Thursday, March 23, 2017

I am Thriving

Okay you guys...

So let me start out by saying I am not a sales person.
I know people that could literally sell a ketchup Popsicle to a woman wearing white gloves.
Yes, that will most definitely NOT be me.

However, I wanted to come to you today with a product.
I just had to share.
It's already changed my life so much that I can barely believe it.

Some of you may have heard of it, some of you may have not?!

I have been Thriving for two weeks as of today.
I am down 10 pounds, inches, and I have more energy than I have ever had!

What is Thrive you ask?
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This is my personal Thrive routine:

~4:20 am my first alarm goes off.  I take 1 to 2 capsules and a huge drink of water.
~4:30 am I am springing out of bed and hop in a hot shower to wake myself up.
~4:50 am I am out the door the gym for a mile walk warm-up and then to workout.
~6:20 am I am home, getting first kid on the bus, and typically doing a load of laundry and making my bed.  Cleaning up the house in general.
~8:00 am I am out the door with the last two kiddos getting them off to school and myself off to work.
~8:30 am to 4:30 pm I am Thriving through my day.
~4:30 pm to 10:00 pm I am picking up kids, running here and there, getting housework done.  Being a Wife and Mommy :)


Before Thriving my routine was so different.
I could barely get out of bed to go to the gym.
I would make excuse after excuse.
I would lay in bed until the very last second.
I would rush to get myself and my kids out the door yelling the entire time.
I would barely survive my work day and come home and want to lay around.
No energy for absolutely anything.
I was super moody.
I had fog brain 98 percent of the time.
I may have been taking better care of my body but I still was not 100 percent.

If the following describes you, you really should reach out to me ASAP!


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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Transformation Tuesday: The puke fairy came for a visit

"A dream doesn't
become reality
through magic;  it takes
sweat, determination and
hard word."

This morning was nothing short of a miracle.
A miracle that I made it through my workout without
1. passing out or 2. blowing chunks all over the mat.

I am STILL surprising myself daily.
I am STILL learning so much.

Who would have thought I, Marcella K. Burris, could start my day at 4AM?
Surely not me.
I was literally somebody that would lay in bed until the last possible minute.
I would scramble to get myself together.
I would yell at the kids because THEY weren't moving fast enough.
When I was really the one to blame...
I was so miserable and making life so much harder on myself,
and those that I loved the most around me.

Now this morning I had to laugh as I completed my second load of laundry.
This is all after I have gotten up, started my Thrive regimen, taken a hot shower to wake up, and made it to the gym for a killer workout.
This all happened before 7:30 AM.
Who am I?

It's amazing what takes place in the gym.
My gym.
A place that has literally saved my life.
Just when you think things start to get easy...
It creeps up on you.
The puke fairy almost paid me a visit this morning.
I was feeling a little discouraged when I left the gym.
But in all honesty...
It just means that I was PUSHING my body to that next level.

Why should it be easy?
If everything were easy everybody would be doing it.
What fun is that?
Your right.  It's not.

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Unless I puke, faint, or die...
I will just keep on keepn' on...
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Monday, March 13, 2017


yourself first
is not selfish.
Thinking about
constantly is
selfish.  Please
respect the 

Why is it that when we start to take care of ourselves there is negative connotations that comes with that?
Are we not important to?

As a Wife and Mother I know there was a time, a very short time ago, that I had lost myself.
I had lost myself in the never ending loads of laundry.
I had lost myself in kissing boo boo's and running my kids from here to there.
I lost myself trying to make sure my Husband was happy.
I lost myself making sure everybody was happy before my own self.
How fair is that?
Your right.
It's not.

For so long I have been so fixated on others thoughts and feelings that I cheated myself.
How am I feeling?
Well nobody cares about that...

But wait.
They do.
Those that matter do care how you feel.
They realize that you are important to.
They are happy for you.
They celebrate your successes and they cheer you on.
They love seeing you happy.
They do not tear you down or make you feel bad for taking care of yourself.

Gone are the days that I will ever let another human being make me feel bad for who I am.
Gone are the days that I will ever change myself for anybody else.
Gone are the days that I will ever make anybody feel bad for taking care of themselves.

If we really love people.
If we care about them.
We realize it is not a selfish thing.
It's actually the least selfish thing you can do.

Please do yourself a favor.
Remove yourself from the back burner...
It's time for YOU to be in the FRONT!

"I used to
spend so much time reacting and
responding to everyone else that my
life had no direction.  Other people's
lives, proglems, and wants set the 
course for my life.  Once I realized it
was okay for me to think about and
identify what I wanted, remarkable
things began to take place in my life."

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Tuesday, March 7, 2017


"Practice being selfless.

You end up getting
more than you anticipate...

When your soul is giving."

It was the night of February 3rd and I can remember it like it had just happened.
I hadn't been feeling the greatest and laid down early.
It was a Friday night.
I was almost asleep and something literally jolted me into an upright position.
I was going to shave my head again.
This time I was going to do it, but do it with a great purpose.
A sweet woman in our community had just found out that she had breast cancer.
Her daughter deals with a severe case of epilepsy.
This family has been through the ringer and I felt compelled to help.
I wasn't just going to shave my head.
I was going to try and raise money in the process (all proceeds going directly to the family) and encourage others to do the same.
God was calling me to do this and I knew it.
I still know it.
Through me he is working greatly.
This year has been such a trying time for me personally.
I have already been through so much in 2017.
However, even with all the heartache, there has come so many blessings as well.

I have gotten a lot of flack for wanting to do this...

"You just want attention!"

"You are crazy!"

"How is you shaving your head going to help anything?!"

"You have lost your mind!"

These are just some of the comments that have been made.
However, that will NOT deter me from accomplishing what I set out to do.
I am learning to be more selfless and encouraging others to do the same.

Here is just a tiny snip about Melissa:

"I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer on January 5th 2017.  I will undergo 16 chemo treatments to kill the tumor and any cells. My mess is my message! I hope I am able to educate and inspire to anyone that hears my testimony."

Since finding out her diagnosis at the beginning of January Melissa has had 20 people contact her personally.  Many to tell her they got their first mammogram in her honor.  Two of these individuals ended up needing a biopsy and one was just confirmed as having breast cancer.  God is working through Melissa’s story and it has been extremely powerful.

So on March 19th along with my gym Coach and hopefully many others...
I will be shaving my head.
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My personal goal is to raise $1000.00.
I am quite far from that but I know it's completely doable.
If you feel compelled to donate please reach out to me.
It would mean more to me than anyone could possibly imagine!

"Some Reasons You Shouldn't Miss Your Hair. A couple of the reasons are: You will save a small fortune on hair care products and haircuts, and you will save money on the water bill by taking shorter showers. But the biggest reason you shouldn't miss your hair is because your hair does not define you, your heart does; and you have a beautiful heart."

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017


She was at her lowest low.
She was lost.
She was scared.
She let fear rule her life.
She had made mistakes.
She felt guilt constantly.
She hated every ounce of herself.
She let others control her emotions.
She was a different person outside than she was inside.
She never let anybody fully see her for who she really was.
She had many successes in the past.
She was loved by many.
She had fallen hard off the wagon more times than she could count.
She NEVER thought she would get up again.
She was in a hole that by the minute was getting deeper and deeper.
She often wondered if she was worthy.
She self doubted and self hated every single day.
She would make promises to herself that she never kept.
She was angry.
She was sad.
She was mean.
She than began to realize that life didn't have to be this way.
She was a Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, and friend to many.
She didn't have to be ashamed.
She deserved to be happy.
She needed to change to give her best self to those that loved her the most.
She woke up one day and realized enough was enough.
She knew that God saved her life that day in December.
She began to turn her life around.
She began to get back in the gym.
She began to surround herself with some of the most beautiful, amazing, confident, and inspiring women she had EVER met.
She felt loved.
She felt important.
She started to truly take care of her self.
She started to feel proud of herself.
She started to accomplish things that she had only once dreamed of being able to accomplish.

Most importantly...

She is me...

And in the first time for so long I am once again loving myself.

Hang on tight y'all because it's going to be a rough and crazy ride and I am excited to take you on my journey...

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