Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Think with yah head just because.

The above is my advice for today.
Although my vajazzle is dusty considering I have been plagued with the flu and the aftermath of the flu now for going on about six days.
Poor Husby...
My ass did manage to sweat yesterday but by 8:45PM last night I literally thought I was going to keel over.
I have been bit my the bug.
The exercise bug that is.
As much as I know my body still probably needs to rest all I can think about is my next workout.
Crazy right?
Who would have thunk that I would EVER be like this.
Surely the fuck not moi, or my Husby, or my parents, or my friends.
But I am.
We will see what happens today though.
I am cursing Jillian Michael's from one sore muscle to the next.
I hurt.
It took everything I had to get through my piss poor run that I had yesterday.
I am thinking I may change it up and do the elliptical today.
I do plan to bow down to Ms. Idontknowhowtoshutthefuckup tonight as well.
She says work through the soreness...
I would like to sucker punch her ass during bet later I know I will be wanting to kiss her ass for giving me arms like my soul seestah...
So enough bitchn'.
Regardless I made it through cleanse day numero uno.
I managed to gag down the drink.
I had to mix it 50/50 with orange juice and water.
There is just something about the texture of chunky water that I cannot handle.
Yesterday seemed pretty easy.
Today however...
Today I gagged.
I gagged A LOT.
BUT none the less I sucked my cup dry.
Not that any of you care unless you are doing the cleanse.
I didn't go to the bathroom once yesterday.
The first thing everybody thinks of when doing a cleanse is that you are going to be running to the shitter non stop.
I did however pee like 2083028403180 times yesterday.
It's not really anything out of the ordinary considering I do that a lot anyways, but considering I sit at the front desk all day and constantly have to bug somebody to let me pee...
Kinda annoying for them I am sure.
Oh and anybody living in my vicinity interested in doing this run with me in April?
It's the Zombie Run in Louisville, Kentucky on April 21st.
I am a fucking sissy but if anything is going to get me to run it's probably this =)
I just wouldn't want to do it alone!
And in other news...
Ya just can't.


  1. I wish I lived near! I want to do that run so bad! We have one coming here, but it's the same day I'm doing The Color Run. Maybe next year!!

  2. If I was in KY, I'd do it with ya! Also, to spice things up, they the StirMaster. I love/hate that machine. After 143 floors I want to die.

  3. U r sore bc ur doing way too much starting out..

    1. starting out? Marcy has been working out for while. She's fab!

  4. I wanted to do the Zombie run when it was by me, but I wasn't ready. Good luck!

  5. How much is the zombie run? Im seriously thinking about it :) And good job on the cleanse day 1 - Im not doing it because I am happy with my progress right now and didnt want to rock the boat, but I am proud of you ladies :)

  6. I'm too scared to do a zombie run solo...I'd totally do it with you if I was up there!

  7. I need to move closer to you..you do all the fun stuff.

  8. Hahaha ... you cannot make a whore a housewife. Love that one.

    Thanks for linking up with us!

  9. Its not making me poop either im sooooo exxxciiiittteddd

  10. Hahaha, dusty vagina, hahahahah aha! You make me laugh!! Damn, I'd be in for the zombie run if I wasn't way the fuck up north in Cana-duh!!