Wednesday, February 6, 2013

No budge and a lot of pudge...

Today I am holding my ass accountable with Erin & Alex.
Basically I am the same weight that I was this time last week.
No change.

Which honestly with what I managed to throw down my garbage disposal this past weekend I should be fine with that.
Why do I do that????
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I am wonderful Monday through Thursday.
Then BAM Friday through Sunday comes along and I act like I have the metabolism of a star athlete.
I can assure you that isn't the case.
I swear I look at food sometimes and gain a pound or ten.
I have to switch something up.
I know this.
I know I need to work out more than I have been.
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If I could just start making it a routine I would feel so much better.
I swear I wish you bitches lived in Kentucky to keep me motivated.
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Especially this time of year.
I did manage to catch up on the first three days of the Fab Ab that I actually motivated tons of women's last week to do.
Yet I had failed to actually do it.
So I did half last night and I will do the other half tonight to catch up.
It will work right?
I do believe somebody needs to come smack the living shit out of me to get my ass in gear.
Y'all, whether you believe it or not, as much as I am motivating you...
You are motivating me much more than you will ever know.
I know we all go through these hard times when trying to lose the pounds.
The dreaded plateaus and such.
I will get through it.
My #feelingcraptastic #ootd. Bad hair day+upset stomach+the scale not budging+contacts making me look like a stoner=MAJORBALLSUCKNESS
So on today's agenda:
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Oh and per usual I will be...
Shakin' dat ass.


  1. Hey Girl! Get your rear in gear and work out already! I know you can do it! Esther Norine Designs

  2. Work it girl, work it own it lol! You do look hot today even if you feel craptastic! I love that scarf! Moi

  3. You know what's motivating me even when I don't feel like being motivated?! SUMMER! That shit will be here before we know it and I just keep repeating "summer bodies are made in the winter." Get it girl!!

  4. Love the scarf and you look adorable in that outfit - that is my hair do about 99.2% of the time. LOL

  5. Sounds like me with the weekend thing! Especially last Sunday for the Superbowl. Let's just say it was a fatty fatty day! You look awesome! Not like crap for the record!! :)

  6. Your doing great. Its a new day and a new start!

  7. I feel EXACTLY the way you are describing! I know i need to give more I just need to get off my ASS! I'm guilty of the weekend over indulgent. Its hard to get past the but I didn't cheat once this week! I deserve some damn pizza! ugh lets do this!

  8. You look great! I also need to work out more this week, we can do this :)

  9. Hey, not gaining is as good as losing in my book! lol. I should win a medal for gaining weight as fast as I do. I mean really, it's an art! We can go back and fourth from Kentucky to OH to motivate each's not that far, right? lol

  10. I got my Vanderpump on in my WIW post too haha. Great look fab in that pic!

  11. You never look bad sassy ass! You always look amazing!

  12. I do the same with my diet. I am so good Monday - Thursday and then the damn weekends get in the way! Boo!

  13. I do the same thing every weekend, no thanks to the Hubs. He wants to eat out constantly on the weekends and I try to make it work, but it doesn't always. You look great - keep it up :)

  14. I hate the weekends... all I do is eat. I think you look great!!

  15. That ecard is amazeballs. hahaha!

  16. Your posts make me laugh out loud, literally. :) you got this girl!!! Do the damn thing!!