Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My wish...

Pretty Strong Medicine

If you follow me on IG then you already know this but I seriously contemplated spiking my coffee this morning.
Why lie?
It's the truth.
It's even harder with my Hubby being off today!

So this Holiday has ALWAYS been #fatgirlheaven for me personally.
Like I have told y'all before it would be NOTHING for me to pack on 10+ pounds between now and Christmas.
Last year was the first year that I have ever lost weight during the Holidays and I am defuckingtermined to do it again.
I can assure you this...
As much as I love Pecan Pie it was a better feeling that eating that deliciousness in a pie crust.

This isn't saying I won't enjoy a piece of my favorite dessert, or an extra helping of sweet potato casserole, because I totally will.
I just won't let that send me spiraling out of control for days to come.
I finally feel like I have a grip on my health and the things I do and put into my body.
Something I have wanted so badly for so long.
I have worked out hard two days in a row this week.
Aiming to hit over 200 miles on my Nike+ app today.
Y'all that is HUGE for me!

If you would have told me this time last year I would have ran 200 miles+ in less than a year I would have peed my pants laughing at you.
Here I am today getting ready to go over that 200 mile mark...

Also I wanted to take the time (if you haven't seen it yet) to go HERE and vote for me!!!
I would appreciate it more than you know ;)

And lastly this has nothing to do with weight loss but for anybody looking to change somebody else's life this Christmas season I have a favor to ask you.
As some of you know my baby Brother has been going through a really hard time.
If any of you would want to possibly send him a Christmas card and some words of encouragement you have no idea how much it would mean to him, and to me as well.
He will not be home for Christmas this year.
As much as I know that he did this to himself I think he needs a spirit boost.
He is sad.
We are sad.
If he knows that there are people thinking and rooting for him it may help?
I can only pray that it would...
When I went and saw him this past weekend it was so hard to leave him.
It was hard to know that I don't know when I will see him next and that he won't be home for the Holidays.
I have realized that I cannot save him.
It's a bigger job than I could ever take on.
He has to save himself.
But again...
Maybe, just maybe, if he knows that he has people in his corner it may help him become more positive in this process.
Email me at: if you are interested so I can get you the address!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I am quite positive that #transformationtuesday 's via IG has saved me a lot of times.
Times where I felt like all the hard work wasn't paying off.
Times all I wanted to do was think negatively.
Times that I hated my reflection.
Times I so desperately wanted to just give in the towel and give up.

One of the many things I have learned throughout my journey is I am not a quitter.
I no longer give up.
It's not an option.
And the word "can't"...
Pshhh that left my vocabulary months ago!

I am here to tell you it's not too late.
You CAN do it.
You just have to WANT it bad enough.
I just happen to want it bad enough.
I just simply refused to live my life feeling like crap anymore.

Just look how far I have came from July 15th until November 23rd.
22 pounds and tons of inches.
It was hard.
It's still hard.
It will continue to be hard.
The exciting part is to see where I will be a month, six months, even a year from now.
Striving to constantly better myself.

This isn't about being a certain size or weight anymore.
This is about truly how I feel.
How my clothes fit.
How fast I can run a mile in.
How much weight I can lift.
Those mean more than numbers.

PS Lift the weight people.
Lift those freaking weights.
Mama L isn't kidding.
It works.

PPS  Did you vote for me yet?!
You can go HERE do do so.
Just like the picture.
Easy peasy!

I appreciate all the love and support you guys continue to show me!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Thread Eleven Challenge #2

This past weekend ended the second Thread Eleven Challenge I have participated in.
I am not sure why but for me personally I love a good challenge and it really helps me stay motivated, especially with the Holidays quickly approaching.
It used to be nothing for me to gain 10+ pounds during the holidays.
So what?
I mean I would lose it with my same New Years Resolution that I made for myself EVERY.SINGLE.YEAR.

So the official results are in.
I lost 7 pounds and I am down 8 1/2 inches.
It seems like a lot but when I was comparing my pictures I could not physically see a difference.
My Mother promised me she could see a change, but I quickly wondered if it was because she is my Mom she didn't want to hurt my feelings?!

These are my latest results.
The top pictures are the before and the bottom are the after.

Then yesterday I started really thinking about it.
I was ashamed of how down I had gotten on myself the previous day.
Then I decided to take the before pictures from when I first started this whole challenge on July 15th.
I compared them with the results I got from this past weekend...
I have dropped a total of 22 pounds and a ton of inches.
For that I am dam proud.
For me it's not about the money, although I won't lie that is nice...
It's about me taking control of my life and feeling better about myself.
Feeling hella proud of all that I have accomplished.

Do you know how amazing that feeling is?
I can tell you this...
It's better than how I feel after I have eaten unhealthy or skipped a workout.

PS My hair got longer!

PPS Not sure yet what time voting will go live but...
Will I get YOUR vote?!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Swing your partner round and round, end of the night it's goin' down!

It's Friday.
Need I say more?
Didn't think so.

{1}  Excited for best friend time tonight while she copes with now having a 13 year old daughter living under her roof.
We will drink while she has a house full of teenagers sneaking a game of spin the bottle in downstairs.
Regardless, and even though her actual birthday was yesterday, I want to send a BIG OL' HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY ADOPTED DAUGHTER ALEXIS JADE...
I have not known her my whole life but happy to have been able to watch her grow up for the past five years.
She has turned into such a beautiful younger woman and is setting a wonderful example for my girls.
We LOVE you Alexis!!!

{2}  Going to see my baby Brother this weekend.
If you have been around here for a while then you know he has been going through some hard times.
He is at a facility now that can hopefully heel him.
He has been asking for me since he got to this place but we are only allowed to visit on the even Sunday's of the month and it's about a 2 1/2 hour drive one way.
Pray for safe travels and that I am able to stay strong for him.
Love that boy!!!

{3}  Michy Ultra.
Do I really need to say anything else?

{4}  My Husband filled the van up yesterday for under $30.00.
It's the little things people.

{5}  That I literally had my doctor grinning from ear to ear yesterday he was so proud of all I have accomplished so far.
July 25, 2012 265 pounds
August 21, 2012 225.6 lbs
March 6, 2013 177.8 lbs

Yesterday I weighed in at 160.3 and the nurse said if I was in my birthday suit I would have hit 159 easy... To say I am proud of myself would be an understatement. I've worked dam hard!!!! 
 New goal: 141 by my doc appointment on May 20, 2014
He still told me I may not reach it but the sky is the limit for me with my will power and motivation.
He said I inspired him!
Coming from a doctor who is extremely healthy and in shape that kind of rocked my socks a little bit!
If you've ever had a favorite article of clothing then you might be able to understand... These pants have been with me through a lot... I initially bought them on a whim one day when I split another pair of pants at work. When I bought these pants I could barely get the clasp to button but I got them and shoved myself in them. They've been in the back of my closet because they haven't fit. So I dug them bad boys out and threw them on. I think it's safe and extremely sad to say they are going to have to be retired. 
Happy Friday y'all!!!!

PS Linking up with the beautiful Miss Yoga Pants herself for #backthatazzup Friday!
I am actually choosing two songs today because I am feeling frisky.
These are the two jams that will get me out of my seat booty poppn' faster than you can say "get out of my seat booty poppn!"
 And I couldn't find it on Grooveshark but here is my second one!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Simply, thank you!

I don't know if I have ever really truly expressed this here on the blog but I wanted to take this time to just simply say THANK YOU.
If you are reading this, yes you, thank you.
Thank you for supporting me and my journey.
Thank you for standing behind me even when I wanted to give up.
Nobody truly understands this whole "blog thang" unless they do it themselves but it has been extremely rewarding in my personal life.
I have had a lot of successes in a large part to you, my dear readers.

Your words of encouragement and praise are something I don't ever take lightly.
They mean more to me than you will ever know.
I read every single comment and I really truly do try to comment back.
Y'all rock and you are extremely special.

Today is the day.
The day I wanted so badly to reach my goal to be in the 150's for my doctor's appointment.
I am just gonna get real with you here.
I am not going to hit that goal.
I know it.
I am okay with it.
I could easily beat myself up about it but I refuse to let negativity in and ruin a perfectly good day.
I think even though I didn't hit my goal I am roughly down about 15-20 pounds from my last appointment six months ago.
That's better than gaining and that's just how I have to look at it.
I have grown so much as a person in those six months and I know I am so much healthier.
I think my doctor is actually going to be really proud of me for what I have been able to do.
Being proud of myself is something the old me would have NEVER been able to do.
I love myself.
I love where I am at.
Yes, I still have a road ahead of me, hell I will always have a road ahead of me....
But I am closer now than I was six months ago.
Wearing my lucky shoes today and just going to smile because I'm alive.
 I did not hit my goal for the doc today. 
I know it and it's out of my own stupidity but I have learned from it and I'm moving forward.
 I'll be sure to let you all know my results... 
Again thanks for your constant support as I continue on with my journey

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The fat friend...

Pretty Strong Medicine
It was sometime around the fifth grade...
My Mother dressed me up in a yellow dress and I was called Big Bird for the day.
They laughed because they thought they were funny.
I laughed to mask the pain.

It was sometime around seventh grade...
We were at the mall.
The cutest boy I had ever laid eyes on yelled, "Hey!  Come back here!"
I turned around before my friend and he said, "Not you!  Your skinny friend..."
She giggled.
I went home and cried myself to sleep that night.

These are several of the very painful "fat friend" experiences I have had.
I have always been heavier than the people I have been surrounded around.
Okay maybe I wasn't but I was always teased like I was.
Words hurt.
I am here to tell you THEY REALLY FUCKING HURT.

My goal after I had Payton was initially to no longer be the "fat friend."
Sounds extremely silly to me now and I can assure you none of my friends have ever called me fat.
Even if they may have thought it they have always been super sweet and never failed to compliment me.
I just could never get that stereo type of myself out of my head.
Hell I still have days that I feel like I weigh those dreaded 265 pounds.
I am not sure if those random days will ever leave me but they are few and far between.
What I do know now is that even if I am not a size 4 that it's okay.
I no longer care if I am the "fat friend."
I am way beyond that.
Now I just want to be able to run longer and faster.
I want to lift more weight.
I basically want to be the bad ass Mom that everybody else only dreams of being.
Not saying you can't be that.
It's just what I aspire to be.

I will no longer let the "fat friend" scenario play in my head.
It's in the past and that is where I am leaving it.
It's really time to focus on the future and what is to come.
It's so bright I think I need sunglasses y'all...

I didn't step foot on the scale today after my horrible weigh in the other day.
I won't until I weigh in at the doctor tomorrow.
Unfortunately I really don't think I hit my 15?
I am okay with that though.
I am still working out extremely hard I just need to clean up my diet even more.
I know what it takes.
I know what works for me.
It WILL be done!
It's hump day and I've never worn this shirt hellooooooop NSV PS I MEAN IVE NEVER WORN IT BECAUSE IVE NEVER FIT MYSELF INTO IT

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I did it...
I stepped on the scale this morning.
I know I said I was going to hide it from myself but I didn't.
Sadly I didn't like the numbers on the scale.
As disheartening as it was (I swear my weight could fluctuate up or down six pounds sometimes) I put my big girl panties on and moved on about my day...
Old me.
She would have found herself crying in a box of Captain Crunch sans milk.
Not even kidding a little bit.
New me just kept on about her morning routine.
I will NOT let this define me or how far I have come.
I am still proud of myself.
I have still kicked ass.
I am still improving daily.
I will be fine.

It's always important in times like these to look back and reflect.
I am not the person I was even just a year ago.
I will let the pictures do the talking...

Did I want to hit my goal for Thursday?
But if I don't...
It's not the end of the world.
I will continue to move forward on this journey.
I am worth it.
You need to remember that YOU are worth it, too!
Motivational Workout Quotes – Part 2

Monday, November 18, 2013

Channeling my inner Elle Noel...

I have to make this short and sweet I know ya'll are shocked because I am biz to the A today!


1.  I am channeling my inner Elle Noel this week and I am staying strict and on point.
If I have any hope to meet my goal of 15? by Thursday I do not have a choice.
Weekends just kill me sometimes mmmmmk?
I have one too many tips in the candy bowl and tub of Party Cake Ice Cream.
What Payton made me...
Sorry I just can't resist her wants and needs...

2.  My Google registration for this domain name is up on the 21st.
Now I have it set up through blogger as which if you click on will lead you back to here.
I have tried doing the steps and it always tells me invalid request.
I have tried contacting people.
So basically I am going to drink and pray and see what happens on Thursday.
Not sure if my blog will up and disappear or if it will just go back to my old address?
Either way I am just kinda rollin' with the punches at the moment.

3.  My CATS won last night and those measly little TARHEELS lost MWAHAHAHA
Hi PIC =)

4.  I know my Dad is gonna miss not keeping Payton this week they sure did have fun together this past week!
I die over the cuteness that resides in this picture!

All in all it was a fabulous weekend!
Now it's time to get serious though!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Drink a beer...

Awwww hell it's Friday!
You know what that means?
Me either other than it's Friday and at 5 I am clocking out and hitting beer 30 faster than you can say "beer 30!"
Lord knows Mama needs some of her magical juice!
I love 5 on Friday for the simple fact that it lets me look back on the positives of the past week or exciting things coming for the future.
I have not been afraid to say that the past couple of months have been one shit sandwich after the next.
5 on Friday lets me forget about all of those shit sandwiches =)

1.  I was able to display what I think was a pretty dam good "gun show" this past week...
I have worked my arms ass off to get even the tiniest definition.
Bat wings no more!

2.  Skinny Vanilla Lattes from Starbucks.
Might not be cheap but damn they are good!
For a large only being 160 calories I consider it a win and I found a Groupon that was $10.00 worth of Starbucks for $5.00!!!

3.  This guy.
Not to get overly mushy and make y'all wanna gouge your eyes out but he really is one of a kind.
I take for granted a lot of just how good I have it.
I may bitch and moan about him and nag him to death but I am so stinking lucky.
I have a man that works hard, is an amazing Daddy, and thinks I am hot.
What more could I ask for?
Not kidding!
He really thinks I am the prettiest woman on the planet and to know this feels amazing.
I doubted myself for so long and he has made me believe.

4.  This girl.
Only person on the planet that gets me I swear.

5.  My amazing new Country Girl Tunic top from Country Couture !!!!
#bootypoppn all day eerrryyydayyyy!

PS I am playing along with Mrs. Yoga Pants herself for #backthatazzup Friday!
Virgin here =)
Heard this song on the radio last night and it immediately made me think of my Papaw...
He sure did love his beer!
And y'all know I love me some Lukey!!!
  Drink A Beer by Luke Bryan - on Grooveshark