Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Endorphins rock my socks.

Linking up with my badmammajammas Erin & Alex for another week of Weigh-In Wednesday.
I didn't lose a ton of weight from this week to last.
I hit my 100 pounds lost on Friday.
You can read about that here.
I am currently weighing in at 164 and that is now a 101 pound weight loss.
So I have only lost another pound since Friday.
I am not complaining though!
Y'all I feel fucking amazing.
...and that even feels like an understatement.
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My biggest problem was just getting into the routine of it.
Or thinking that I could even do it.
Work out?
...or better yet...
Be any sort of athlete?
Three weeks ago if you would have asked me if I could do this
I would have laughed straight in your face.
Almost three miles of running in less than hour...
But you know what I did, I have, and I continue to improve.
I am living proof that you CAN and WILL do it.
You do have to make yourself initially.
I will be honest I had a lot of negative thoughts surrounding this whole process.
Doubting myself is something that has always been super easy for me.
The more I workout though...
The better I feel and the more positive I become!
I have a lot of you to thank for that.
You guys with your sweet and kind words really keep me going.
Every time I am running with my Nike+ App and I hear the cheering it pushes me to go faster and farther.
For that I continue to thank you!
I am so excited for all the people I have helped motivate.
I know how much it means to have that and it makes me happy to see that I have helped somebody get off the couch and gets to movin'!
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So this is me today.
Maybe I am just nuts because even though I haven't lost a ton I feel thinner and I feel so much better.
The smile that is spread across my face is REAL.
I have had a lot of fake smiles in the past.
The REAL ones are the best.
It shows how proud I am of myself.
I am here to tell y'all that it's worth it.
Do I want to be barbie thin?
And I would prefer not to lose a limb to get to my goal anyways =)
That isn't me and to get that thin I would have to starve myself anyways and you know I love food too much for that.
I just want to be healthy.
I want to be able to play with my children and not get winded.
I want to feel good naked in front of my Husband.
I want to be able to go swimming in the summer and not feel embarrassed of my body.
I swear she kills me!
Now I am going to go stare at my new kicks until I get to wear them later....

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

We will run for beer...

Just cuz with Lisette and Catalyn...

Basically I am a tad hungover.
Not too badly.
But my mouth is dry and I have a belly that is hella pissed off at me for 1.  The two 16 oz drafts I chugged down and 2.  The order of chicken rings and mozzarella sticks I scarfed down at 11PM last night.
And you guys thought I had my shit together.
I do on most days.
But not always.

I still haven't gained any weigh though so I consider that #winning.

Let's see...

Clearly I need to either A.  Get a hurrrr cut which if I did I think my Husby would murder me or B.  Figure something out.  You ladies spoke of this dry shampoo last night.  I am going to try it but I still could cry because my "hurrrr" is such a trainwreck since having Miss P.
Damn fucking hormones are a son of a bitch.

Me in the bathroom always calls for a picture.
I was getting my inner cheerleader on and rooting for my Husby's team.
I think we were the best looking people there AND we had all of our toofs.

Then for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to show you my amazing tongue skills...

Then some girls AHEM April...  and @mommacantshutup decided to "three leaf clover" me.
I am sad to report that I can only do a "one leafer" and I need practice.

At least we know how to be sophisticated whilst drinking.

There always manages to be one creeper in the bunch.
All that keeps playing in my mind is Eric Church's song "Creepn'..."

White Castle Potty Pic.
Be jealous.

This be me.
I would like to think that my tree stumps looking rather large because of all that muscle I am gaining with my runs on the deathmill.

And the real reason for this post of mine today...

I just signed up for the Cincinnati Beer Run in May.
If you are interested email me for more information!
The Team name is The Mushdashers-We will run for beer.
Perfect no?

Oh suck it up and just get your run on already!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Endorphins 1 Craptastic Mood 0

Well after my 2.66 mile run at lunch I am feeling less craptastic and more amazeballz than I was earlier.
Can I get a HELLZZZZZYEAHHHHHHHHHH for endorphins.
Craptastic Mood 0
Endorphins 1
I fail and forgot to link up earlier for two things...

My beautimous girl Sami for Weekend Shenanigans.

Friday I shared that I had officially lost 100 pounds in 7 months.
I can hardly believe it myself.
So in typical fitness fashion I celebrated Friday at lunch with my longest run to date.

Then Friday night I celebrated with Husby and our bests by throwing some darts and chugging some beers.

Then once fully intoxicated from too much celebrating I IG a picture of my ideal fireman...

Your Welcome.
Then in even better fashion I now drunk IG {kinda like drunk texting but it reaches y'all at the same time via IG}

I was #whitegirlswasteypants and #veryhumbled all before 11PM.
Then Saturday was spent losingmyshit Holly style getting my shit ready for my Dad's 50th Surprise Party.
I wish I could wear my "awesome pants" all the time like most of you ladiez that I aspire to be like but well...
If you know me at all.
You know I pretty much freakthefuckout when I have guests over my house.
..and once they are there...
I continue to freakthefuckout to make sure that they have the best time possible.
This results in very few kodak moments.
Sad face.
My Dad was surprised and for the most part I do believe that he had a good time.
{we are dealing with a lot right now on a personal level so happy situations are hard at the moment just pray for us}
I did capture a few though.
I was tagged on IG in two #widn posts and well you guys ask me imma tell you...

I was relieving myself after the 3280438 beers and waters I had from the day...
You are welcome once again.


Apparently I make a damn mean homemade cupcake w/ cream cheese icing...

...said cupcakes with cupcake toppers made by none other than Kristen from Little Laws Prints !!!
Love her.
If you are looking for any sort of invitations, custom prints, note pads, stationary, or party decor she IS your girl!!!!
I did also manage to get one picture of my Daddy...
with his tongue out of all things!

Yesterday my Husby let me sleep until 11AM.
I never do that.
Or let me say he NEVER lets me do that.
Guess he felt sorry for me or just realized that I really needed sleep that much.
The rest of the day ended up being just absolutely lazy around our house.

Passed out Diddy.

Passed out Daddy and Diddy.

Passed out Husby and one lazy me.

And we are AWAKE!
...and extremely amazed that we can see ourself in Mommy's phone.
Funniest thing ever.

I am amazed that I can see myself...

I shared my Sunday truth that I was STILL feeling like crap about this morning.

I shared my cupcake with the ONLY person {besides my other two off spring} that I would ever share a cupcake with.
What can I say it was good.

My Husby was nothing shy of pure amazing this weekend.
He dusted, vacuumed, windex'd, and last night I caught him doing the dishes while I was still stuffing my face.
Side note:  He totally caught me doing this and said OMG you are such a social media diva.  You know you don't have to social media EVERYTHING.
He just doesn't get it...

I changed my IG name.
If you aren't already come follow me @milfmommyof3
Just kinda felt like I needed a change and thought this was perfect.

I bought this juice and tried it for the first time.
I am not going to lie I bought it purely off it's name.
It was pretty good I was just having a hard time getting past the color of the drink.
I think I am going to try the berry one tomorrow.

And this last picture brings me to my other link up!

I was paired up with the sweet Mandee from Cloud Nine Designz !!!
She is seriously freaking AWESOMESAUCE and talented as all get out!
Please check her out!!!!
We have a blate planned for the VERY near future!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE meeting new people!
She gave me two new nail polished which I absolutely LOVE {she obviously is aware of my nail polish addiction}, a necklace which I am sure is something she threw together and I am absolutely obsessed with it {already have worn it twice}, and she got the Husby and I a gift card to Olive Garden, and a sweet card/note to go along with it!

And if you cared...
This is my EXACT thoughts on the Oscars...
How I feel about the Oscars.
But I did enjoy The Boob Song...