Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Kim Richards inspired Weigh-In Wednesday with Erin and Alex!

Oh heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy there.
Just another week of holding my ass {the whole ass in fact} accountable with Erin  and Alex!
Even though the scale has not budged one fucking pound still.
I seem mad but I am semi getting over it...
Sort of.
Okay not really but still.
Just kidding.
Can you follow me yet?
I am not really mad but I kinda am but I am not.
Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy look it's a birdie...
See what my ADHD does to me?
This post is going to suck because I still have a wine buzz from last night.
Still hungover.
Ya see me and 16 of my superfuckingawesome sponsors have put together an AMAZING GIVEAWAY and well...
It's resulted in me eating and drinking and fuckthisshitiainteverdoingitagain.
Regardless my ass didn't budge via the scale BUT...
I feel fucking awesome today.
Nobody will remove my awesome pants today.
Not even my Husby.
Well at least not until #sexytime.
I am on a running high.
Yesterday I was feeling really shitty and I had it in my mind that I was going to run.
Even if I keeled over in the process.
And my Holly girl was cheering me on so I just couldn't let her down.
I made that 1.1 mile my bitch.
I ran it like it was my job and as if every single ounce of my life depended on it.
I didn't die...
and actually I think I could have went further but let's be honest.
It was getting dark and I am afraid of the boogie man.
I have to get my ass in check...
Ya know because I am supposed to be doing this half thing in April with Holly and some other girls...
I told her I may just be waiting at the finish line with a sign and a cold beer in my hand!
My Husby said he could see me taking pictures of myself down the lane, called me a dork, and said "I guess I will see that on IG later?"
He knows me all too well...
and he still manages to love me!
In other news I figured I would make up for this craptastic of a post by showing you a couple cute photos of The Diddyness...
I mean sersly?
I die.
Oh and just one more thing before I peel out like a banana...
with peanut butter of course!
{thank the ADHD in full effect today for my absolute randomnosity... is that even a word?}
Check out my $5.00 make ya holla Goodwill outfit!
Once again thanks Momma for your senior discount...
she just LOVES when I acknowledge her for that!
Shirt:  Hard to see but it's a Wet Seal Cheetah print turtle neck {new with tags}
Pants:  Ann Taylor Loft {new with tags}
Shoes:  Steven Madden Pumps {never worn}


  1. Great job with the run! And gotta love goodwill clothes that still have the tags on them :)

  2. This might have been the hardest post to follow along with ever... LOL!

    Look at you over there running 1.1... I didn't know you were doing a half in April, that's amazing, you ladies are so going to rock the shit out of that half!!

    Love the shoes by the way, what a freakin' steal!!

  3. Holla for a $5 outfit and running! You still have time to train for that half. Don't give up!

  4. Your goodwill is a hell of a lot nicer than mine! Ours is always filled with NAS-TEE junk. :(

  5. Gotta love the goodwill. Found some thrift store finds this weekend as well!

  6. You and that good will!! Also..that babes is too cute!

  7. All the Kim Richards fabulousness totally made me smile!!

  8. Can I tell you that you totally encouraged me to run yesterday! I did in fact dust off the old deathmill and I did the first day of week 1 of C25K 1.5 miles! I didn't die and I actually felt AHHHMAYZING afterwards! Can't wait to do it again tomorrow =) ... So thanks for the motivation chick! And I want to go to the Goodwill with you! Like now! =)

  9. I am dying over the valentines day pictures. Seriously, you are making me want to rip out my IUD and tell my husband that it is time for baby number three....