Thursday, March 7, 2013

Crushn'... Stalkn'... It's basically the same thing right?

When I saw that my homegurrrrrl Erin was doing a "blogger crush link-up" I just KNEW I had to participate.
Basically me and Erin are like practically BFF's except she doesn't really even know me.
That's what is funny about the blogger world isn't it?
You feel like you really know somebody you have never met.
Erin is the sweetest, prettiest, funniest blog lady and I couldn't do this post without OBVIOUSLY her being on my list of favs!!!
I mean seriously who couldn't love her face???
In all seriousness I started this leetle old blog in 2009 after following a girl that I was friends with on Facebook but didn't really know.
I creeped around on hers and a few others before FINALLY starting my own.
I would give her recognition but she doesn't blog anymore :(
So without further adieu here is my list of top blogs istalkthehelloutof I have a major crush on.
If you aren't on the list don't feel bad.
I seriously have quite a few that I absolutely adore but too many to write about!!!
It would be unfair to start this list out anywhere else other than with my girl Kristen  from First Name Smith.
She was the first blog I ever started reading.
I literally have read her blog from beginning to end.
I laughed with her...  hell I even cried with her.
Did she know this?
Eh probably not but she does know that my love for her runs deep.
I am a HUGE fan of her business Little Laws Prints see...
My very own personalized stationary after I got married
Hard to believe this was almost a year ago but invites to my baby shower!
Among quite a few other things like thank you notes, etc.
She is a doll to work with if you are ever looking for that sort of thing and all proceeds go this delicious little "almost" three year olds college fun.

She curses, too.
A lot.
And if you have been around here long you know that I really dig that sort of thing.
PS We have kinda sorta met...
In my dreams but I assure that it will happen one day.
Which brings me to my next two loves.
Holly from Where We Can Live Like Jack and Sally.
I actually creeped up on  found Holly through Kristen.
See how this works???
It was like love at first sight read.
You know those people you meet and you just KNOW they are going to be a friend for life.
Dunno if she feels the same way but I have practically planned out vacations on the beach when we get old and gray.
And she likes to drink which goes without being said that if we are going to be friends it's a must that you like to drink.
I actually get to live out one of my dreams of meeting her in April...
Photo: Soon...  except we will have more hair, our beers will be bigger...  I can't promise that I won't have a mustache though...
Tons of pictures and videos don't worry!
And Diva Tina aka Hubby Jack will be around, too I am sure.
PS My fellow MILF is hosting a link-up tomorrow as well so be sure to go check it out and link-up with her and Jake!
I also found my next favorite potty mouth NANCY FUCKING CLUE.
She is the realest most bad ass chick I know other than myself.
Her stories reel me in and she has a way with words that just keep me coming back for more.
Like myself, she is also trying to shed this awful fat cells and get herself to MILF status before she turns the BIG 30!
She has a pint sized mini-me that is, too cute for words!
Be sure to go check her out!!!
...and here is just a couple more random blogs that I read on a daily basis...
*like I said if your not on my list here don't be offended it doesn't mean my love for you is any less!

Helene in Between
Life After I Dew

In other news I hope that of you are having a fantabulous day!
To all my newbie readers and to my oldies as well...
If you didn't know this is me waving HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!


  1. I'm waving hi back atchaaaa. Thanks for including me, silly face!

  2. Aww, thanks for including me! Stoked I made the cut! ;)

  3. Love my Marcy! What's the link to Raven's blog? For some reason it wouldn't let me click on her picture and I want to check her blog out. (Does that make me creepy?!)

  4. Hey I know those girls, Skinny Minny! I love seeing everyone's crushes.

  5. I so freaking glad we met!!!! Love u sooooouuuullll seeeeeester!!!

  6. Glad you are linking up with us! It's refreshing to know I am not the only creeper that found Holly and Chris (and then you and many others) by stalking. I think blogging is great, and I certainly enjoy your little slice of the web!

  7. Hey Girlie! Thanks for the awesome blogs to stalk! I got the newbies added into my google reader. :)

  8. eek there's me! thanks so much!!!! you da best

  9. Heart you! I feel so special being on your list, sexy lady!

  10. You read Whitney Ellen too?! Girlfrannnnn...I just know I was meant to find you!

  11. I crush on your ass too sassy pants!!!

  12. Mahhhssssaaayyyyy... can't wait for STL next month when I finally get to cash in on the motorboat you've been promising me FOR MONTHS. xoxo Love you, girl!

  13. my pitiful little blog lmao