Wednesday, April 29, 2015

4 years

Once upon a time, a girl met a boy. She gave him her hand and he held it tight. Together, they set off down the unknown path in front of them. Sometimes they walked slowly; sometimes at a quicker pace. Sometimes they ran so fast it felt kind of like flying. Whenever he lost his footing, she steadied him and whenever she tripped, he helped her back up. Whenever she grew weary, he’d carry her. Sometimes they didn't know which direction to go, but though they would occasionally lose their way, they never lost each other. They wandered contentedly and lived happily, forever and always side by side.

Cheers to 4 years down and many more to go!
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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Maxi Skirt Shuffle

If there is one thing I can't stand it's when you wear a piece of clothing that rides up.
You know what I am talking about...
I am currently doing what I like to refer to as the Maxi Skirt Shuffle...
I sit down and it wants to ride up past my boobs.
I walk same thing happens...
I pull it down and then it looks like I have a rubber band suffocating my spare tire.
I pull it down and then when I go to walk it rides back up looking like I am waiting for a flood to happen at any given moment.
Anybody else?
Just me?

Any ways, I will get over it.

I saw this quite earlier today and it just really resonated with me and my life as of lately.
This is so unbelievably true.
To be happy with yourself.
To discover all the wonderful things about yourself and be confident to know how awesome they are.
How awesome YOU are.
It's a hard place to get to.
Especially with the struggles we all face.
But it is possible and I am still discovering and finding my way.
Honestly does that journey ever really end?
I don't think so.
There are always new discoveries to be had.

I just challenge you today to look deep down inside yourself and find at least a couple positive discoveries about yourself.
Be happy about them.
Truly happy.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A day in the life of me right now...

I cry alone in the dark of the early mornings.
When I am physically so tired that I can barely get out of bed, yet my body yearns to get up and get moving.
My heart wants to be in the gym, but the thought of moving physically hurts every part of my body.
I can't remember something you said to me just two seconds prior.
Why can't I remember?
Can you repeat it?
I still cannot grasp what you said, or what you are trying to tell me.
You get aggravated with me.
I get aggravated with you.
I scream out.
I silence myself.
I gain five pounds in a day.
My face looks like I am trying to impersonate the Michelin Tire Man.
I snap at friends and don't even realize it.
I, somebody who once could win a "Perky Polly" award, is now only known for being the biggest "Negative Nancy" this side of the Mississippi.
I am bloated.
My skin is ashy and I just lathered lotion on myself 10 minutes ago.
Why am I crying again?
Do I even know why I am upset right now?
What did you say again?
I just want to go to bed.
When I am in bed I lay there awake.
My stomach hurts.
I have heartburn to the point I have to sit upright in bed for fear that I may hurl fire all over myself, the bed, and my poor Husband sleeping peacefully next to me.
Oh my poor Husband...
I want him to touch me, to love me, to cuddle me and tell me I am pretty.
When he tries I cringe.
It almost physically hurts to be touched.
I love him but have no desires swirling in my head right now.
All I can think about is how huge I am.
Don't touch me there!  It's just fat!  Disgusting!  Why do you even want to touch me?

You guys the above has been my life everyday for the past several weeks.
I am going next week to a doctor that specializes in thyroid issues specifically.
I am just praying that she can help.

Today is day two of trying my hardest to be as gluten free as possible.
No bread and NO pasta.
Le sigh...
I am only testing this out to see if this personally helps me with my issues.
What works for me may not work for the next person.
Thanks for sticking around on this crazy ass ride of mine!

I received this comment via IG this morning and if this girl only understood what a fire she put under my butt...
All it takes is one simple comment to realize that I can do this.
I still have this.
I have struggles but I will conquer them.
I will not lay down and die and let this disease take over my life.

If you are struggling with this, or something similar, just know you are not alone...
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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

30 days.

I never realized what an emotional tie I had to food until this past weekend.
I mean don't get me wrong I knew I loved it.
I just didn't realize exactly how much.
Tell a girl no bread and no pasta is what's best for her and see what happens.
I literally think I could shed tears.
This was what I looked like when the doctor explained how bad bread was for me:
Okay that's a lie but it's what I looked like on the inside...

However, I know this is for the best.
I know that for a healthier and happier Marcy this is what needs to be done, at least for the time being.
My thyroid is extremely cranky at the moment and I am willing to do whatever it takes to make her happy again.
So today it starts.
I mean lez be honest yesterday was Reds Opening Day and there was no way I could succumb to this under those circumstances.
$5.00 Michy Ultra tall boys for the win!

All I ask is for prayers for at least the next 30 days.
30 days of no bread of any kind, no pasta unless it's the veggie kind that everybody keeps telling me about that I have yet to try, none of my beloved Michy Ultra...
Actually my Husband may need more prayers than me.

Jokes aside I am really excited to see where I am 30 days from now.
I am praying this is at least part of the puzzle to get me on a healthier track.
To get my thyroid to where she needs to be.

30 days.
It's just 30 days.
Anybody can do anything for 30 days right?

Any of you out there tried this?
What were your results?

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Just be you...

Maybe you have seen this, maybe you haven't, but it spoke mountains to me today and what I have been going through lately...

I need to quit comparing myself to everybody else.
Crazy that it took a sweet 17 year old to convince me of that.

{Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart}
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