The girl behind the beer can...

My Bondi Band says it all.
Honestly I am the "what you see, is what you get" type of gal.
It is my only policy and way of life.
I give you the good, the bad, and the downright ugly about my life.
Mostly weight loss related but not always.
Not sure how I got here exactly and how this turned into a place for people to come to get inspiration for their own weight loss journey's but I am thankful that it has.
If I have been one persons inspiration or motivation my day/life has been made.
I know when I was going through my toughest of times that is what I needed most!
I am a little serious and a whole lotta fun.
Life is too short and I have found that out more times that I would like to remember.
At the end of the day be happy.
Do what makes you happy.
Smile until your stomach hurts and tears are falling from your eyes.
Life without laughter is definitely a life I don't wanna live.

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  1. Why are we not best friends yet?? I mean your blog title along should have brought me here. haha. Found you through Miss Fabulous Val's giveaway!!