Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Typically every Wednesday I spend in misery.
I gripe.
I complain.
I spend more time being miserable than I do happy.
Every Wednesday.
It’s the same dreaded day every week.
I frown more than I smile.
Sometimes all the negativity will end up resulting in bad choices on my part.
It’s paperday.
Yes, my Husband is a paper boy.
Sounds cute right?
Yes, he has a normal job, but his family has been in the paper business since before he was born I believe.
He delivers the recorders locally once a week.
One day.
I spend maybe two hours or so, standing in the garage, folding papers.
Every Wednesday.
Bitching the whole time.
While my hard working Husband stands across from me.
Not only does he have to fold them, but he gets up every Thursday morning before his regular job at 2AM to go and throw the papers.
All for us.
While his feet are aching from being on them all day, while I sit on my ass a majority of that time.
While we are in return making really good money for folding said papers every week.
Every damn Wednesday this occurs.
He takes it.
He takes me complaining.
When I am too hot, or too tired, or too cold.
He just listens.
And he never complains.
He works so hard for our family.
I should be thankful.
And I am…
So today I am going to try and be as positive as possible.
Today I am going to smile.
Today I will simply enjoy that I get to stand next to my best friend, having good conversation, while folding papers and providing for our family.
I love my Husband.
I want to lift him up.
I want to make him proud, and happy, and if all I am doing is complaining how am I ever going to do that?
~Instead of looking at the negative, we must focus on the positive~

In other news I lost 1 pound since Monday and I feel like I have my groove back =)

PS did you see what this lady is doing in San Francisco?!  LOL
Female Runner Who Uses Nike+ to Draw Dicks Is an American Hero

~Marcy's Motto for the day~
Be thankful for what you have :]
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  1. Use the time you two are together folding newspapers to check in with each other, see how you're both feeling this week, talk about goals, etc. I would love to have time set aside each week to do this with my significant other, especially when his daughter is with us every other week. Make it a date time! ;)

  2. Aww sometimes it just takes a little matter of perspective doesn't it? Glad you are turning something that does sound miserable (sorry Marcy's hubby!) into something positive. And anytime you spend quality time with your spouse, is a good thing!

    BTW, I love the penis routes. I saw someone else post that on my fb feed today and I almost snorted my water out of my nose. Hilarious! I'm always kicking myself for not thinking of stuff like that LOL

  3. Maybe I should start the penis routes...lord knows it is the only penis I would be getting...sorry THAT was TMI!!!!! Good for yo for thying to change your paper attitude and congrats on the 1 pound loss...I finally lost another has been a long time coming but it was good to see some progress...gave me hope! Keep it up, Girl!

  4. ~Instead of looking at the negative, we must focus on the positive~ LOVE IT!!!
    I kinda want to run a penis route :) LOL

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