Monday, March 13, 2017


yourself first
is not selfish.
Thinking about
constantly is
selfish.  Please
respect the 

Why is it that when we start to take care of ourselves there is negative connotations that comes with that?
Are we not important to?

As a Wife and Mother I know there was a time, a very short time ago, that I had lost myself.
I had lost myself in the never ending loads of laundry.
I had lost myself in kissing boo boo's and running my kids from here to there.
I lost myself trying to make sure my Husband was happy.
I lost myself making sure everybody was happy before my own self.
How fair is that?
Your right.
It's not.

For so long I have been so fixated on others thoughts and feelings that I cheated myself.
How am I feeling?
Well nobody cares about that...

But wait.
They do.
Those that matter do care how you feel.
They realize that you are important to.
They are happy for you.
They celebrate your successes and they cheer you on.
They love seeing you happy.
They do not tear you down or make you feel bad for taking care of yourself.

Gone are the days that I will ever let another human being make me feel bad for who I am.
Gone are the days that I will ever change myself for anybody else.
Gone are the days that I will ever make anybody feel bad for taking care of themselves.

If we really love people.
If we care about them.
We realize it is not a selfish thing.
It's actually the least selfish thing you can do.

Please do yourself a favor.
Remove yourself from the back burner...
It's time for YOU to be in the FRONT!

"I used to
spend so much time reacting and
responding to everyone else that my
life had no direction.  Other people's
lives, proglems, and wants set the 
course for my life.  Once I realized it
was okay for me to think about and
identify what I wanted, remarkable
things began to take place in my life."

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