Monday, March 4, 2013

The flu can suck my lady balls...

Apparently in the land of Blog, and all other things social media, when you go missing for a hot minute people start putting smoke signals out in search of your ass.
It's not okay to get the flu.
I learned that first hand.
So I did what any crazyblogmom sane person would do...
I knew you bishes couldn't last that long without me so I managed to IG my misery.
Your welcome.
Sick Marcy.
The morning right before I found out I had the swiney hiney.
I wrote you a note.
I was depressed.
I shared my Joker Potter look...
I showed you how scary I am whilst sick.
I wrote y'all another note because I didn't want you to forget about me and I even shared my lunch...
By Saturday night I finally started to feel semi-human so after some convincing from my better half I actually got dressed in something other than a holy tshirt and sweats...
My Husby took became my personal version of Jason Aldean and took me for a little ride...
Where does one go when they have been bed ridden for almost three days you ask?
That's right.
The Walmart.
And of course I had to take a #bathroompic to document that I was there.
All the while Big Bertha in the handicapped stall sounds like some sort of firework production.
I gave her an 8 out of 10.
I also found this.
Now this may look like just a silly 3 pound weight but I can assure you its NOT.
This is the missing weight that I have been looking for since the move over a month ago.
I have searched HIGH and I have searched LOW for this damn thing that weighs less than my head.
While on our way to The Walmart Saturday night I proceeded to tell my Husband that I was going to get another weight because I was tired of only having one while Jillian has been whooping my ass.
He smirked and then proceeded to reach behind his seat.
Sure shittin' he pulled my beautiful little 3 pound weight out from behind his backseat.
...he said, "Oooops, I have been meaning to bring this in for the last couple of weeks it has been driving me crazy rolling around in my back seat!"
It's found.
No harm no foul I guess.
Yesterday was by far the best day in the last four that I had.
...and Diddy was happy to be in arms reach of her Mama!
I swear she is obsessed with seeing herself in my camera!
Cutest thing ever.
My two oldest love mustaches just as much as their Mama.
We held hands like to crazy kids in love.
...and then this whole 10 day cleanse biznass started.
So obviously I am going to need a lot of support considering I can't touch beer, or wine, or any alcohol for that matter.
Oh and did I mention no coffee either?
So Deb O Rah made herself available textually (haha) and is supporting my ass as well as others.
I am also lending the hand so if anybody needs any support health wise just email me!
I know how important it is to have all the support that you can!
But I had to share this text between The Cleanse Queen and I!
We obviously love cheese.
But above all this sharing my most favorite picture from the weekend was a picture that isn't even current.
Nope we are going back to the beginning of November my friends.
...and I looked like this:
This was from the beginning of November...
I was roughly 185 pounds in this picture...
I have lost 21 pounds since then! 
I whipped this picture out and smacked myself in the face with it when I was feeling down on myself!!!
So basically if you are ever feeling like shit pull out and old picture.
It WILL make you feel better!
...and I am obviously tired because this is the most random weekend post ever.
After not working out for four days I let Jillian kick my ass before 6AM today...
And I ran a little over two miles.
To say my legs felt like cement bricks was an understatement.
I probably pushed myself a little too hard but regardless I feel good.


  1. Hope you get to feeling better soon! You are awesome and make me motivated to work out!

  2. Sorry you had the flu! Yuck! You're doing awesome with your workouts!! Can I ask what APP you're using for your running?

  3. So happy your feeling better. Look at skinny sexy selfie!! I need to find out a little more about the 10 day cleanse thingy not sure if I can do without coffee.. Scary thought!

  4. This is soooo an "I'm back bishes!" post! I love it! :) Glad to see you're feeling better! :) People in our office are dropping like flies. My boss just went home and my work buddy is out sick. Stay well, sexy lady :)


  5. Glad you are back! And I have to say, that you are looking pretty skinny Miss!

  6. Glad you are feeling better. Getting sick sucks!

  7. Hope you're feeling better! 10 days without cheese or alcohol? That sounds like my nightmare.

  8. Glad you are feeling better!

    My son is 6 months old and loves to look at himself in the camera too! I can't say I blame him, he's pretty cute ;-)

  9. AHHH...seeing New York totally made my day!!!

    Glad you're feeling better! I'm doing a new diet and this first week there's no cheese, booze, sucks balls! I better drop some serious poundage by the end of this :)

  10. So love that your back! You always make me smile and laugh my ass off.

  11. You are awesome, and you crack me up! Lookin' good even while sick. ;) :)

  12. I am glad you feel better sweet girl :)

  13. GAAAAH I guess since I bought myself a new pair of running shoes this weekend (After they got mudded at the Super Spartan Race) I figured I should run today....I didn't. I'm taking a day off from my day off.
    Tomorrow is the day...just you wait!

    Andie's Traveling Pants
    PS-glad you are feeling better lady!!! get your ass to the gymnasium and jiggle it!!!

  14. The flu is awful! Hope you continue to feel better!!!

  15. Girl... cough on something and put it in the mail. I need the flu... aka, I need to drop a few easy pounds. ;)

  16. I was sending smoke signals, owls, and the army was about to do a seach and rescue girl! Glad you are better!

  17. I am so glad you are feeling better and you look fantastic!! (even the sick you looks great)! :)

  18. I'm glad you kicked flu's butt and I was wondering where you've been. Which cleanse are you doing? It must be the new thing cuz everyone is doing it. I'll hop on the wagon after st. patty's day cuz I can't give up beer on that day. I'm Irish (at least that's what I think every St. Patrick's Day.)

  19. Your abs!!! Can I borrow those for the next 2 weeks? I promis I'll return them! I love Jillian. And I hate her with every muscle in my body. I really should start doing that DVD a few days a week.

  20. Lol 8/10 that's pretty funny! But can't say that I'm sad I missed that fireworks show!!

  21. Glad you're feeling better! I'm doing the cleanse too.. I GAGGED yesterday and again this morning. Today when I got close to the end, I added a little more water... I'm trying to stick by the rules but I had to thin that shiz out, ugh! Glad to know you're doing it as well. Good luck to ya :) I'll be checking in everyday for your updates :))

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