Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Staying positive.

Hey y'all!!!!
How is everybody feeling today?
I actually feel relatively well even though when I hopped on the scale this morning I was up FIVE MUTHER FAAAAKING POUNDS.
How does that happen?
Surely to God it malfunctioned, or it's water, or just straight muscle.
This is why after this upcoming weekend when I weigh in for the Thread Eleven Challenge I am breaking up with that gosh forsaken scale.
I have to weigh in every Friday for another challenge I am in but that is it.
I will not weigh myself every day like I do now.
I just can't.
I am much better at not letting it ruin a perfectly wonderful day but it is still hard not to think about it.
Not to let it suck the wind out of my sails just a tad.
I have come so far how dare I let a number define me.
I just ran 4.55 miles on Sunday surely to goodness that has to stand for something.
The way my clothes fit.
Just generally how I feel.
I am happy and that is what should matter.
I am just trucking right along.
I have decided to partake in the Hudepohl Run this year.
I have always heard it's a blast plus you get free beer at the end!
There is a 14k and a 7k and honestly I still haven't decided which one I am doing yet.
Part of me really wants to go balls to the wall and part of me that just kinda wants to take it easy.
However I am planning on trying to stick to the following schedule to see if there is anyway I can do the 14k at all.
Monday-SundayStretch & strengthen3 m run45 min cross3 m run + strengthRest4 m run50 min cross
Monday-SundayStretch & strengthen5 m run45 min cross3 m run + strengthRest7 m run60 min cross
Monday-SundayStretch & strengthen5 m run45 min cross3 m run + strengthRest8 m run60 min cross
Monday-SundayStretch & strengthen3 m run30 min cross2 m run + strength2 m run or rest Hudepohl14K 

For my fellow runners do you think it's impossible for me to be ready for the 14k in four weeks?

Yesterday I did some inclined walking on the treadmill at lunch because it felt so good to stretch my muscles out that way.
Then last night I let JM kick my ass.
I figured that counts as stretch and strengthen right?
Today on the agenda I have a three mile run planned along with another session of Jillian.
Some people are saying that I am doing too much but honestly I know my body and I feel better than I ever have.
If I feel hurt I will slow down but right now I feel strong and healthy.
I really need to keep my eating in check though.
All this running really has me feeling like I have the appetite of a linebacker a lot of the time so I just have to remember to eat healthier options.


  1. You go girl!!! 14K may be hard to do in only 4 weeks. For me, going from 4 miles to 7 in just one week freaks me out, but if you put your mind to it you could probably do it. Running is so mental!!! Stick with the cross training and strength training and you may be able to pull it off!! It won't be easy but you are so dedicated that I can totally see you doing it and rocking it hard!!!!

  2. GET IT GIRL!!! & F the scale! You look awesome!

  3. The scale is the devil!!!!!!!!!! Tell it to f*ck off!! You look amazing! That # is just that, a #! It does not define you. You are beautiful and FIT!! xoxoxo

  4. I don't think I could not step on the scale ... luckily it has been fairly cooperative of late. I also work out a lot, although much of mine is fairly, I don't know that I'd call it "leisurely" but I know it isn't getting my heart rate up as some people. I usually get in 100+ minutes on the elliptical every day while I catch up on TV, ride my stationary bike while I read, plus other workouts. I rarely feel like it's too much.

  5. How many calories do you try and eat daily? And do you change it depending on how many you burn working out? You look so great!

  6. Get it guuuurrrl! :)