Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Typically every Wednesday I spend in misery.
I gripe.
I complain.
I spend more time being miserable than I do happy.
Every Wednesday.
It’s the same dreaded day every week.
I frown more than I smile.
Sometimes all the negativity will end up resulting in bad choices on my part.
It’s paperday.
Yes, my Husband is a paper boy.
Sounds cute right?
Yes, he has a normal job, but his family has been in the paper business since before he was born I believe.
He delivers the recorders locally once a week.
One day.
I spend maybe two hours or so, standing in the garage, folding papers.
Every Wednesday.
Bitching the whole time.
While my hard working Husband stands across from me.
Not only does he have to fold them, but he gets up every Thursday morning before his regular job at 2AM to go and throw the papers.
All for us.
While his feet are aching from being on them all day, while I sit on my ass a majority of that time.
While we are in return making really good money for folding said papers every week.
Every damn Wednesday this occurs.
He takes it.
He takes me complaining.
When I am too hot, or too tired, or too cold.
He just listens.
And he never complains.
He works so hard for our family.
I should be thankful.
And I am…
So today I am going to try and be as positive as possible.
Today I am going to smile.
Today I will simply enjoy that I get to stand next to my best friend, having good conversation, while folding papers and providing for our family.
I love my Husband.
I want to lift him up.
I want to make him proud, and happy, and if all I am doing is complaining how am I ever going to do that?
~Instead of looking at the negative, we must focus on the positive~

In other news I lost 1 pound since Monday and I feel like I have my groove back =)

PS did you see what this lady is doing in San Francisco?!  LOL
Female Runner Who Uses Nike+ to Draw Dicks Is an American Hero

~Marcy's Motto for the day~
Be thankful for what you have :]
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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Cherish the way you Sparkle...

Payton:  Where Daddy go?
Me:  Daddy’s at work sweetie.
Payton: {squealing} He making money! He making money right?
Me: Yes, baby Daddy's making money so we can go shopping!
Payton: Right, Daddy making money {laughing}
I cannot make this shit up.
I have taught her well ;)
Poor Daddy!!!

It’s Tuesday and so far so good.
Besides the McAllister’s Deli club and pasta salad I just threw down my pie hole in about 2.5 seconds things are good.
Regardless I am still within my calories and determined to keep it that way today.
Baby steps.
I have to keep reminding myself that this is a process.
It’s not like one small change is going to get me to my life-long goal.
So many people want quick fixes.
I don’t.
I want to work hard.
At the end of the day I want to feel proud of what I have accomplished.
Shit is hard.
I just threw away two cookies that were in my catered lunch and you would have thought I just lost my best friend.
National Cookie Day but also me every day
I love food.
It’s comfort.
It makes me happy.
…and dammit it tastes so good!
But then I see pictures like this and the cookies are easier to resist...

I have done this before.
I can do this again.
I WILL do this again.
There is beauty in the journey...

Hubby and I walked a little over 2 miles last night.
My goal for us tonight is over three miles.
We will see if he tuckers out on me or not ;)

So how are y’all feeling today?
I am feeling great.
Coke told me I was a Star ;)
How’s your week going so far?

PS We often forget to cherish how beautiful we all our in our own individual ways...

~Marcy’s Motto for the day~
Cherish the way you sparkle. FROM:
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Monday, August 4, 2014

Last night I dreamt that Johnny Depp gave me a boob job...

Mondays suck balls.
Yesterday I woke up with a sinus headache.
I decided to take two Tylenol Cold & Sinus {recommended dose} tablets thinking that would give IT a swift kick in the ass.
Well instead it gave ME a swift kick in the ass.
I felt like I was higher than a kite for a majority of the day and was sick to my stomach.
Jokes on me.
I never ever ever EVER sleep good on a Sunday night.
Like ever.
Last night I dreamt that I got a boob job.
Johnny Depp was the surgeon and Jason Aldean was my nurse.
It was so real that when I woke up this morning I had actually thought it happened.
Until I opened my eyes that is.
How I feel about losing an hour of sleep after Daylight’s Savings.
However, today I surprisingly feel great!
We have already walked over two miles on our breaks and I am getting ready to gear up for our last mile walk in about an hour.
I have eaten great so far and have a pretty good momentum going.
Hopefully little bebe Jebus is on my side tonight when I sit down to watch Bachelor in Paradise that I can keep the snacking to a minimum.
…and make healthy choices at that.

I finally feel like I am getting my groove thang back!

Hope all you lovies had an amazing weekend and have a fantastic Monday =)

~Marcy's Motto for the day~
A One Hour Workout is 4% of Your Day. No Excuses - Try some of our 7-Day Challenges, like our: Abs Challenge, Arms Challenge, and Butt Challenge, guaranteed to work you hard and use every minute spent on your workout to its fullest.
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Friday, August 1, 2014


That’s what I am calling today.
And honestly…
It’s not all about staying within my calories, or exercising for this many minutes, or how many ounces of water I drink within the day.
Sure, that has a lot to do with it, but it’s so much more than that.
It’s about me.
It’s about how I feel.
It’s about my attitude.
Ditching the negative because I ate a handful of this, or I didn't go and do this.
Knowing that even though I can’t be perfect all of the time.
That’s okay.
Not losing any sleep over that.
Letting things go.
It’s okay.
Knowing that it’s not just a new day, or hour, but a new minute.
So this weekend, minus trying to stay healthy, I will smile.
I will be confident.
I will be happy.
I will be proud of the things I have done, instead of being pissed off at myself for the things I haven’t.
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