Monday, September 8, 2014

The girl of 7 years past...

Happy Monday pretties!
It's my birthday week.
The last birthday week I am ever celebrating...
Just kidding.
On Thursday I will turn 29 so I figured I would start out this week on a really positive note:

Yesterday my Gran was going through pictures that she had found.
Pictures are truly a blessing.
They have been such a big part of my journey.
My middle daughter Shelby girl turned 8 yesterday.
Hard to believe.
When my Gran pulled the pictures out from her first birthday out I was in utter shock.
Complete disbelief.
I could not wrap my head around just how much I have changed.
I have not seen these pictures in 7 years after all.
So much I had forgotten about the person I used to be.
The fake smile.
The bleached hair.
The extra 50 pounds I was carrying around day in and day out.
The daily tears.
Feelings of depression rolled over me with heavy waves.
It was hard to breathe...
And not just because I was carrying so much extra weight.
I feel so sad for the girl I was 7 years ago, but I feel blessed for the woman I have become today.
I might not be where I want to be, but I am closer and stronger than I have ever been.
So this upcoming birthday I will celebrate all that I have been able to accomplish...
I will NOT focus on what I haven't.

Great quote from Walt Disney.. Around here... we don't look backwards.. Perfect message for my clients who have struggled with weight loss. Concentrate on what you are going to do now and tomorrow.. forget about the past problems.. focus on future fun!
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  1. You look amazing, but even seven years ago you were still a beauty!