Friday, March 29, 2013

My Stachekini Yo'

The days just keep flying by and I can't believe it's almost April.
Say whaaaaaaaaaaa????????

I cannot wait for the warmer weather to finally take over around these parts.
I have never said that before.
Sure I hate the cold but I also have lived most of my life wanting to cover myself up.
 Big baggy sweatshirt, jeans, and sneakers.
Don't get me wrong I still like wearing that look occasionally but these days I would much rather show off my body.
For the first time EVER.
I consider that a pretty big success.

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This week I want to talk about the fact that just because the scale isn't moving doesn't mean there are not results.

I honestly was not going to post this photo initially. I was only going to share it with some of my IG ladies and that was it... but then I said FUCKthat! I have worked entirely too hard to not share and there are people that follow my Facebook page simply to be motivated and share in my progress SO... This is basically a breakdown of pics from week one until today. The today picture was seriousl...y another breakthrough for me in this journey. Like crocodile tears breakthrough. Seems silly to some who have never gone through this BUT I felt skinny. Dare I say it? It may not be YOUR idea of skinny but to me it is. ...and skinny sounds so cliche but it's true. Skinny to me means I feel good in MY skin for the first time in so long and it's lasted more than just a couple of minutes. It has lasted days. This is HUGE! Loving yourself is such an awesome feeling. I feel on top of the world. Literally. If I can do this anybody can and in another month I cannot wait to compare those results with these! It is NEVER too late to start living your life. FINALLY I am living the life I have always wanted... happy and healthy! Dreams really do come true!

The proof is in the pictures.
To me they are at least.
I have been working out hardcore for the past month and one week.
Even though I see a difference in the way I look I am actually up a pound today on the scale.
Good thing I don't let the numbers staring back at me send me into a downward spiral these days.
Going more by how your body feels and less by the numbers is what is working for me and my moral right now.
I feel better than I have ever felt in my life.
No, that isn't an exaggeration in any way, shape, or form.
Some people might see this as arrogant but it's not.
Especially if you are losing weight.
One thing that keeps me going is my before and after pictures.
Realizing that just at the end of October I looked like this...
To this...
They may not be HUGE noticeable changes yet but I can see them.
I feel awesome and in for the first time in forever I am looking forward to showing some skin this summer!
Whatever you do, if you are not seeing the numbers on the scale, take it from me and do NOT give up!
Remember what I say to myself on a regular basis...
PS this is totally my #operationredbikini swimsuit for this summer!
What's your motivational piece?
I can't lie because the truth is in my face.  I feel HOT today...  Like sizzle sizzle I'm on fiya and I do have time for that!!!!  #ootd entire outfit is from the Goodwill

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Certified lightweight...

I found out first hand last night that losing weight and not drinking in over two weeks leads to a quick trip to Tipsy Town.
I had such a shitastic day yesterday not being able to do anything for myself until about 9:30 PM last night.
I actually think it may have even been later than that.
My muscles were so sore from my work outs this week I decided to pretend I had a hot tub and filled my bathtub up with the hottest water I could stand and some bubbles.
When I say bubbles I poured a sample bottle of my Husbands Axe body wash in and swished it around.
I make shit work with the materials I have okay?
It looked a little something like this...
One big ass glass of wine and the small amount of Edy's Butterfinger ice cream that was left in the carton.
I worked hard for that yesterday.
I am not sure if it was the heat from the tub or just that I am a certified lightweight now but I got out stumbling and giggling.
Then this happened...
I should never be trusted alone with a box o' deliciousness, a big ass wine glass, and my phone anymore.
I am blaming this on Jenna and Amy for this.
And just look at my skinny ash bish bestie aka my PIC
She took a bathroom pic in honor of me last night!
Aint she perdy?!
...and tiny.
Anyways show her some love because she is getting all crazy with shit and started the Insanity workouts this week!!!

In other news I virtually killed off my friend Kimmy last night...

Oooopppssssie sorry Kimmmayyyyyyyyy!!!!

I basically want to thunder-punch and stick my Frisch's spork in your eye if you bitch about it being, too hot!

I am beyond sick of this cold ass snowy ass piece of shit weather.

Hell I was excited that I got to wear my sunnies to work two days in a row!

 I love Patrick.
I could make a million of these.
The end.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The post where I expose the overachiever in me...

The questions are technically supposed to be for your significant other and while he answered them my overachiever self went a little beyond that.
I asked some gals in my real life and in blog land if they would want to answer some questions for me...
I got a pretty big response so not only will you see my Husby's response but responses from the others as well!
The questions were as follows:
1. What are your thoughts on your wife/friends blog?

2. Do you know what IG stands for? How about OOTD?

3. How long would you say you've known Marcy?

4. Does her working out and eating healthy make you want to join in?

5. Is there anything you can do to inspire her to workout/eat healthier?

6. What do you love best about fit/ healthy life?

7. What do you like least?

8. How long did it take for you to agree to answer these questions?
1.  I think it's weird but it makes her happy.
2.  I am stumped.  I got nothin'.
3.  A little over four years and they have been nothing short of amazing.
4.  Yes, sometimes.  Then I see something sweet at the store that I have to have and I get, I eat it, and I enjoy it.
In all seriousness I know that she has inspired a lot of people.
She does inspire me.
I plan to start working out tomorrow maybe?
Or when the weather gets nicer.
5.  Just be her rock.
Celebrate her victories and be her shoulder to cry on when she is having a bad day.
I won't ever try to tell her what food to eat, etc. because I would most likely get a part of my body chopped off.
Don't mess with a women's food.
6.  Not feeling winded with just simply going up and down the flight of steps in our house.
7.  Not being able to eat all my delicious junk.
8.  Truth be told a couple of days. 
1. LOVE the blog - just left you a comment on it
2. IG is Instagram - OOTD I have no earthly clue but I am sure as soon as you tell me I will be making the V8 move.
3. Almost a year I think this summer it will be a year since fitcamp started.
4. Yes.
5. Don't bring donuts to work bitches.
6. Feeling awesome.
7. Cheeseburgers are not veggies.
8. 2.3 seconds.
1. I loveeee Marcy's blog. I really like the fact that she is very blunt, straightforward, open and honest. There is no sugar coating anything with her and that's refreshing!
2. Instagram & outfit of the day. When I first started blogging I had to look up OOTD
3. Ummm well according to Facebook we've been friends since January 2013 - but I followed her blog for awhile before that.
4. Yessss! Marcy is a HUGE inspiration to me!
5. I can send her a daily motivation text I'm not sure if I can be motivation, honestly, because...let's be real...I'm kind of lazy myself.
6. Workouts make me feel like a brand new person. Even if I only have time to get in like one a week...I still feel AMAZING when I'm done.
7. I can't diet. I just can't. I loveeee too many crap foods and I just don't want to go without them.
8. 2 seconds.

1. What are your thoughts on Marcy's blog?
That bitch is fabulous. She's funny as shit. As real as a dog's ass. And totally a different kind of blogger, which is refreshing when all the cookie cutter blogs just make you want to gouge your eye out with a spoon.
2. Do you know what IG stands for? How about OOTD?
I post OUTFITS OF THE DAY on my INSTAGRAM all the time and like to pretend that I'm a hot mom, when in reality, its a lot of good filters and prayers that the followers lost their contacts.
3. How long would you say you've known Marcy?
A hot minute or three years.
4. Does her working out and eating healthy make you want to join in?
Well, in my healthy mind yes. In my fuck that, I like wine and sleep, no.
5. Is there anything you can do to inspire her to workout/eat healthier?
Keep doing what you're doing girl. You're rocking that shit. Much unlike Miley rocks that god awful haircut.
6. What do you love best about fit/ healthy life?
Fitting amazingly into that hot ass bikini on the beach and knowing that you've got a less dimply ass and more attention from your husband. Booya.
7. What do you like least?
Finding the time to dedicate to it, which is all sorts of my problem.
8. How long did it take for you to agree to answer these questions?
Long enough for two JT's songs on his new baby making album.

1. What are your thoughts on Marcy's blog? I think it's entertaining. You definitely are open and honest and don't try to portray some perfect, unrealistic life which I appreciate.
2. Do you know what IG stands for? How about OOTD? Instagram and Outfit of the Day.
3. How long would you say you've known Marcy? I've been reading your blog since before you got married so I guess 2-3 years?
4. Does her working out and eating healthy make you want to join in? It's definitely inspiring and I've even thought of trying to work out during lunch like you do but haven't yet.
5. Is there anything you can do to inspire her to workout/eat healthier? Not sure.
6. What do you love best about fit/ healthy life? Being healthy for my child and hopefully having that lifestyle rub off on him. Also, looking good for my husband.
7. What do you like least? Not being able to eat all the crappy food I want.
8. How long did it take for you to agree to answer these questions? Not long.

1.  Its ok its lacking pic content.
2.  Instagram.outfit of the day.
3.  Years.
4.  No. Tell her to drink more beer.
Have no clue what the hell 7 and 8 pertains to.
A few seconds only if it makes me famous

1- LOVE it!
2-I'm assuming ig is instagram, but I would use it to call someone ignorant without them knowing! Ootd is outfit of the day!
3-high school?
5-keep praising her for how awesome she has done!
6-I cant lie I'm not a fan but I wanna start doing it!
7-no sweets!
8-not long!

Lovely Marcy asked if anyone would answer some questions for her blog. And, since I am a shameless self-promoter, love her and love to talk I said YES! I was going to do a snappy (woah, did she just say snappy?!) video and everything. It didn’t happen. So, here I am, at the last minute, using a lot of commas, and answering some questions the old fashioned way for my girl, Marcy.
1.  My thoughts are that Marcy’s blog is adult content blocked at my work. That makes it a real pain to read it every day. I survive though, and bust out my phone. Cause that chick is hilarious and always inspiring.
2.  IG = Ichnomancy Galeanthropy
Ichnomancy (divination using footprints)
Galeanthropy (belief that one is a cat)
OOTD = Obstreperous Ocreate Tabby Decurate
Obstreperous( noisy; unruly)
Ocreate (wearing boots or leggings)
Tabby (plain-woven silk taffeta fabric)
Decurtate (to curtail, shorten or abbreviate)
 (huh. It must be early in the morning because those aren’t very funny)
3.  Forever. Her story, family, and life really made me feel like we created a bond quickly. Then, like a super stalker I forced her to love me back. It seems to be working out.

4.  Definitely. She rocks my lazy ass socks. I started REALLY trying to lose weight in January. I found Marcy shortly after that. One of the only reason I’m still going on my healthy kick is because of her and the IG (heehee) community we have created.
5.  I’m not sure there is. She is insanely inspired all on her own! But I could send her pictures of my fat ass belly (and ass) so that she can remember what she lost!
6.  Not the food. Or the working out. I hate those. I love chocolate. BUT I do love that my ass doesn’t jiggle like Homer’s belly.
7.  My lack of discipline. Seriously. I hate when I put crap into my mouth or skip a workout and feel so guilty about it. How does that happen? Who the hell am I? The real, fat girl answer, is that I hate that I have to hide the freaking Nutella.
8.  See intro section. Shameless. I agreed instantly. Although I’m not sure I’ll ever be allowed to again.
Skinny Meg
1. Fucking amazing.
2. Uhhhh Instagram Goddess and Out Of the Day
3. less than 24 hours
4. Absolutely, they also make me want to buy a mini van.
5. I could fly there and kick her ass.
6. How my booty is poppin' in my chevron dress today.
7. How expensive it is to eat healthy shit.
8. about 15 seconds.

Basically these people rock.
Thanks so much for helping my overachieving ass out.
In the meantime this day has sucked major donkey balls.

Exactly Nene!

PS I am linking up for my Weigh In Wednesday and guest posting over at E-Diddy's place!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A pool of spaghetti with an umbrella drink!

Seriously are they not the two cutest stick people eva?
Meet Holly and Jake.
Duh Marcy we already know who they are...
Well if you didn't know you know them and you can go follow and link-up!
Promise you won't regret it.
Holly is not only funny but she is such a sweetie pie and Jakey-Poo likes the word fuck and is HE-LAR-IOUS!
1. If calories didn't count, I would eat...
I have always had this dream of filling up the biggest above ground pool around a inflatable baby pool and filling it with pasta, butter, and cheese... 
And then proceed to see how much I could eat of it.
My inner fat girl is obviously coming through on this question.
2. On my Prom night....
My senior prom I had just broke up with my long term {long term meaning a year} boyfriend so I was obviously feeling crummy.  I went with the BIGGEST deusche bag in the school whom I had to pay for HIS ticket, we had to leave EARLY {when I say early I mean two hours early} from the dance, and he had to have me home before eleven because he was grounded and had to be home by 11:30...
3. When I go to the store, I always buy...
Shit I don't fucking need.
Me:  Kev I need to run to the store and get some fruit for this week.
Kev:  What else?
Me:  No seriously that's it.
Kev:  Right...
$108.59 later...
I walked away with fruit and obviously other shit that Kroger's had to offer me...
Pretty pink cleaning gloves with that damask patter that I cannot seem to get away from, Easter candles, and some sun dried tomato wraps that looked really healthy but turned out to taste like straight cardboard.
Basically I am not trusted to go to the store alone.
4. Family functions typically...
Don't happen enough...
5. I think my blog readers...
Think I am fucking crazy but that's one reason they like me?
But my readers are amazing and some know me better than even my IRL peeps do.
6. I'd much rather be.....
Happy than stick thin.
On a beach soaking an adult beverage with an umbrella in it.
On my way to St. Louis...  but I will be in 9 DAYS!!!!
Still not sure if you can handle all this jelly...
7. I have an obsession with....
Luke Bryan.

I am not answering 8 for a reason =)
9. When I created my Facebook account....
I was young and dumb.
This was in fact a profile picture of mine...
10. My least favorite word is...
Cunt and twat.
I only use them when necessary.
Yes, there ARE in fact necessary times for those words.
11. I really don't remember....
The trip to the Awful Waffle after the St. Patrick's Day dance two weeks ago...
Apparently I was serenading the innocent guests and staff...
Call Me Maybe?
12. Justin Bieber....
Needs to lay off the drugs.
They are bad.
Hope everybody's Tuesday is AWESOME!
I am up to my lady bits in work so I guess I will go do some of it...
All the while shoving ice packs down my pants because my legs are on fiya from the leg workout I did last night.
Quite a few of you asked what leg workout I was doing and you can find it here!!!
It's no joke.
I still have no idea how that bish did it in 6 minutes?!
Show off.
I am going to do this one tonight that my homegirl Darci posted via IG!
PS go follow her if you aren't already @darci_spear =)
After I do said workout I will surely be ready for a drink!
How I wish i could be at work.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Conclusion: Picture whore.

I was pretty much a picture whore this weekend.
I really don't have the brain capacity to sit and explain every picture but I thought I would leave you with two of my favorites from the weekend!
My Dad and P.
Pretty much melts my heart.
I don't have many words just a smile planted firmly on my face.
This is definitely getting printed and going in a frame!
And this made my year.
This weekend was pretty low key for us.
I got to see my Brother which eased my heart so much!
Thanks again for all of the kind words and prayers you will NEVER know how much it means to me!!!
Right now I wish I was sprawled out on my couch vegging.
I am just NOT feeling work today.
I am beyond over it.
I feel like I am going through a bad break up or something.
Winter it's time for you to move the hell on.
And in other news the spandex pants I had on during my race two weeks ago had a whole in the ass of them the ENTIRE time I was running.