Tuesday, February 26, 2013

We will run for beer...

Just cuz with Lisette and Catalyn...

Basically I am a tad hungover.
Not too badly.
But my mouth is dry and I have a belly that is hella pissed off at me for 1.  The two 16 oz drafts I chugged down and 2.  The order of chicken rings and mozzarella sticks I scarfed down at 11PM last night.
And you guys thought I had my shit together.
I do on most days.
But not always.

I still haven't gained any weigh though so I consider that #winning.

Let's see...

Clearly I need to either A.  Get a hurrrr cut which if I did I think my Husby would murder me or B.  Figure something out.  You ladies spoke of this dry shampoo last night.  I am going to try it but I still could cry because my "hurrrr" is such a trainwreck since having Miss P.
Damn fucking hormones are a son of a bitch.

Me in the bathroom always calls for a picture.
I was getting my inner cheerleader on and rooting for my Husby's team.
I think we were the best looking people there AND we had all of our toofs.

Then for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to show you my amazing tongue skills...

Then some girls AHEM April...  and @mommacantshutup decided to "three leaf clover" me.
I am sad to report that I can only do a "one leafer" and I need practice.

At least we know how to be sophisticated whilst drinking.

There always manages to be one creeper in the bunch.
All that keeps playing in my mind is Eric Church's song "Creepn'..."

White Castle Potty Pic.
Be jealous.

This be me.
I would like to think that my tree stumps looking rather large because of all that muscle I am gaining with my runs on the deathmill.

And the real reason for this post of mine today...

I just signed up for the Cincinnati Beer Run in May.
If you are interested email me for more information!
The Team name is The Mushdashers-We will run for beer.
Perfect no?

Oh suck it up and just get your run on already!


  1. Dry shampoo is my saviour! But make sure you get one that isn't in an aerosol, they have alcohol in them and they will ruin your hair.

    A beer run seems like the only type of run I'd be interested in, but alas, I am not in Cincinnati. Good luck!

  2. I know a ton of people here in STL that do beer runs! I hear they are a lot of fun. Once I get my butt into shape, I might even do one :)

  3. Dry Shampoo will be your saving grace, and your new best friend! Try it :).

    And, I love the Beer Run concept! Now, I have that damn Garth Brooks song stuck in my head B-E-E-R Run! Haha!

  4. Loving your hair in all of these pictures!!!! And a beer run..you have me interested in running now!

  5. Lol first, your legs are definitely not huge! And second....no hair cut! I've never used dry shampoo but it's the new thing I guess. Try it! Dry shampoo, hairspray, and a big round brush! Problem solved :)

  6. Dove is the best it doesn't smell like oranges that spent 3 days up a monkey's ass.

  7. Oh my gosh ... a beer run?! Do you drink and run at the same time? Or do you run to some magical land of beer?

    If only I lived where you lived...

    THANKS FOR LINKING UP!! Hope your hangover goes away - they suck!


  8. Hahah - love this post!

    Hope you're having a wonderful day!
    The Hartungs Blog

  9. haha this was too funny! i've woken up drunk before. so bad, i know. thanks for linking up!

  10. Bahahahaha! Don't hate the three leaf clover!! :) http://shecantshutup.com