Monday, July 15, 2013

Doing the damn thing...

It's Monday!
You know what that means?
Ya me either other than the fact that it's Monday and most of us {unless on vacation} are back to work.
Anyways I am linking up with the gorgeous Sami for Weekend Shenanigans!
Sami's Shenanigans


1.  In a nutshell my weekend almost started off on the wrong foot as I felt like complete ass for 95% of the day and thought for sure I was getting a sinus infection.  So I chucked Alka Seltzer like it was my job and rested as much as I could.  Apparently that shit works because I woke up Saturday feeling like a new woman  2.  Payton found a new way to suck on her pacifier  3.  Husband tried burning our deck down and that fucker didn't even last a minute before it was gone into the night sky.  Poof.  Waste of moolah so good thing we didn't pay for it  4.  Found a new way to burn calories on the weekend.  Cutting the 1.5 acres we own...  who knew?  5.  Just me  6.  HJ's favorite type of before and after picture  7.  Why I don't wear white pants...  A trip to DEB happened so that I could get a pair of jeans.  I cannot walk around with yellow spots on my pants sorry Husband  8.  This guy...  9.  I ALWAYS buy shit that is, too big for me.  Still to this day...  10/11/12/13/14.  Five reasons why I should not be allowed to drink  15.  Morning coffee on the deck=heaven  16.  P's version of reading  17.  LOVE THOSE THINGS I SWEAR THEY MAKE MY LAUNDRY SMELL AMAZING FOR DAYS!  18.  Sunnin'  19.  Mug shot for my fitness challenge with Thread Eleven  20.  I spy a mater!!!!

Basically my weekend was pretty damn good.
Calories were burnt and beers were had.
I am a tad on the crispy side but other than that everything is PERFECT!

Hope everybody had an amazing workout and your Monday is looking as good as mine!

I already got a good workout in!

And I am ready to make this day my biotch!


  1. Love the mug shot girlfriend.. I always buy bigger jeans as well.. they are more comfy LOL

  2. You go, girl!! LOVE Downy Unstoppables!!

  3. smiling in that mug shot!! Also..loved the drunk pictures! I always love getting on facebook over the weekend to see what you post.

  4. Good luck with your work out plan!

  5. Looks like you had a fabulous weekend!


  6. Hot shit right there. Yay! So excited for all of this!

  7. Are you getting that sweaty from running alone? Get it! Maybe I'm just too slow.

  8. i wish i could say i burned calories, but i ate wayyyy too much.