Friday, July 21, 2017

Rowing Champ ~ Training Days 4 & 5

On the plan I am following currently yesterday was technically supposed to be a rest day for me.
However, after talking to some of my amazing healthy and fitness experts, I decided to do cross training instead.
I figure that once my miles pickup towards the end I will stick to the two rest days instead of just the one.
It's hard y'all.
I never thought I would say that.
I know they are extremely important, but once you are in a routine, it is hard to get out of it.
I am just basing everything right now solely off of how my body feels.

Yesterday I did a 360 class and a rowing class at Planet Fitness.
I gave a whole new definition to swamp ass.
I am not sure I have sweat that much in a LONG time.
I also say this after every workout...

This morning I ran the fastest mile I have to date with my Beast Mode Trainer Jess.
9:56 seconds.
Y'all I am slower than a herd of turtles running through peanut butter...
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For the mile I would say it wasn't too bad but when I do more miles that pace would not be feasible.
We then walked a lap around the gym, then did a 2 lap running warm up, a Dirty Dozen ab/arm workout, and then walked almost two miles afterwards.

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**Me sitting in my car in my driveway refusing to get out**

I won't lie.
I am supposed to do 4 miles either tomorrow or Sunday.
My head is really messing with me right now.
I keep thinking about how hard it is for me to run still.
This is not easy.
Some days even one mile seems daunting.
And I am going to be running 13.1 miles?
I know I need to let it go but sometimes these things can tend to be easier said than done.

At this point my ultimate goal is to cross the finish line.
I am not focused on the logistics.
I don't care about a time.
I just simply want to finish.
And finish is what I intend to do...

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PS I am joining an online Facebook Group Challenge that is running July 31st through September 11th (my 32nd birthday)!!!
It is macro based and I have seen results first hand and they are amazing!
If you are interested find me on Facebook and shoot me a message TODAY!
Here are my personal results from carb cycling which has been amazing as well.

From 2/1/17 ~ Present
Inches Lost~
RA - 2 1/2 inches 
LA - 2 inches 
Chest - 6 inches 😒😒😒
Waist - 11 inches 😳😳😳
Hips - 5 inches 
LL - 5 1/2 inches 
RL - 4 1/2 inches 
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I just feel like I need something to switch things up and I feel like macros are going to be exactly what I need.
A new challenge.
I would love to have YOU along for the ride :)
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