Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I am here. But I am not HERE... and I am definitely not all there.

I am here.
But I am not HERE.
...and I am definitely not all there.
Please tell me I am not the only one that feels like this?
I just cannot get my shit together at the moment.
My brain is all over the damn place.
Oh hey Dad thanks for passing down the ADHD gene I really appreciate that.
So I do apologize for my absence yesterday.
People find my lack of posting and social media updating annoying and I find it flattering.
One reason for me going MIA is because I took off Friday so I had a shit ton of actual work to do.
Not to mention catching up with emails.
I have six packages going out today to some of my sweet winner winner chicken dinners who have been so patient with me.
Some of them have only been waiting a few days while others a few weeks... or more.
What gives.
I am one of those people that just keep adding more shit to my plate.
When in all reality I drive myself bat shit crazy for it.
I want to prove to everybody that I CAN DO IT.
You don't care about all that crap.
Just know that this is the reason for my failing as of late...
Yes, that would be 671 Emails.
So if I haven't replied back to you yet, I promise I will.
To say that I am overwhelmed would be an understatement.
For Casey Wilson.
To say I didn't gain any weight on my long weekend off would be an understatement, too.
It would be a dirty filthy lie.
So I figured I would come clean.
I weighed 164 Friday morning.
I got on the scale this morning...  167.
Oh heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy threemutherfucking pounds.
Kiss my ass.
The whole ass.
So ya...  stress, plus feeling like a piece of dog shit on Saturday, plus social functions equals fatty time.
I need to quit that shit.
...oh and not forgetting to mention that I have not done 1 day of the Feb FAB AB workout :/
Pinned Image
I plan to catch up on all five days tonight.
I can do that right?
Pretty sad that I was the one who motivated a lot of you bitches to do that shit...
Hell I didn't even lay on the floor and act like I was going to do it.
Tonight I will lay on that floor and I will do enough sit ups until I want to puke, or cry, or both.
Ya..  probably both.
I also just posted the following picture this morning and it uploaded to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
I deleted it from Facebook.
I look disgusting.
Unfortunately I have no idea how to delete it via IG or Twitter.
PS some of you were wondering about the results from this IG picture I took the other night...
"O" is phenomenal.
Up All Night sucks.
I just prefer to think that Up All Night sucks because I am just that good during #sexytime.
Memba...  I do have a  Golden Pussy and all...
Speaking of allthingssex...
Go check out my fellow MILFAGE Sarah's little bloggity blog and enter her Giveaway HERE
Now go shake your ass and have a fanfuckingtasticday!


  1. HAHAHA glad you enjoyed that cream there sassy ass! That is too good! And all things that are holey! That is a shit pile of emails..you need your own little assistant for that!

  2. I think you look fantastic in that picture!!!
    671 emails?!?! HOLY CRAP!!!! I think I would just hit "delete all" and be like "oops" HAHAH kidding...sort of.

  3. I actually sell Pure Romance, so if you ever need anything let me know! Their O cream is ohmigoodness.

    I don't have that many emails, but I haven't answered hardly any in a few months. Oops :-(

    I never heard of the Fab Ab Challenge. I think I'll try it!

  4. Girl you look great in that pic! Love that color on you and those earrings are so cute with the scarf! - Disgusting my ass! Own that shit =)

  5. I gained this week too :( frustrating! As always I love all the pics!

  6. Up All Night does suck giant monkey balls. not even kidding a little bit. that shit is one big lie.
    however, you be hott as always in that pic.
    this girl gained this week too thanks to a white-girl wasted weekend. yikes! im finally bringing my ass to the "gym" at work tonight after supper so i can catch up on all 5 Fab Ab Feb days and peddle the shit out of a stationary bike. we will see how long i survive!

  7. ADD is the story of my life. Sometimes I feel like Dory from Finding Nemo, except for the fact that I don't have short term memory problems. But seriously... I pray to god that my kids don't get my ADD. Not cool...

  8. Will have to see about getting the "O" cream. :)

  9. newest follower here! You are freakin hilarious! I love pure romance have you tried x cream??

    Also I think you look great in that picture. tomorrow is weigh in for me and I hope I didn't gain any but with me shoving my enitre life in my face Sunday we shall see. Please check out my blog as well thanks girl!

  10. you are sexy pants.

    just take a breather! You can get through it all. Just take a bit at a time. DON'T overload yourself.


    Happy tuesday pretty :)

  11. Hey hot mama.... get working on those Fab Abs.. And after your done with that take it easy for a bit. I had a bad weekend too...I drank my calories.. But onto a new freaking day..Right?

  12. 647 emails...ur a super chick,u sure u have ADD? I wouldn't even read that shit, let alone reply! Lol

  13. I can tell you how to delete it off IG! All you gotta do is go to the bottom of that picture & find the 3 little dots that are together click on it & find the delete button, press it & viola its gone :)