Friday, July 26, 2013

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Linking up with my main hookah and my main motivator for #fridayfitstagram!
Since July 15th a lot has changed!
Including the fact that I am down 9 pounds.
Anyways I feel honored that Ash picked me as one of her top five to be featured this week.
I really have been busting my ass, and yes, maybe literally at times but that is neither here nor there.
I have never been known as graceful but I am digressing.
I was hooked up with my new BFF {she may not know it yet but we are} Sarah for a months worth of online fitness coaching and she has already helped me out so much.
I was looking at a lot of things completely wrong!
Like for example...  DON'T EAT THE CALORIES YOU BURN.
Seems simple but I would always eat my calories that I killed myself in the gym to burn.
No wonder I haven't been losing anything...
I am sticking to 1400 calories a day (telling you this because everybody keeps asking LOL)
Cutting sugar and increasing protein!

One thing that happened to me really is a first.
I know I put myself out there.
I don't sugar coat and I just pretty much put it all on the line for everybody and their baby's mama's mama to see.
Totally fine.
But what I don't understand is the hate that some people have in their hearts.
I do NOT care how much I envy another woman and the way she looks I would NEVER be mean and I would ALWAYS encourage them.
I got my very first hate email today.
Honestly I don't feel like you have completely made it until you get some sort of hate mail.
...oh and also end up on one of those nasty Internet sites where they bash you.
Yup, been there, too.
Look I have NEVER claimed to be a good writer.
I know I am not.
I just write what comes out of my brain and that's that.
Is it novel material?
It's just my life and what I choose to document.
Which is basically everything.

So I was accused of the following:
1.  Buying a hocus mirror that makes me look thinner.
Okay if this were the case mirror makers would be GAGILLIONAIRES just saying...

{picture on the left is from home my hocus pocus mirror and the picture on the right is when I got to work}

2.  That I suck in, in all of my photos.
Who doesn't?

3.  That I am ugly.

I am just trying to picture this person.
I have an image in my head but guess what I will refrain from telling you what I see.
Because it's as simple as this...
I am not a mean person and I will continue to hold my head up high and be a better person.

All I will say is this...

I have NEVER once lied or shied away from my weight.
I weighed in this morning at 173.
I am in a size small shirt and a medium skirt.
I am 5'2.
I still have a ways to go but I am busting my ass and doing shit about it.

It may be a slow process and I may have hit a shit ton of walls on my journey.
But I never give up.
I have never lied.
I have always tried my best to keep a positive outlook and smile on my face.

Negative thoughts can't even bring me down.
Nice try.

I hope everybody has an amazing weekend and a healthy one, too!
Don't forget to meal plan.
That has been HUGE in my success the past couple of days!

And haters lets not forget...
I have been in your shoes.
I promise you I have.
I was pregnant a little over a year ago.
Sure I was pregnant but I was pregnant and severely overweight.
I had high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

{I wanna know how in the flying fuck I made it down that gosh forsaken slide? Well hell 3 lb 5 oz premature bebe Jesus of course!!!! }
Instead of sending others hate mail and feeling miserable I did something about it.

PS  I just love my hocus pocus mirror!  You can find yourself one at your local Krogers, Walmart, etc.!!!




  1. Just send me your hocus pocus mirror LOL.. Seriously peeps need to chill - the only thing I see is that you sometimes look taller in your mirror at home and thats simply because its not mounted to a wall... Geesh o pete if people put as much effort into running their asses off as much as they run their effing mouth off there would be a lot less ass around everyone.

  2. Marcy, your blog is one of my favorites, partially because you are so honest. You are obviously rocking it. Don't let it get to you, and keep up the good work!

  3. I will never understand the haters. You are gorgeous, lady! Shrug them off and keep being you.

  4. Girl. I don’t comment often but when I do, I’m either so freaking proud of you or so pissed off. For you. This bitch is just that – a bitch! A hocus pocus mirror? Really? I have the exact same mirror in my house. Got it at Target. You know, where all the cool bloggers shop. Probably the same mirror this person owns. You suck in? On hunny, we ALL suck in. But you can only suck in so much. And you, Mrs. Mustache, have nothing to suck in. You look gorgeous and I am so damn happy for you and all the hurdles you’ve leaped over. I hate that people are up your ass about your weight loss. Why can’t people just be happy for someone.. UGH! Keep workin’ on you, because you’ve been doing a FABULOUS job!

  5. did amanda bynes email you?

    keep up the good work!

  6. I just heart you! You are fantastic!!


  7. Haters are everywhere. I'm glad you have a great attitude about it! Don't ever let anyone get to you. No one is jealous of the guy at the bottom of the totem pole ;)

  8. I can relate, my love! Remember all those lovely negative people, from my Huffington Post article. I used fake before pics, I have had skin removal surgery, my tits are fake, I have had a tummy tuck and so on... I know it is human nature to think negative about others, but to OPENLY post it or send your hate directly to that person, is wrong on SO many levels! How can anyone think anything but amazing things about you. I know I do!!! You are 1000000% and give it to us straight ALL THE TIME! This post right here just makes me love you more! And that is A LOT!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo

    1. Lori, you and Marcy are both really great inspirers. I have no idea why some people need to breed negativity, but regardless, we can just keep going, keep being the best we can, and maybe those women will eventually find their own paths. Hugs, ladies!

  9. Oh, Lord! I have no words, other than bad ones so I will refrain. And theres that premature baby jesus again... LOL!


  10. Girl.... haters only hate when they are jealous.... YOU ROCK.... and so what if you have a hocus mirror???? If its keeping you motivated.. then so what... keep your chin up, enjoy a good workout, and be strong!

  11. Honey, you look effing AMAZING and are inspiring me err' day. So keep it up. I'll tell you what my mama always told me when people where mean to me in Jr. High: "sugar they're just jealous, now kill 'em with kindness". It was true for me then, (because I got boobs first, so everyone WAS jealous) and it's true for you now. You look hot, and they are probably eating chili cheese fries with a side of taco bell wondering why their ass don't look so good in their mirror.. it ain't hocus pocus.. it's hard work!

  12. 1. Girl you are so much more motivating than me, but it made my day that you said that :D
    2. Haters just jelly because you've got a bangin body.
    3. Mirror makers all around are going to be paying you ROYALTIES because their mirrors are gonna be flying off the shelves!

  13. You are awesome! You look amazing! One of my favorite sangs, "Haters keep talking! your makin me famous!" Keep up the amazing work! PS you have inspired me to pick up where I left off in my journey so THANK YOU! YOU ROCK!!!!

  14. You're doing amazing Marcy!!! I'm so proud of you!!!!

  15. Well there's always a party pooper... I'm glad you didn't let them get you down. Keep being you!

  16. And to those bitches... I say screw them!

  17. Good for you for not letting things like that get you down!! People are crazy and mean!! You've worked your tail off!! Good for you!!! Keep on keepin on!!!

  18. Marcy, you are so motivating to me and many other people. Let this "hater" roll off your back and keep on your track. You seem like an amazing woman and you keep me laughing and moving along. I don't understand why people follow a blog if they don't like the person or have hateful things to say. They can go somewhere else! Geez!

  19. Ahhh you look great girlfriend!!! Keep up the hard work!


  20. I seriously can't believe that someone would just email to tell you these things. Really, was it that important to take time out of your day to try to make someone else's day bad. Wow!

    Haters are gonna hate. Let it roll off your back and keep doing what you are doing. You are an inspiration!

  21. w.o.w. some people are so damn mean! ugh. I'm mad for you ! you have come so far in a year and you look damn good! keep it up marcy!

  22. I found a link to buy a hocus mirror...hahahahaha! <3 you!

  23. What those negative people say about you has everything to do with themselves and how ugly they are, and nothing to do with you! Keep on keepin' on lady, you're doing great!!

  24. Just went and bought my mirror this damn things broke or something! lol People e no life,no confidence and just plain suck sometimes! I love your blog screw em!!! You look great! I bet they were trying to win that lady's help and theyre just pissed they didnt win! Keep working it girl!