Friday, February 15, 2013



Linking up with my "soon to be" IRL frannnndddd and fellow MILF Holly
for "What's in yo' fridge?!"
Friday's are so random.
I get to Friday and I am like WTF am I going to make these bitches piss their pants over?
So what better way to do that then show you a picture of my fridge?
I know...
Throw on those depends and hang on!
So what's in muh fridge?
Ya I see you judging me behind your computer Mama Elsa style...
I was really nervous when we moved into the new house because of this fridge.
I actually remember telling Kevin that we would probably look like some fo' real po' folks because we would have a lot of empty space.
Good thing beer can fill up a whole shelf...
It's a space filler until the weekend hits!
We basically like beer, soy sauce, Hellavu Good Dip, Pickles, and a shit ton of other condiments.
With some chicken, processed freezer randoms, eggs, and buttahhhhhhhh thrown in the mix.
And I am not real sure what else you want me to say.
That's my fridge.
The end.
but don't forget to go HERE and sign up to win yo' self a new panty drawer!
Ok not like an actual drawer full of panties...
But the GC to get you some new "hole-less" cooter huggers thanks to my amazeballz sponsor ladiez.
And one more thing.
Promise this really IS the last...
I just put my big girl panties on and finally committed to a year's membership at the gym in our building.
Oh ya know just the gym that me and my work bestie Michelle had wanted to join like iono two years prior...
Granted we get the first month free with no obligations but how fucking retarted is it for me not to use it.
Not to mention I can do it on my lunch AND they have showers so I don't stink after sweating like a whore in church while I am "MURDERING MY FAT"!!!
 Finally getting my ass marathon ready...
Good gawd Holly better be ready to maybe possibly carry me the last leetle bit of the race.


  1. No clue how I JUST started following you. I suck. I want your fridge!

  2. I seriously wonder how many of yall had to do a little frig organizing before snapping those pix. I'm not linking, cuz I hate cleaning the frickin' frig, and because we are excessive first world people, we have two friges and two freezers! Lame. Happy Friday of my much needed four day weekend. Writin this in my jams with my coffee.

  3. Can I have your beer shelf? Or at least help you empty it?

  4. I guess I'll be meeting you too because I'm signed up for that race and ready to die!!!!

  5. Yay for signing up for the gym! No excuses now not to exercise and get yoself 1/2 marathon ready!

  6. OMG. I JUST saw that you call your husband "Husby." I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE. O___O

  7. your killing me with the big Ang hahahahahahahahah! Girlfraaaaan we have the same fridge holla ha! What in the world is helluva dip? Yeah im slow lol, bare with me ha! So who is Holli? Yay you get to meet her! Ya'll having a big blog meet up? How fun girlie! I am so proud of you for getting the membership and you will look like Britney in her Toxic video sans the gimongous phython lol!
    love you

  8. Loved this and the best part - It's Britney Bitc*! Love her.

  9. I love hellavu brand - we just are starting to get their stuff where I live, it's so delicious! and just wait til you see my fridg - po folk city :)

  10. I am so jealous of your fridge. I have never had a freezer with an ice maker or a water dispenser. No joke. My parents were poor, and the fridge I have now I got for free from a co-worker when I was poor. I dream of the day whan that stupid thing goes south so I can justify buying a new fridge. First world problems, huh?

    Woo hoo for lunchtime workouts. I wouldn't know anything about them though. We have a gym that is free to us to use as we please, and I have been zero times in my four years at this job....

  11. Dang..I would never put my fridge on here....It is either not enough food..too much..or too messy!

  12. ok when you said that drawer was filled with water i thought you meant like you filled it up with water from the sink. it took me a minute to realize ohhh she means like bottled why the hell would anyone just have a drawer of water...i swear sometimes i am dumb, just really really dumb.

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  14. Lmao. Your fridge looks like mine. Only i have wine. Not beer.

    And everything's betta with butta.

  15. I die! Cooter-huggers? You are so hilarious. I will remember not to be sipping water when I read your blog bc I think I almost just ruined my computer:)