Thursday, August 8, 2013


We all know far too well how easy it is to get fixated on that damn number on the scale.
On days it's good it's like a ray of sunshine.
On days that it's bad it's like your being struck by lightening.
I know damn good and well I have had amazing weeks and did EVERYTHING right and no budge whatsoever.
That's my life.
I am learning that as hard as it is to let it go.
I do weigh almost every day still.
But I am not letting it get me down.
I just know that if I am the same or up that I need to maybe work a little harder or reflect on what I had done the previous day or two.
It keeps me in check.
But that's just me.
I am all for these Non-Scale Victories though.
They are super important because they keep our moral up.
~I didn't gain any weight over this past weekend.
Huge for me.
For the last several months I have always put back on at least a pound.
I may not have been great what my food choices but I have come a LONG way in the past couple of weeks.
~I have stuck to my workout schedule working out at least 5 days a week if not more and burning at least 300 calories plus.
~I worked out even when I was sick.
Never would I have ever pushed myself to work out when I wasn't feeling well.
Old me would have slacked off and for sure fell out of my routine.
Not me.
I kept going and do you know what?
I actually think it helped get me better quicker.
~Sweat it out~
~I wore yoga pants this morning to work and don't feel fat in said yoga pants.
I consider this a HUGE DEAL!!!!
Can't wait to see everybody else's Non-Scale Victories this week!
Let's keep chuggn' ladies!!!
PS Is this not so true???
I definitely want to empower!


  1. You are doing great, Marcy! Great job working out while sick; it shows massive dedication, girlie! Ps. You look wonderful; I love that shirt! --Becky

  2. I totally agree about working out helping get rid of a cold faster. About two weeks ago I had the can't-breathe-through-my-nose-head-may-explode cold. Usually I get sick a couple of times a year and end up on antibiotics for a sinus infection. This time I noticed that after I would do a good spin class or walk a couple of miles I actually felt better. So I pushed through the stuffy nose syndrome. And I was over it within just a few days. Didn't have to see a doctor at all.... So I think you may be on to something there about working out helping you get rid of colds faster.

  3. Great quote - totally true. You have been killing it!!!! Way to go. I'm still at the point where I would call being sick an excuse to skip a workout - heck, I've been calling potty training an excuse not to work out all week. I love seeing your drive, gives me hope that my little changes will get me there.


  4. Great job girl! You've been putting in the work and it's totally paying off! So proud of you!

  5. Nothing like a good sweat to get those germs out! Great job on your NSVs this week!

  6. i need a good ol sweat in my life!! thanks for the inspiration!

  7. I need to know what you think about your online training? Do you think it is helping you??

  8. Hey girl heeeeey! Way to work it out :) I really wish I would have that "a-ha" moment... you know, the one where I finally decide once and for all I can and will do this. As I sit here miserable, dressed cute in my cute capris and my Kiki La'Rue shirt but still feeling blah. I haven't worked out in a couple months and I couldn't tell you the last time I ate right. Certain meals, yes - a whole day, no. Ugh, get it together already right?! Anywho, cute outfit! Where'd the shirt come from?! And keep up the encouragement, you never know who's reading and identifying with so much of what you say. :))

  9. Is anyone else getting tired on your excessive mirror photos???? Geez, you look great! Give it a break already...

  10. You are doing so awesome, and Im giving you a virtual high five for working out while you are sick, because my big ol butt would have been on the couch!! Keep it up and you look great in all those pictures, I especially love the black maxi, you look like a skinny B!! Thanks for linking up with us!!

  11. Love the polka dot shirt! Yay for working out!!

  12. Stopping by from the linkup - couldn't agree with that quote more. You're looking great girl! Keep on keepin' on!

    XO Jackie

  13. Love your big banks from one of your work out photos. ;) You're looking great! Major yay for being able to wear yoga pants to something other than the gym and feel good about it.