Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Pretty Strong Medicine

No beating around the bush here.
I might as well dive right in and tell you all the truth.
You know I don't sugar coat and you know I pretty much lay EVERYTHING out there.
Judge me or love me you will do whatever you choose and I am okay with that.

Little back story in case you are new around here I hit my 100 pound weight loss back in February.
I felt on top of the world to say the least.
I thought that I had my shit under control but oh how I was so wrong.
The problem is after I hit those 100 pounds I became a lot less strict with myself.
A few chips here, a candy bar there, and those bag of peanut butter M&M's I love so dearly later and I am back in a scary territory.
Honestly a territory I didn't ever think I would have to face again.
Silly little me.
I should know better than that.
If this thing were easy I would look like a Victoria Secret Model next week.
You guys may not be able to tell a difference but I can.
Maybe not so much in the look but I can feel it.
It's like I can literally feel the fat taking up residence on my ass.
The picture on the Left is February and the picture on the Right is from today.

Now most of you know I have been on the God awful Prednisone for the wrath of Poison Ivy 2013 which is an obvious weight gain.
I have basically eaten us out of house and home and then some.
I keep blaming it on the Prednisone when really in all reality even if I wasn't on it I would most likely be eating the same way.
Emotions mixed with just poor around choices will do that to you.

I wanted to weigh myself this morning to see where I was at and what I was dealing with.
I knew I had gained and it was just time to face my fears.
I stepped on the scale and took a deep breath and my worst nightmare came true.
I choked back tears as the scale read back a number I haven't seen since back at the beginning of October...
Those red numbers have never shined so bright.
They have never been so painful.

How have I gained 20 pounds five months?
How have I been working out and killing myself for nothing?
Because let's be honest that is ALL I am doing right now.

I have got to eat clean.
There are no if, ands, or buts about it.
That is the deal breaker for me.

I am a changed person though.
Old Marcy would have totally given in the towel and most likely before now.
But I am not.
I know I am stronger than that.
I know that I will get to where I want to be.


So today is a new day, a new hour, a new minute...
A new second.

I have been through so much stress this year that has really been wearing on me.
I refuse to let that stop the progress I have already made.
It's just not in me.

I am a fighter.
I will get past this.
I will say one thing...
I cannot do it alone.
I am not going to lie I need support.
I need people cheering for me and rooting me on.
When I don't have that it's harder for me to focus.

So if anybody is up for the challenge I would love somebody to commit to texting me everynight around 8PM and telling me I don't need the chips, I don't need that candy bar, and I definitely don't need those gosh forsaken peanut butter M&M's...

In other news I will tell you so far this day has started out great other than the weigh-in I had.
I drank two bottles of water before ever leaving the house.
Stopped for coffee and drank my slim-fast on the way to work.
I have a big ass salad for lunch and I will probably do a sinch inch low calorie sub from Subway tonight since it is paper night.
I just need to make the right choices all around.
I have to quit letting the old me mind fuck the new me.

For today's workout it is just going to be a straight run.
I am going to see how far I can go in 35 minutes {35 minutes being my general time alotment for lunch to workout}.
I figured I would link up with PregMeg for Workout Wednesday!
Yesterday I did my kettle ball workout and a slow 1.29 miler.
My tree trunks were KILLING me.
Probably because over half of the workout is squats!

Never Give Up



  1. Everyone has setbacks from time to time...good for you for recognizing you need to make some changes.

    20 lbs?? That's nothing compared to the 100 you've already lost!

    As far as know you've got it girl! There are plenty of us women facing the same struggles. Thank God for technology and the ability to communicate with so many people!


  2. I will text your sweet face! You CAN and WILL get the weight off! Just let this setback push you even harder! Clean eating will definitely help kick start it! I have no doubt in my mind that this is just a little bump in your journey. One that won't last long and one that is going to give you the strength to fight harder than you ever have!


  3. You are such a sweet person Marcy! I hope to have your kind of success after I have my last baby in November! Your journey is a huge motivator for me for after baby :) If you don't mind a prego texting you I totally will! That way you can get on my ass after November too!!! LOL You got this girl!!!! You will get to where you want to be! You are a strong woman!!!!

  4. YOU got this!! I am right there with ya!!!
    Lets make the damn fat cry!!!!!!!

  5. Thank you for being so honest and good job on making good choices this morning. I would be happy to text you at night to put down the chips if you will text back and tell me to get off my ass and go play with Jillian!

  6. You still look great girl! Don't let it get you down!!!

  7. I say good for you for getting it under control and knowing what you need to do! You can do this!

  8. You are so going to get over this! The first step is admitting it, if you need some more texting buddies I will keep you hands out of those peanut butter M&Ms!

  9. You got this, Marcy! Don't let this minor setback get you down. You are awesome and have accomplished so much. Get back on the horse, girl! Also, what size kettlebell do you use? I have been thinking about incorporating using them into my workouts (currently only use free weights). This workout looks KILLER!

  10. F'ing M&Ms. You got this. You can do it!

  11. You can do it girl!!! Everyone slips up from time to time. YOU GOT THIS!!

    life happens. you are strong & dedicated. You will get back there & go even further than before!

    I believe in you!

  13. You got this Marcy! I am cheering you on.

  14. You will succeed, Marcy. You know how. I am no expert, but sometimes when I am in a rut, I completely mix it up. Like, what if you concentrated solely on food and not exercise for a bit. What if you workouts became super simple and were not about burning a million calories? I know that when I do a super hard workout, I tend to give myself permission to have a little more "fuel" aka. shit food.

  15. Know I am thinking of you and pushing for you. Know this is a process. I know you know that already, but a gentle reminder never hurts. After gaining and loosing 100 lbs you know this is a journey you have chosen for you life. Sometimes its a hard choice and regular everyday life gets in the way at times. You have accomplished so much, and you will continue you to! I just know it. Please know you can do this. With all the support you have in your life, know you can!

  16. YOU INSPIRE SO MANY!!!! You are 110% reall and awesome and you are still in it, you aren't gonna fail! You are in the zone!! I love every real word and feeling in this whole post!!! Thank you for being so honest and real!!! You got a #marcyscheerleaders right here! ;) if you still need a txt buddy I can totally do it! You can reply to me and tell me I don't need a drink every night!!! :)

  17. You can do this! You've done it before! I believe in you!


  18. Ill text you anytime!! Shoot me your number! You can do this and evenings are really hard for me too! I treat our kitchen like a restaurant, it's closed after 8!! You can and will do this!! I believe in you!!

  19. I think you look amazing for 182 and you will lose it before you know it!!!

  20. Congrats on the weight loss thus far. I have no doubt with your hard work and will power you'll be back in the game in no time. I haven't loss near as much as you and I have had a set back these last couple of days too. The important thing is to just keep push forward. You'll be fine!

  21. Don't stress right now, you've got this!! You're back on track and we are gonna ROCK IT!!!! Bye bye weight, hello skinny!

  22. You are an inspiration! We are near the same weight now, I need to lose another 30 lbs. We can do this! I have been crazy with eating lately - my mother in law always has m&ms open in the big bag on her counter! NO GOOD for me!

    I can definitely see what hitting a huge milestone like that might throw your brain off. You got this girl! Especially now that you are determined and not happy with yourself. I am here if you need anything - :)

  23. That's a start, acknowledging what you need to do. Let's start logging & planning. It's all in what we eat ;)

  24. i've been hopping about the weigh in wednesday link-up and i think you're my favorite blogger on there and we're totally similar! my real name is marisela but i go by're marcella and go by marcy and we both have birthdays in sept! yeah, i stalked a little. 100 lbs is an amazing feat. gaining 20 back is no bueno, but not totally devastating considering the overall loss! i feel your pain though! i lost 50-ish 2 years ago...and gained it all back within 5 months! just gotta stay focused :] i started all over april 15th and am down 20! let me know if you need a motivation buddy!

  25. You, ma'am are very inspiring with your persistence! You CAN and WILL get back down there.
    Don't beat yourself up.
    And thanks for posting that Kettle bell workout. I may have to give that one a try. My kettle bell needs to get a little action.

  26. Hey hun,
    I recently started following you, I know how hard it can be when taking Prednisone sadly I'm on it for the rest of my life!
    Keep your chin up you are doing amazeballs.
    You are such a inspiration to me and honestly its not that bad a gain, I put on close to 100lbs in my first year on Prednisone so don't feel to bad!!
    Love Gi

  27. You can do it! :) I love your commitment. Plus, you look so cute in your workout clothes!

  28. Aww honey You got this!!! Keep on going!!! If you still need texters.. lol I'll do it..

  29. Aww honey You got this!!! Keep on going!!! If you still need texters.. lol I'll do it..

  30. I'm right there with you....20lbs since February :( Send me a link to all of these challenges...I need all of the help I can get!