Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Truth be told, I'm Lion.

 I am just going to get real honest with you for a second...
Jillian whipped my ass up one side and down the other.
I believe there is an actual indent in the carpet where I laid for a good ten minutes after I finished Day 1 of her 30daystohell 30 Day Shred.
Sort of.
Since my mind is barely moving today let alone my body.
Ya, so my fingers even hurt.
Linking up with Miss Sarah today for
 Truth be told, I'm Lion. 
Basically I am going to spit two truths and one lie and it is your job to figure out which one I am fibbing about!
1.  My parents cut my hair super short in second grade (like my hair was past my ass and they cut it like a boy) because I refused to brush it.
Which resulted in the entire school laughing and pointing at me when Ronald McDonald called on me for help during an assembling yelling, "Hey you!  Boy in the black shirt."
2.  I eat sardines on a regular basis.  My Dad would eat them with mustard when I was little and I kinda just picked up the habit from him.
Everybody thinks I am disgusting but don't knock it til' you try it!
3.  I had never once had an orgasm during sex until I met my now Husband.
He doesn't believe me but it is the truth!
Which one is a lie?
Think you know me????
In other news I am already trying to talk myself out of my lunch time work out but don't worry my ass will be sweating like a whore in church right around 12:45PM...
And cursing...
There will be a shit ton of cursing...
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And PS...
Who the fuck else thinks that this show and these people are fucking cray to the zay?!
Poor pussy...


  1. Ummmm, eating cat hair? Really? What the actual fuck?

    Have fun with date night number 2 with Jillian.

  2. Ew, cat hair, seriously?!
    Umm jillian also kicks my arse! SERIOUSLY that work out is intense!
    I'm guessing #2...wow sardines...they just smell nasty!

  3. Bwaaahahaha I burst into laughter after seeing the cat gif after the cat hair. Bwaaahahahaha

    I had to stop the 30 Day Shred half way through Level 2 because it was making my hip hurt. Damn chair squats.

    I vote the sardines. Nobody can like those.

  4. numero dos is the lie! cause that be nasty.
    i am frightened for that little pussy.

  5. I'm a new follower! I love your blog! You crack me up!!

  6. LMAO!! I am guessing #2 is the lie! EWWWW!! And thanks for making me throw up in my mouth with the cat licking freak of a woman!!!! BARF

  7. I'm saying #2 cuz who could make up #1 (ha ha ha .. hey boy, hey!) and #3 just sounds believable. I seriously cannot watch that show, they had the one where the person was addicted to eating toilet paper and I seriously had to turn that shit off immediately cuz it was about to be barf city for me... I just can't handle that shit!

  8. I'm going to pick number one to be true just because it is funny! That show grosses me out, but sometimes it's like a train wreck I just can't look away! The lady licking her cat just moved to number one spot of my most disgusting people list that doesn't really exist but should.

  9. I am gonna say 2 because that is grosssssss...and wow..someone be licking a cat? WHAT!

  10. Number 2? I'm jumping on the bandwagon here.

    And that show is ridiculous! I seriously can't watch it. Gross.

  11. i'm going to guess that #1 is a lie.
    i'm up to 65 follwers- thanks so much!!

  12. I think it's number 2!
    And holy damn, that's a terrible visual, a woman licking a cat.
    Ew! haha.

  13. Cat hair!? Holy hell, that's disgusting!

    And I'm going with #2 :).

  14. I'm gonna go with 2! Because I could never do that Hah

  15. I am going to go with the haircut choice.

    And WTF is up with TLC lately? Their shows are just becoming disgusting. Did you see the preview for the one that is about the trailer park in Mirtle Beach? Who am I kidding, I will probably watch it.