Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Family Dolla make ya holla!

After seeing me last night my PIC made a comment about needing to dye my hair and that was all it took.
On the way home I stopped at the Family Dollar to get hair dye.
Which if you know me at all ended with a shopping cart full of stuff I don't need.
Came home and got straight to work!
It may be hard to tell but I have blond freaking roots.
Who gets those?
I do...
It looked a serious hue of blue and I was sceert.
Side note:  I managed to not get one lick of dye on my skin....
But guess what?
It was on the mirror, the walls, even the seat of the toilet when I got up this morning.
I think she turned out pretty good.
It's a little darker than I was expecting it to be and I think for the summer I may add some highlights in the next couple of weeks.
Over all I am happy.
Now I am just taking Biotin like my life depends on it so my hair will grow.
I absolutely hate this hair cut.
I don't know what he did but I have whispy hairs all over the place and I feel like I am balding on the right side back part of my head.
I have never cried over hair but I could right now.
Moving right along...
I made the BEST zucchini my lips have ever touched last night.
And for me this is huge y'all.
This is coming from somebody who doesn't cook like ever.
But what was a girl supposed to do with trying to be healthy and a Husby that was gone?
I sliced it, threw some Pam and the zucchini in a skillet, browned them on each side, topped them with a little Parmesan cheese and garlic pepper and VOILA!
Paula Deen doesn't have shit on me.
Oh and just one more last thing before I peel out like a banana for the day...
If you are like me then your absolutely fucking crazy and awesome  frugal and like to watch your dolla dolla bills.
I came across two great deals yesterday that I thought of sharing.
Now I know some people wouldn't be caught dead buying these things but for all my Mommas that aren't too proud...
Your welcome.
Kmart is having one hell of a deal on their athletic shoes.
Actually all their shoes are actually really cute and cheap!
Who knew?
The girls needed some new tennis shoes and for $9.98 a pair I just couldn't pass them up!
I don't know about y'all but for the price I think they are adorable and my girls love them.
For as quick as they grow and what they do to their poor shoes I considered this a win!
While at the Family Dollar Store last night buying my hair dye and all the eleventeenhundred other things I didn't need I stumbled upon this...
Which at my store were actually marked down to 5 smacks.
Once again I win.
PS Is anybody else doing the #60insixty challenge?!
Damn my legs be screamin'!!!
Today on the agenda I am going to do my kettle ball workout and with the time left at least a mile run if not more!
Also me.
...now if I could just get somebody to lock all my cabinets and refrigerator around 8 PM each night!



  1. i love that black dress! and i love those yellowish-green/pink sneakers! i've been wanting to learn to love zucchini (i'm picky) and your little creation sounds simple and tasty. I'm gonna try it out! :)

  2. Ok, you're funny! Thanks for linking up with us!

    Who knew you could get hair dye at Family Dollar? We have one and I never go in. Mainly because I can't shop without taking the kids along and that's just a disaster on most occasions. HA!

    I'll be trying your recipe TONIGHT since I have everything I need to make a delish veggie! =)

  3. I Totally NEED that black maxi ... on the hair thing did he cut it with a razor?

  4. Everytime I decided to chop my hair off I immediately regret it afterwards. And yet I still keep doing it...

    I wish I lived close to a K-Mart. I NEED those shoes!

  5. That vicky gif is everything.

  6. ok ok that zucchini looks like the bomb. like i really want some now!!

    like the dark hair. my roots are usually pretty light, too.

  7. Def making a run to my local Family Dollar store today!! Hopefully I can find some of those dresses! You are too cute girlfriend!!! Muah!

  8. Love the dark hair; I think I will do mine this week as well. I need to cover those pesky greys that pop up on the sides. And yes to the #60insixty challenge...I have two miles to make up already! Gotta go get 'er done.

  9. Wow I did not know family dollar had cute stuff like that! Will definitely need to check them out!!

  10. That dress.... Seriously the Family Dollar??? I'm running now!

  11. Oh hell I'm making a trip to Family Dollar!!! That dress is awesome.

  12. How much Biotin are you taking a day? Someone once said to take like 5,000mg or whatever a day, but the ones I bought a long while back were only like 1,000 - so should I really take 5 per day? HELP ME!

    Love the dark hair! No highlights!


  13. The squash looks so very yummy :)

  14. I love the Family Dollar store finds! zucchini looks yummy!

  15. Oww Oww! Love the dark hair color!

  16. I am loving the dark color... thinking of making the switch myself. And holla for some cheap box dye! That will do the job until you get another wild hair. ;)

  17. I love a good deal, and those tennies are super cute...especially for $9, and especially for a kid that's going to grow out of them in 2.5 seconds!! I am doing the 60insixty challenge!! Keep it up!!