Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Saute' Queen

Pretty Strong Medicine

So obviously yesterday I was all like YAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH LET'S DO THIS!
I was going to be part of the early risers and start my day out with coffee and blogging.
Yes, it lasted one day.
Now I am writing this on my phone and then will be scurrying to get it together before work starts.
I had my alarm set.
But sleep and aching muscles just longed for my bed just a leetle longer.
Okay a lot longer...
Any whoo dee heyyyy...
We will try er' again tomorrow.
I may have only been able to do it one day so far but if it's one thing I am not it's a quitter.
It's weird for me because this is Weigh-in-Wednesday but my new weigh-in day is Friday.
So I will report to y'all here today and Friday and let you know where I am at.
Right now I am in a really good place.
I ran instead of eating yesterday and I only had one bad day over the weekend (Sunday).
I weighed in and had lost and my mind told me to celebrate with food.
I don't get it either.
But I am digging down deep and just moving right along.
I think the biggest help for me within the last week or so is meal planning.
I have started to input everything into My Fitness Pal first thing in the morning.
Giving myself room for error, etc. here and there.
I never finish my day so I can always go in and switch something if need be.
But it gives me an idea of where I need to be.
I have been trying to cook a good portion of my meals for lunches during the week on Sunday.
I have really ventured out and I have discovered that I am basically the saute' queen.
You want something sauteed I got yo' back!
So meal prep, track your calories {as much of a pain in the ass as it is sometimes}, drink that H20, and of course work your ass ;)
Oh and I am almost forgot.
I am still rocking 172 today.
I'll take it.
That isn't a gain or loss from when I weighed in on Sunday and it's the first time in a LONG time I actually lost any weight at all through a weekend.
L:  January 2011
R:  Last month

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I just wanna say, that... I'm back {hair flip}

It's precisely 5:27 AM and I am sitting in front of the computer screen coffee in hand.
I'm either crazy, I love this blog a lot, love my readers more than words, or basically a combination of all three.
My Husband would claim mostly crazy...
Typically my blog posts would get drafted in my head while stuck on the bus on the way to work, in the shower, or during some other task through out the previous day.
I would jot it down in my notepad of things I wanted to talk about.
Sometimes link-ups made this a lot easier.
I was consistent.
Then when I got to work I would literally just throw it all together {I have told y'all I am NOWHERE NEAR a professional writer and I think that's obvious}...
I just put out there what's on my mind and in my heart and that's that.
Obviously this was done as soon as I got to work because I always get a little free time before work actually starts at 8:30.
Then I get an email stating no more Internet at work and I think I had a mini-stroke right there at my desk.
No lie.
I already really can't check my phone at work.
So I just sneak off to the girls restroom to check IG, Facebook, and text you hookers back.
me texting your man
I know!
I know!
They actually want me to work, at work?
I will say this though...
I am a hard worker.
I am always there, I always do any task that is asked of me, and 98.9 % of the time it's with a smile on my face.
Yesterday I was more productive than I have ever been.
And honestly y'all...
I felt super accomplished when I left the office.
Sounds kind of silly to say that out loud but it's true.
I think when we are given the freedom to do what we choose at work we just really don't get a lot done.
Here goes to Marcy being all accomplished and stuff =)
I am nowhere near perfect though.
That's obvious considering I was supposed to wake up at 4:45 to do the damn thing and I didn't peel myself out until approximately 5:23!
I also, after having such an amazing weigh-in Sunday morning, ate like an  absolute idiot.
It's like I am constantly sabotaging myself.
Something I am really striving to work on.
It's like I do really well and then I think I need a treat which turns into a days worth of binging.
I have got to figure this out!!!
I know it was just one day but I really think that one day has set me back already this week.
I really want my measurements to change when I report back to Sarah on Friday.
I just need to prove to myself that I can work really hard these next couple of days!
I did her first strength workout yesterday and it must be totally awesome because I can barely walk today.
Running should be a real treat!
I guess my question to y'all is...
How do you make it through an entire weekend of good eating?!
I did so amazing Friday and Saturday which I am patting myself on the back for.
Normally my weekends are always calorie packed.
This week I did manage to only go crazy on Sunday...
But still.
I HAVE to quit with these set backs or I am NEVER going to be able to get to where I want to be.
And damn just for shits and giggles because I absolutely love me some Betty White...
I love Betty White so much.

Friday, July 26, 2013

#fridayfitstagram #hatersgonnahate #hocuspocusmirror

Linking up with my main hookah and my main motivator for #fridayfitstagram!
Since July 15th a lot has changed!
Including the fact that I am down 9 pounds.
Anyways I feel honored that Ash picked me as one of her top five to be featured this week.
I really have been busting my ass, and yes, maybe literally at times but that is neither here nor there.
I have never been known as graceful but I am digressing.
I was hooked up with my new BFF {she may not know it yet but we are} Sarah for a months worth of online fitness coaching and she has already helped me out so much.
I was looking at a lot of things completely wrong!
Like for example...  DON'T EAT THE CALORIES YOU BURN.
Seems simple but I would always eat my calories that I killed myself in the gym to burn.
No wonder I haven't been losing anything...
I am sticking to 1400 calories a day (telling you this because everybody keeps asking LOL)
Cutting sugar and increasing protein!

One thing that happened to me really is a first.
I know I put myself out there.
I don't sugar coat and I just pretty much put it all on the line for everybody and their baby's mama's mama to see.
Totally fine.
But what I don't understand is the hate that some people have in their hearts.
I do NOT care how much I envy another woman and the way she looks I would NEVER be mean and I would ALWAYS encourage them.
I got my very first hate email today.
Honestly I don't feel like you have completely made it until you get some sort of hate mail.
...oh and also end up on one of those nasty Internet sites where they bash you.
Yup, been there, too.
Look I have NEVER claimed to be a good writer.
I know I am not.
I just write what comes out of my brain and that's that.
Is it novel material?
It's just my life and what I choose to document.
Which is basically everything.

So I was accused of the following:
1.  Buying a hocus mirror that makes me look thinner.
Okay if this were the case mirror makers would be GAGILLIONAIRES just saying...

{picture on the left is from home my hocus pocus mirror and the picture on the right is when I got to work}

2.  That I suck in, in all of my photos.
Who doesn't?

3.  That I am ugly.

I am just trying to picture this person.
I have an image in my head but guess what I will refrain from telling you what I see.
Because it's as simple as this...
I am not a mean person and I will continue to hold my head up high and be a better person.

All I will say is this...

I have NEVER once lied or shied away from my weight.
I weighed in this morning at 173.
I am in a size small shirt and a medium skirt.
I am 5'2.
I still have a ways to go but I am busting my ass and doing shit about it.

It may be a slow process and I may have hit a shit ton of walls on my journey.
But I never give up.
I have never lied.
I have always tried my best to keep a positive outlook and smile on my face.

Negative thoughts can't even bring me down.
Nice try.

I hope everybody has an amazing weekend and a healthy one, too!
Don't forget to meal plan.
That has been HUGE in my success the past couple of days!

And haters lets not forget...
I have been in your shoes.
I promise you I have.
I was pregnant a little over a year ago.
Sure I was pregnant but I was pregnant and severely overweight.
I had high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

{I wanna know how in the flying fuck I made it down that gosh forsaken slide? Well hell 3 lb 5 oz premature bebe Jesus of course!!!! }
Instead of sending others hate mail and feeling miserable I did something about it.

PS  I just love my hocus pocus mirror!  You can find yourself one at your local Krogers, Walmart, etc.!!!



Thursday, July 25, 2013

Endless Bloody Mary's, 265 pound Marcy, Diddy turns 1, and Advocare!

I could really use an endless flow of Bloody Mary's right now.
It sounds like heart burn city and heaven all wrapped up in one glass.
Regardless of the fact I am stuck at work and writing this post.
Why do I need drinks you ask?
Well because my baby turns 1 today officially.
I can hardly believe it's been a year!
Oh this time last year I was laid up in a hospital bed weighing in at a whopping 265 pounds.
Miserable and ready to get this baby that just had to be at least 10 pounds out of me!
In all reality she only weighed 6 pounds, 13 oz.
Seriously Payton?
Holy hugeness...
A lot has changed in a year.
Mainly my kids are getting bigger, my pocket book is getting smaller, and I am thinner THANK YOU little 3 lb, 5 oz premature bebe Jesus.
Me with the birthday girl this morning!
Look at that cheese!!!!
So in other news I talked to Sarah last night and I am so pumped to start this program she has in the works for me.
I really feel like it is going to give me the extra push that I need!
And also this is my blog and I can do whatever I want with it today I am pimping my own self out!
Not only do I still sell Mary Kay, but I also signed up this morning to become an Advocare Distributor!!!!
I am so excited about this opportunity.
It has changed the life of so many friends of mine, Sarah included!
You can visit my site HERE or email me

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Changes in attitude with no change in weight...

Pretty Strong Medicine

I feel like I hit a breaking point with this whole process two weeks ago.
Honestly I don't think just how much Kristen and Jess saved me from completely spiraling out of control.
Am I giving them all the credit?
I know that I am doing the damn thing and I am hella proud of myself.
But God answers prayers y'all and he answered mine two weeks ago when these two challenges presented themselves.
I was just in such a damn funk.
I look back and I am sad for the person I was then.
I was just losing it.
Emotional eating has always been a thang of mine.
Plus I love food.
Those don't equal out to be so healthy when trying to eat right and exercise.
Two weeks ago I committed and even though I have had a few ups and downs a long the way I have been killin' it if I do say so myself.
I will say this.
I weighed in at 174 last week and I was the exact same on the scale this week.
I am not fretting though.
If anything it's muscle and I won't lose sight of what I am really trying to accomplish here.
Do I want to lose more weight?
But I just really want to be healthy, fit/firm, and lets be honest a total fucking MILF.

I took initial pictures the Sunday before these challenges started and I took pics last night just to see if I could tell a difference.
It's the only way I have been able to tell...
I was shocked honestly.
I don't really want to show them though until the end so y'all are just going to have to wait in suspense.

In the meantime, in case you missed it, I freaking won a months worth of online coaching from the awesome and beautiful Sarah!!!
I feel so blessed to have been chosen!
Sarah is so incredibly sweet and has offered all of my sweet readers 20% off her ONLINE COACHING.  Sign up today and use the code "Wednesday20" for the discount!  So what are you waiting for?!  Shoot her an email to find out more!

PS I am also hosting an online Stella & Dot party for my girl Sarah!!!
If you go to the website and search for my name {Marcy Burris} in the host line and buy something I am offering free ad space for a month!
Just be sure to let me know that you bought something =)
Oh and these are just some of my favorite pieces considering I LOVE IT ALL.

Fiona Bib Necklace

Christina Link Bracelet-Gold

Trilogy Ring

Obviously I am obsessed with gold right now...

Dammit I need to win that lottery I don't play...

Oh and just for shits and giggles...
Picture of me on the Left is from March.
Picture on the Right is from today.
Thank you running for giving me legs that are less like tree trunk stubs and more like long branches for legs.
I appreciate it.
PS I am running the virtual 5k that Four Fit Sisters is having today!
Did you sign up?!
FourFit 5k Bib


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I am on fiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...................

Can you see the smoke coming out from behind me?
Well I dunno but I feel like I am on fiyaaaaaaaaaa!
...and do NOT be concerned it's the good kinda fire!!!
I was just randomly doing my morning reads and was caught dead in my tracks by Kristen from First Name Smith's Blog title "Hip Fuckery."
I swear it's like that bish and I are twinsies.
Everything she says I am like YES YES YES!
So I was just reading and laughing {obviously} and to my surprise I found out I won her Sarah Michele Training giveaway!
I am so excited to work with Sarah and let's be honest with two fitness challenges going down and this half marathon training in full effect I NEEDED THIS!
God is good and I swear y'all he does answer our prayers.
It may not always feel like it but I promise you he does.
It's Tuesday.
You know what that means?
Transformation Tuesday duh!
I love transformation Tuesdays for one reason. It allows me to see just how far I have come. In every day life we just don't see it. That is why pictures are a must and I am constantly seeing them. It is the only way I can visualize success for myself and that all this hard work is actually paying off! The picture on the left was from April and the picture on the right was from yesterday!
I have been really working my ass of these last couple of weeks and I am just so damn proud of myself!
PS Don't tell me you don't have time! Worked all day, battery went dead in the van had to get a jump didn't get home til after seven...
Had to wash dishes, start laundry, bathe baby/feed/put to bed and start dinner for myself! Already worked out once but managed to take ten minutes for me which includes my 300 routine MISS Operation Skinny Jeans gave me for #skinnyjeansfitcamp #andiminshortyshirts =)

Monday, July 22, 2013

I am going to need a steady flow of beer to make it through this week...

Sami's Shenanigans

1.  Shakeology heaven.
2.  Family Dollar Finds.
3.  I logged 5 days in a row which was huge for me.  Let's not mention the fact that after this I forgot to log Friday night, Saturday night, and last night.  The weekends kill me!
4.  Me in shorts.  Let me be more specific... me in MEDIUM shorts.
5.  Going to pick up the chitlins after having my procedure that morning and then the house to myself the rest of the day...
6.  I wore those bad boys out in public. 
7.  I was in bed by 8 on a Friday night.
8.  I ran in those bad boys.
9.  I felt like I could have really used one of those at 9 in the morning on Saturday after getting everything ready for Payton's party...
10.  Throwing down some cinnamon rolls...  2 whole ones in fact.
11. & 12.  Party decor!
14.  My Family Dollar Maxi Dress find!
15.  How she sleeps like this I have no idea?!
16.  Gaining control on Sunday after the party festivities on Saturday!
17.  I need that shirt.
18.  Lazy Sunday (wait, I never get a lazy Sunday who am I kidding?!) Maxi Dress.
19.  Making messes.
20.  Sleepy Diddy.
21.  Movie night with my girl!

All in all in was a damn good weekend!
I ate more than I would have liked but nothing too terrible either.
Payton's Party was a HUGE success.
It's always so hard to be the hostess of a party, I just don't feel like I truly get to enjoy everybody!
Our girls are so blessed though and Diddy was spoiled rotten!

There are more coming but my sweet Aunt Jenny (who owns her own photography business by the way if your local JEN U WEN Reflections Photography) managed to capture some priceless pics of P!

Can't wait to do her formal 1st birthday pictures this upcoming weekend!

Get the beers flowing now because I am going to need a lot to make it through.
{kidding.  maybe}

In other news if you follow me on IG then you already know this but DAUM Y'ALL thanks for making a Mama feel good!
You guys are so sweet with all of your compliments.
I still am having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that people are looking at me as thin?!
It's a hard thing to accept when you have felt heavy for so long...