Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Even if it kills me...

First off...
to all my new followers.
I am almost at 600 say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa???
Not bragging here just in shock that there is that many people who want to read my word vomit.
...and for the bitches that continue to read my blog and then bad mouth me...
Trust me I am losing zero sleep over it and actually find what you write quite heelarious!
Thanks for having enough time in your day to read my blog/read my twitter posts and then sit behind your computer screen and write a bunch of negative shit.
Moving right along...
There is not particular rhyme or reason for the post today.
Actually I don't have dick to talk about.
My head is all over the place.
I have a ton of work to do and a lot going on.
I just wanted to own up and say that I am going to run tonight.
Even if it kills me.
I am going to put my hair in a pony, change into my spandex eatmyass pants, Nike shirt because it makes me feel all athletic n shit and my gymies.
I am then going to hit the pavement, and by hit the pavement, I hope that only means my feet.
But knowing how graceful I am, I am positively sure there will be some sort of IG picture later of me with an injury.
In other top news I got this entire outfit for $3.00 at the Goodwill when I went Goodwilln' with my Momma who gets the over 55 discount even though she's not even 50 yet!
Good think they don't ID...
Oh and just to make Momma feel better show her some love because I do not think she looks a day over 49 35...
P to the S go tell my brusselsproutlovindontlookadayovertwenty Reece Cup Happy 30th Birfdizzle today!!!!
Now get your workout gear on and pump your shit...


  1. you make me want to work out all the time. seriously. and that's a good thing. because my fat ass needs to lose weight like yesterday. or even last week.

  2. You always have the best gifs! And your momma doesn't look anywhere near 55 how in the heck is she getting that discount?! lol

  3. You and your momma are beautiful!! Now I want to go goodwill shoppin'!! :)

  4. I love seeing your posts because they always remind me to work out. I don't even think about it until you mention it.

  5. HOlla for Goodwill finds! I feel way more athletic in my NIKE clothes. Get your run on girl!!!! And your mama is gorgeous!

  6. Between Big Ang & those dudes working out I just laughed my ass off for a good five minutes.

  7. Once again you crack my shit up!
    And I am not going to lie. I am a fan of Goodwill myself. I like to make it fancy and call it the GWB (GoodWill Boutique).

  8. I love me a good deal - it's time I went Goodwillin' ... I'm gonna run tonight too but it's too damn cold to be hittin' any pavement, I'll be hittin the mill - the boring ass treadmill! Thanks for making me laugh and giving me some motivation!

  9. I love the GIFs...or whatever the crap those things are called! hilarious!

  10. I love when people post excessive GIFs!

  11. I love your blog, you make me laugh every time I read it! And your wedding dress is so pretty! Great pic!

  12. I LOVE YOU!! Who in the hell would bad mouth you? Stupid people have nothing better to do.. :-(

  13. You crack my shit up!! Too funny! And your mother does not look a day of 25!

  14. Lol you're hilarious seriously one of my new fave blogs! Good luck on the run! I've also recently started to whip my butt into shape! Why can't running be fun and easy... Like eating? And drinking? Haha

  15. HAHA love that outfit! You are amazing! And your mom...hot!

  16. Lol I for one love the randomness and hilarious pics! Good for you for not letting negativity get to you!

  17. AHH Goodwill! My favorite place to shop. Seriously. (well other than Target). I have been asking myself lately why I haven't always shopped there. I mean where else can you find an adorable outfit for only $3?