Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I am up to my eye balls in work.
Anybody else?!

Obviously that doesn't leave much time for the ol' blog.

Just a quick peek in to say HI.

So HI Y'ALL!!!!

I know I am so boring these days!

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My life is consumed with sleeping, eating, working, and keeping up with a wild beast of a 15 month old, two divas, and a Husband...
I know right?
I don't know how I do it either...

For today's workout I am going to run baby run!
Add a little abs in there and you got a great 40 minute session!
Gotta work it in where I can ya know?!

I have had a few people tell me that a half hour to an hour is not enough time for them to work out!
Well let me just tell you a little something.
When you are a busy working Mama of three it is plenty of time.
Y'all from the time I get up in the morning until the time I lay my head down on that pillow at night to scurry off to dream land I don't stop.
True I sit down in my seat for work but I am up and down pretty much all day long.
If I sit too long I will get up, etc.
And I sit in my car to and from work.
When I get home I am what my Husband so lovingly refers to as the human tornado.
I can assure you 30 to 40 minutes of a hard ass workout plus my Super Human Mom status is what has helped me drop 100+ pounds thus far.

Now I am just working on endurance and toning.
I want some sexy arms and a smaller kangaroo pouch.
I won't stop until I get it.
Left was October of last year.
Right was just a few weeks ago.
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  1. You look amazing and have such a busy life and you are still able to work out!! GO YOU!

  2. FAN-freaking-TASTIC! Dude! Your eyes look so much wider and brighter! I love it! You rock my socks chica!

  3. 30 minutes is better than nothing. you know how your body works. don't let them tell you it's not enough!!!! you are awesome and you look amazing!!

  4. Get it girl! I don't know how you working mommas do it! I am childless and I still have a hard time finding time!

  5. get it, get it! that's awesome that you stay active, even at work. i just like you, am active from the time i wake up until i lay my head down at night. no, i'm not in great shape, and i would probably die if i ran a mile (smoker) but it's how i stay in shape. people really just don't understand how much that helps.

    i can tell in your before and after photos that your confidence has definitely improved. and that's even more awesome!! so inspiring.

  6. Yo...40 mins is luxury for a work out.
    And you have done incredible.

  7. You look gorgeous in both pictures but the one on the right is the picture of a much happier looking person. You are truly awesome!

  8. I can totally see the difference in your face! You look smokin'! I would agree with you 30 to 40 minutes of exercise daily is the way to go. We gotta have time for us too! Esther Norine Designs