Monday, February 25, 2013

If I'm being honest...

It's just been one of those days.
If not I will give you a leetle run down.
Sweet lil' angel bebe wakes up.
I sluggishly wipe Mr. Sandman from my eyes, stumble over the dogs bone, and manage to find her "ninny" shoving it nicely back into her mouth and return to my slumber.
Sweet lil' angel bebe wakes again and Daddy goes to retrieve her this time.
Brings her to bed with us and she loses her shit for the next several minutes.
I finally say FUCK IT, literally, and make her a "bah."
Sweet lil' angel bebe is back to a peaceful slumber and Mom is wide awake while Daddy is back to getting his trucker snore on.
I lay there awake until IONO probably 4:30AM.
I wake in a fucking panic because well let's see I probably should have been leaving the house about ten minutes ago.
I somehow managed to make myself look semi decent, took the dog out and fed him as well, got the baby changed and re-dressed because she peed through her diaper AND sleeper.
I pulled into the garage at work.
I am already at my limit for shitty things to happen to me today.
I am stressed.
Oh and I am depressed because I managed to probably gain those like seven pounds I lost last week back between Saturday and Sunday.
See even after 101 pounds lost I STILL having my struggles.
I swear I even felt like my shoes were tighter this morning.
Just not a good day.
We are all entitled to those right?
Although my bitch fests are coming more frequently lately and I have to get ahold of that shit.
Like right now.
So today I will run.
I will run my fucking ass off.
...oh and tonight.
Tonight I will let JM whoop my ass...
Or should I say shred my ass?
She scares me.
I had plans for weekend updates etc. but at this moment I have a shit ton of work to get done and I just don't have it in me.
Later I will reveal what my sweet friend Mandee from Cloud Nine Designz got me for my #clubsexy CaraBox.
Right now.
Right now I have to re-group and get a better attitude.
I love you bitches.
I still CANNOT believe the support I have received since Friday.
I kinda feel like I have failed myself and everyone else with how piss poorly I ate over the weekend.
Nothing in life is easy right?
I will get through this if it's the last thing to do.
I will NOT give up!


  1. I just started following and I cant belive it took me this long!!! Congrats on your weight loss and yes we all have those days!!

  2. We all have those weekends (or weeks, in my case). Today is a new day! You're still 101 pounds lighter than you were and you're still f*ing FABULOUS!!!! Cheers to a better Monday!

  3. We all have those days and we all eat crap sometimes. You should still be hella proud!!!

  4. Oh girl - hang in there - we all falter. You still rock.

  5. I heart you. We all have our bad days. :)

  6. Gotta have those nights with our sweet babies! Mine has finally slept 3 nights in a row all night!! Whoo hoo!!

    You still rock it!

  7. Hang in there - we all have crappy days! JM will be shredding my ass tonight too - eek!!!

  8. I'm feeling you on today! As I type I think my button on my jeans is going to pop off and smash my computer screen and I took a nap in my car at lunch (cause what adult doesn't) and I slept for over an hour....on my 1/2 hour lunch break. grrrrrrrrrrrr

  9. Yep, I'm sporting my fat girls jeans today. Skinnies are just not going to cut it. I'm lucky I'm not in sweatpants. Sorry you didn't get any sleep, why is it always Sunday nights that kids do that? Here's hoping your day goes by fast so you can get your JM on!

  10. Shake it off girlfriend - we all have bad days, now dust yourself off and get back up :) And yes, I am the one that lives in KY - Ill email you back shortly :)

  11. Congrats on your weight loss - so awesome!

    Happy Monday!

    The Hartungs Blog

  12. I know how you feel sweet cheeks. I have horrible insomia and because of it oversleep most work days. I saw your later in the day post, I am glad that your day got better.