Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Saute' Queen

Pretty Strong Medicine

So obviously yesterday I was all like YAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH LET'S DO THIS!
I was going to be part of the early risers and start my day out with coffee and blogging.
Yes, it lasted one day.
Now I am writing this on my phone and then will be scurrying to get it together before work starts.
I had my alarm set.
But sleep and aching muscles just longed for my bed just a leetle longer.
Okay a lot longer...
Any whoo dee heyyyy...
We will try er' again tomorrow.
I may have only been able to do it one day so far but if it's one thing I am not it's a quitter.
It's weird for me because this is Weigh-in-Wednesday but my new weigh-in day is Friday.
So I will report to y'all here today and Friday and let you know where I am at.
Right now I am in a really good place.
I ran instead of eating yesterday and I only had one bad day over the weekend (Sunday).
I weighed in and had lost and my mind told me to celebrate with food.
I don't get it either.
But I am digging down deep and just moving right along.
I think the biggest help for me within the last week or so is meal planning.
I have started to input everything into My Fitness Pal first thing in the morning.
Giving myself room for error, etc. here and there.
I never finish my day so I can always go in and switch something if need be.
But it gives me an idea of where I need to be.
I have been trying to cook a good portion of my meals for lunches during the week on Sunday.
I have really ventured out and I have discovered that I am basically the saute' queen.
You want something sauteed I got yo' back!
So meal prep, track your calories {as much of a pain in the ass as it is sometimes}, drink that H20, and of course work your ass ;)
Oh and I am almost forgot.
I am still rocking 172 today.
I'll take it.
That isn't a gain or loss from when I weighed in on Sunday and it's the first time in a LONG time I actually lost any weight at all through a weekend.
L:  January 2011
R:  Last month


  1. You have seriously lost like a mini-you. Your doing great girl!

  2. The pic on the left doesn't even look like you!!! You go girl!

  3. I tell myself every night that I'm going to wake up early and get all my stuff done, like blogging, exercising and cleaning. And everyday I turn off my alarm because I don't wanna get my booty out of bed. I'm more of a night owl.

    You look great in your pictures!!! Keep up the great work!

  4. You look GREAT, and are kickin butt! Congrats!

  5. wow you are looking so great! you must be really tall. I also used to celebrate weight loss with food--i'm trying to get better

  6. I try to wake up early every day.... That never happens.... It might help if I actually slept through the night. I am up at least once a night for an hour or two. sucks ass....

  7. I love the comparison. I am also proud of you for running instead of eating. That is a definite struggle for me and many others - Go You!

  8. You are doing great! Congrats! I always do better when I prepare meals for the week over the weekend!

  9. You look amazing!! I really need to get back to my fitness pal.

  10. You are doing absolutely fantastic!

  11. You are doing fantastic! You look fabulous! I can never get a lot done first thing in the morning. This is my first week at this hop. So Exciting seeing how everyone is doing. I am following you now.

  12. I'm in love with your outfit today!! And you are doing amazing!! You look so so good!

  13. Happy hump day! I think you just need to keep doing it and eventually it will start to fall into your routine, although I am a horrible morning person... so I cant really speak.

  14. Found your blog from the Weigh in Wednesday link - I participated, but my official weigh in day is Friday as well. Right before I botch my weekend *Ü*