Monday, March 18, 2013


How do Monday's manage to come so quickly?
I was pondering that thought exactly as I was trying to peel my ass out of bed this morning.
Regardless of how fast it flew by I had an amazing weekend and I hope y'all did, too!
1.  I am clearly a multi-tasker!
2.  Bloated.
3.  Beer is nom.
4.  Mommy and Shelby time!
5.  He is pretty sweet...
6.  Trying not to beat the child in the back seat...
7.  I was wondering all day why the fuck I looked so weird.  Oh that's right between kids and cleaning up Stache's diarrhea, not once, but twice I had forgotten mascara.  I.HATE.THAT.
8.  Just typical Mother/Daughter banter...
8.  What?  That IS coffee in my cup officer!
1.  Bathroom pic.  Duh
2.  She get it from her Mama!
3.  I felt hot.  Husband thought I did, too!  Oh and I felt skinny.  It was pretty amazing.
4.  Me and Babsalicious.
5.  Peek a Boo!
6.   Cheesn'!
7.  PIC time!
8.  Tina Bambina!
9.  Scottayyyyyyyyyyyy.
10.  The girls.
11.  Fishay Fishayyyyyyyyyy.
12.  Just one more...
13.  Model like at the Awful Waffle.
14.  I don't even have any words...
15.  #truth
We had a blast per usual at our annual St. Patty's Day Dance.
Good times had by all...  clearly.
I was a tad nervous that I would wake up Sunday morning with a huge hangover and not be able to do the run I have been gearing up for, for over a month.
I would have been devastated.
Thankfully I must be pretty awesome because I popped out of bed before I even had to excited and full of energy!
I had a little bit of an emotional morning 1.  because it was the anniversary of our friends death who passed away in a tragic motorcycle accident last year and 2.  because everybody that said they were going to do this race with me ended up not being able to.
Meaning I would have to go alone.
My Husband had to get the kids and everybody else had plans.
But I was determined.
It was even snowing at our house and I still managed to get myself together and go.
I am not typically one that likes being alone.  I like people and I like the support.  This was my first race since being back on the running saddle.  The first race I had ever seriously trained for.
You get my drift.
I just knew though that if I didn't go I would never forgive myself.
So I headed North in the swagger wagon jamming to some music trying to pump myself up.
I am not going to lie.
I thought about turning around multiple times.  I cried a little, too.
BUT I kept getting words of encouragement from friends near and afar and I knew that I had to do it.
They believed in me...  and I believed in me, too.
I needed to prove to myself that even though I was alone it didn't matter.
What mattered is that I started and was getting ready to finish a goal I had set out for myself months prior.
I parked, dropped my stuff off in my office {thank goodness I work downtown}, and set off up town to pick up my shirt, number, and tag for my shoes.
I kept seeing people with their friends and with their families which tended to make me nervous again but I put my big girl panties on and made my way to the start line.
I felt like an amateur at first.
I stretched like everybody else and acted like I knew what I was doing.
I saw an old friend from high school and we chatted for a bit before the race which was nice and made me feel a little more at ease.
Time was moving so slowly.
Our race didn't start until 10:30...
At about 10:15 they started to do a countdown and before I knew it, it was 10:29...
It was time.
Time to see if I REALLY could do this.
I had worked so hard.
My goals were to try and run the race in under and hour and not stop the entire time.
Could I do it?
My inner fat girl wanted to tell me that I couldn't.
She wanted to turn me around and head back for my car.
But unfortunately for her the new Marcy shut her the fuck up, turned on my jams, and started her Nike Running app.
10:30 the cannon goes off and I was on my way.
I was running.
I was doing it.
At first my ankles hurt and I was a little worried.
It didn't last long though thank goodness.
The first .20 was nothing but a hill.
Hills suck just sayn'.
Some people love them but I haven't learned to love them yet.
Maybe someday???
This was the hilliest 5k I have done to date.
1.0 I was feeling great!
It was downhill which was even better...
Everything was good until I hit about 2.5 miles which happened to be up the last hill and it was the largest hill to date.
I was hurting.  I was tired.  My legs burned so badly.
I wanted to cry and then the song "Part of Me" by Katie Perry came on, I looked down at my orange North Face jacket I had worn in honor of Brian {his favorite color}, and I literally felt a push from behind.
Sounds crazy I know but I truly believe B was there with me.  Telling me not to give up and that I could do this.
I kept getting cheers from my Nike app and texts that I could read while running saying, "YOU GOT THIS, WAY TO GO, SO PROUD OF YOU!"
I cried....
And I pushed myself...
And I made it up that fucking hill.
I didn't stop.
I kept going until I made it to the Finish Line.
I won't lie.
I really wished I had a team of people there cheering me on at the end.
I know that even thought people were not there physically for me they were there in spirit.
I think these pictures pretty much for themselves except picture one.
Picture number one is from falling not once, not twice, but three times from the night prior.
I would like to say my equilibrium was off but I am sure it was from the green drafts I was chugging...
 I made both my goals.
I didn't stop and I did it in under an hour.
Now my Nike app said that I went 3.35 miles and did it in 41:36 minutes.
Oh did I mention that they screwed our course up and we actually did longer than a 5k?
So yea...
My official results:

Mercy Health Heart Mini 2013

5K Heart Run

March 17, 2013 in Cincinnati, OH

Number of Finishers:3,020
Number of Females:1,741
Number of Males:1,279
Average Time:42:00
Marcy Burris
bib number: 8736
age: 27
gender: F
location: Walton, KY
overall place: 2513 out of 3018
division place: 280 out of 345
gender place: 1331 out of 1776
time: 48:10
pace: 15:33
guntime: 48:18
I must do some work now but I hope that this proves one point:
It's true my friends.
Don't give up.
ANYTHING is possible!


  1. This is awesome! Congratulations on your 5k!!!!!

  2. You are a ROCKSTAR!!!

    That time is amazing especially since you ran further than a 5k! That's amazing and love that B pushed you to keep going! I wish I was there to run it with you! But so proud you did it anyways!

  3. YOU ROCK GIRL!!!! I am so excited for you - great job:)

  4. Found your blog through the link up and am in love! New GFC follower and soon, Bloglovin' follower here!

    Stop by and say hi!

  5. Great job!!!!! Made me tear up a little :)

  6. Great job on your race! You did awesome!

  7. Love that shirt you wore for St. Patricks day...wish I could come steal it but my boobs are to big! DAMN! did great in the race! Go you!

  8. This post made me tear up and smile at the same time! Congrats on being a bad ass and meeting your goals :)

  9. YOU GO GIRL! So happy you didn't back out and finished so well! Leave it to Cinci to screw up the course, haha.

  10. You are a ROCKSTAR!!!! I'm the same way about being by myself for things like that. I would have had to try extremely hard to go it alone!! And yes, pavement running vs. treadmill are completely different. I've been training for a 10K on the treadmill since January and ran outside for the first time this season on Friday night and could barely finish a 5K. I'm still sore today!!! Spring can't come fast enough!!!!

  11. Great job girl!! It sucks big rocks running Hans solo but it makes you stronger. Awesome job!

  12. Congrats on finishing the race! That is so awesome!

    I work downtown too! Where do you work?

  13. I am seriously SO PROUD of you. Seriously, seriously, seriously. I have watched you come such a long ways and pass some people that still talk about running and never do it. Who talk about losing weight but do nothing about it. Who talk about changing but just stay the same. But you keep making yourself better and I am sooooooo PROUD of you.

  14. I know you hear this all of the time, but I am SO proud of you. You are such a rockstar and you don't even know how many people you inspire each day. I sure wish you lived closer to me, I just know you'd whip me into shape and I'd be running like you!

  15. This is so awesome :) thank you for inspiring me - i have my first one this weekend and I'm terrified :)

  16. You are a ROCK STAR! I've done so many flipping races that "friends" said they'd do but "something" came up last minute. You know what I'm talking about.