start line.
I like to track as many calories burned as possible =)
It was also hard to track exact distance and time with my Nike+ app because we kept having to start and stop due to the amount of people!
I really need a Garmin.
My birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks anybody wanna get me an early gift?
Didn't think so.
Moving along!
In case you missed it I got into a pair of jeans that have NEVER fit me.
When I say never I really mean it, too.
I had bought these jeans a few years ago as "goal" jeans.
These couple of years have gone by and they have just been sitting collecting dust.
I love these jeans and I got a hell of a deal on them.
One foot in deep breath, other foot in deep breath as I pull them up waiting for them to get caught on my hips.
I put them on with ease.
I did not even have to lay on the bed to pull the zipper up.
Saturday night we celebrated my PIC's birthday!
It was a lot of fun to have a sitter and get some Mommy and Daddy time out.
Yesterday we woke up and decided to get tickets to the Reds game.
I have not even been this year and our good friend Jenn agreed to watch the babes.
We had a blast other than the fact that I almost got kicked out for my shirt being inappropriate.
My "I just F#$%ing walked a guy" shirt.
A part of me agrees and part of me that's pissed.
Where has everyone's sense of humor gone?
So I resulted in having to buy a kids Jay Bruce Tshirt for $28.00 bucks just so I wouldn't have to walk around the stadium the rest of the day with my shirt inside out and deodorant stains in my pits.
On the plus side I fit into a Kids size M shirt.
You win some and you lose some.
So after getting home yesterday I was just feeling pretty crappy.
Being in the heat plus eating bad food just didn't leave me feeling that great.
I decided that the only thing that was going to make me feel better was to lace up my gymies and hit the pavement.
That's what I did.
I only had intentions of running right around a mile.
Enough to get my heart pumping and burn some calories off.
After I hit that first mile something came over me and I was feeling good that I thought I would go a little further.
I ended up passing my house up and heading in the other direction which I had never done before.
After mile 2 I was thinking well I feel so good I am just going to keep going.
4.55 miles and 620 calories later I am finally starting to feel like an athlete.
That is the farthest distance I have ever ran without stopping.
I honestly couldn't believe it.
When my Nike+ app told me I had hit four miles I was kind of in shock.
That last .55 miles was a killer.
And I downed 4 bottles of water upon arriving home.
Traci and I were talking after the color run Saturday about how far we have both came.
In May when we did the beer run neither one of us could run the 2.1 miles that we did then.
This past Saturday we ran an entire 5k and could have kept going.
Our next race is towards the end of September.
We are planning on doing the Hudepohl 14k!!!
It's really exciting to set goals for yourself and succeed.
I have honestly never felt more accomplishment than after I finish a run.
All in all this was a really good weekend!!!
Now bring on the week and more training.
I really am going to try my hardest to cross and strengthen a little more.
I know it will help but I am on such a running kick right now I almost hate doing anything else!
Anybody feel this way, too?

Sami's Shenanigans

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Are those pants see through??? Just wondering because I can see myself in them...

I haven't stepped on the scale this week.
Like at all.
Typically this is unheard of but I am really trying to stay off of it except for Friday's.
It is just effecting my mood entirely too much as of late and I am trying to be as obsessed with the numbers on the scale.
It's not all about the scale people!
The two Non-Scale Victories I want to share this week may seem silly to some but to be it is a HUGE sign that I am doing things up in hurrrrr...
mom girl
Mom girl who is 5'1 on a good day and all of about 130/140 pounds if that.
She has been tiny for forever and I always have dreamed to be her size.
To have her tiny legs, etc. etc.
You catch my drift.
I think she is gorgeous.
I just wanted legs like her I won't lie about it.
They are tiny.
I have always had tree trunks for legs.
Sister left a similar pair of pants like the one she is pictured in above at my house.
I was like oh 8/10 these will NEVER fit me but what they hell I am going to just see what happens.
One leg in, then the other, and up they went.
They didn't stop at my hips they just kept going.
I was able to wear them, and wear them comfortably!
I still don't feel anywhere near as tiny as my Mom but for me this was a pretty big deal.
the pants
Hey Mom if you are reading this you might not want to leave any more pants at my house because you might never get them back =)
The other thing is this past week I ran a straight 3.45 miles.
The girl who couldn't even run .25 miles in March for fear I might croak right then and there on the deathmill.
PS if you missed it this run totally has a story behind it...


I always go down and around Paul Brown stadium... I never see anything down there but whatever you know I am a HUG...
E freaking fan.

So I am approaching the intersection where the stadium and practice fields connect to each other and I see players crossing the street. Oh EM gee.

Then I look to my left and Marvin Lewis is approaching my direction to cross the street and SMILING AT ME. I waved and said WHO DEY!

Then I was going to stop and take a picture but Reggie Nelson #20 shouted RUN GIRL, RUN! And I did. I ran 3.4faaaking5 miles. Gah!

I should have asked if they would have signed my boob or something cool like that...
{PSS if you do order something make sure you look my name up Marcy Burris and put me in as the host so that it goes towards credit for my party!  Kim is just starting her business and is AWESOMESAUCE}

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Raising a glass to my PIC, happy birthday to my Pawpaw, and Diddy's first year check up!


To my PIC {partner in crime}, best friend, other half I just want to send you the BIGGEST Blog Happy Birfdizzle eva!
We have had or Ups and we have had our Downs but regardless of the situation we have always come out on the other side BIGGER, BETTER, AND STRONGER.
There is not another person I would rather share my good and bad times with.
You have seen me at my worst and you have seen me at my best.
I am so thankful everyday that God placed Kevin in my life so that it would lead me to you.
We definitely have a special bond that is very evident when we are together.
You are one of the only people on the planet that "gets me."
The real me.
And regardless of if you think I am crazy or not at the end of the day you are always on my side.
Hell you have watched Payton be birthed out of my lady bits for goodness sakes!
I have been blessed with sharing in the last 4 birthdays with you and I look forward to many many more!
I hoe that you have the best birthday ever gimp leg and all and I look forward to celebrating with you this weekend hopefully!
Raising a glass to you my friend!!!
I also want to send out a special happy birthday to my Pawpaw today!
He isn't feeling the greatest today but he is in good spirits none the less and seemed tickled that I called to talk to him!
Love that man more than words could ever describe!
In other news I took P for her one year check up today!
Girlfriend is off the charts!
27 pounds and 31 1/2 inches long making her in the 96th percentile for weight and 98th percentile for height!
Sistah is going to be tall like her Daddy but have her Momma's awesome personality.
She also had to get three shots WOMP WOMP WOMP so she wasn't very amused about that!