Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Truth is...

~It took me a legit 10 minutes to figure out that I was signed on under the wrong Google account name.  Can you say 10 minutes of sheer panic when I could not figure out why my blog wasn't showing up in my dashboard.

~I shaved my legs for the first time since November this morning.
It hurt really bad so I don't recommend that shit...

~My chipped toe nails have not been touched since my last pedicure in October.
No shame.

~I am not sure whether I should be honoured or hurt by the fact that more people asked me how I had the balls to post this most recent post or not?
Yes, it takes balls don't get me wrong.
But why are we all so afraid of weight and struggles and showing the bad parts of our life?
It's what makes us our own kind of perfect.
At least I think so...
I don't want to get credit for being the most perfect person on the planet.
There is beauty in the imperfections y'all!

~I am having a harder time than I let on with the fact that my Dad is officially making Nebraska his new home.  I know this is his real home and he will come back often and we will go see him.
But I miss him.  Already.  All the time.
Love that man and I am so thankful for the relationship that we have developed.

~I really would love a boob job some day.

~I signed up for MamaLaughlin's Dietbet and you should, too.
Ummmm hello people the pot is over $70,000.00 bucks.
Who doesn't want cash as some sort of incentive to lose weight?
How I’m spending MDW.

~I will never give up my creamed coffee with splenda every morning.
Like ever.
if you talk to me before i’ve had my morning coffee
That shit IS my crack and my mornings would never be the same with out it.

~On that last note I had my last pop for a very long while last night and that ish was delish.

~Lauren kept saying "IDK" yesterday and I acted like for the longest time I knew what she was talking about.  Did y'all know what that meant?
I am old.
IDK = I don't know

~I am going to be 30 in September.
Now that was harder than telling y'all my weight.

~I still love beer.
when you’re trying to start your weekend early

~I still want to run so that I can have said beer and I plan to FINALLY, after so many times of talking about it, run my first half in May.
Who's with me?!
the only sport you’ll see me playing

~Am still intimidated by weights.
Lifting weights.
Lifting weights at the gym.
Lifting weights at the gym in front of other people.
Especially the grunting squad...

~Hate cancer.
No, I don't have cancer, but I fucking hate it for reasons I don't care to discuss.

~Am the most disorganized cleanest person on the planet.
You won't find a speck of dust but don't you dare go rummaging through my cabinets.
You WILL be terrified.
~Take meds for my depression and anxiety and I don't care who knows it.
I have struggled.
It is a very tough thing to go through but I couldn't feel better than I have these last couple of months.

~Have used my thyroid as a crutch for my weight for entirely, too long.
It will be hard.
It is hard.
But I have done it before, I can do it again.

Truth is...
I am perfectly imperfect.
Around here you will get the real deal.
Mostly funny, a little serious, and I am sure there will be a shit ton of grammatical errors.
You will also find motivation and tons of support, we are all in this together!
I have missed blogging and y'all terribly and I am MORE than ready to make 2015 my bitch!
Thanks from the bottom of my heart for being along for the ride :)

me at the gym

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