Friday, February 8, 2013

My second favorite F word...

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up
Linking up with Steph and Sarah today for happies AND crappies!
~It's Friday.
...and just to clarify if you were wondering what my first favorite F word is it's Fuck.
Just in case you didn't fucking know already.
~After almost five years of being here I got a new desk chair at work.  It's the small things people.
~I worked out this week.
~The Diddyness went for her 6 month check up on Monday and is perfect weighing in at 20.8 pounds and melting Mommy and Daddy's heart a little more each day!
~I have received tons of new fans followers this week and I stinking love
If I could pinch your ass cheeks I would!
~That even if it drives me bat shit crazy because I am so Anal/OCD I was excited and I may have even laughed/teared up a bit when watching my two eldest do chores last night.
Mama just doesn't have enough time in the day to do EVERYTHING herself.
Picking up Stache's Shit.
They have now asked for a pooper scooper from their Gigi for Valentine's Day!
You don't do dishes shirtless?
#shegetitfromhermama #onlyinthecountry
~Beat my Husby in darts.
It was only once but considering I am just now starting to play and learn I consider that fucking awesome.
...and you know I have to rub it in his face every chance I get.
~This picture.
~After only 4 days of wearing contacts I had to remove them because it felt like either a pebble was in my eye or an alien had taken up residence in there.
Either way it didn't feel very good.
So I made a trip to the doctor's office yesterday because I am over having to be my #foureyedfreakself and I am glad that I did.
I have a scratch on my eye that can only heal with rest of the eye which means I will be my #foureyedfreakself for another couple of days.
~The scale still isn't budging and it's pissing me the fuck off.
Wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that I have been eating like my 260 pound self the last couple of days.
I am blaming it on Aunt Flo's every lovely arrival...
~I have been so mean to myself lately.
When am I ever going to be able to take my own advice???
All things considered I have had far more happies this week than crappies.
I hope you ladies have an amazing weekend!
I know I am because it is going to involve drinking, friends, drinking, getting P's pictures taken, drinking, doing hair and makeup for a friend, drinking, dinner with friends, and more drinking.


  1. You look super cute in don't worry about being a 4 eye...mainly because I wear glasses every day and I can only do contacts for a few hours a day before my eyes are all like "WHAT THE EFF ARE YOU DOING TO US?!?! TAKE THESE THINGS OUT NOW!!!" seriously. it sucks.

    I love doing chores topless...wait, what?

    1. Also, I should point out...I don't actually do my chores topless...

  2. Bwaaaaahahahaha, "...and just to clarify if you were wondering what my first favorite F work is it's Fuck. Just in case you didn't fucking know already." Friggin love this.

    Also, love that your happies outweigh your crappies. Here's to many more weeks just like that!

  3. I want to pinch Diddy's cheeks. She's so cute. Have a great weekend!

  4. Even though wearing the glasses is a rock the shit out of them which translates to a HAPPY in my book. Have a great weekend!

  5. I agree...the glasses look great on you! Have a great weekend!

  6. Your gorg lady...and don't forget it.. Stop being so hard on yourself!

  7. Fuck is my favorite F word too! Sometimes I clean in nothing but my bra and underwear. It is very attractive, but shit I get hot.

    Also, I just realized that I have been wearing my glasses for proably two weeks now and it is just because I am too lazy to put my contacts in. My husband is a lucky guy, huh?

  8. Baby girl is so cute!! Loving your outfit with the boots! Lookin good even if that scale isn't budging!!!

  9. Your kiddos are way too cute! New follower!

  10. Your girls are so adorbs!! Yup that is right I said adorbs...I am trying to be cool...did it work?
    I wish I could do the dishes topless, but I am thinking that my son would be scarred for LIFE if he came upstairs and saw me all topless and shit.
    I am pretty sure that eventually we need to be awesome friends so I can get fun texts from you....yup!

  11. I love your Happies! Glad they outweigh your crappies!! Sounds like a great weekend too!

  12. Bless Shelby & Lauren girl for picking up the dirty mess! Their is no way I would have ever done that! I would have looked at my mamma & told her she had lost her damn mind lol! On that note love you! Glad you had a good fun workout :)