Friday, November 15, 2013

Drink a beer...

Awwww hell it's Friday!
You know what that means?
Me either other than it's Friday and at 5 I am clocking out and hitting beer 30 faster than you can say "beer 30!"
Lord knows Mama needs some of her magical juice!
I love 5 on Friday for the simple fact that it lets me look back on the positives of the past week or exciting things coming for the future.
I have not been afraid to say that the past couple of months have been one shit sandwich after the next.
5 on Friday lets me forget about all of those shit sandwiches =)

1.  I was able to display what I think was a pretty dam good "gun show" this past week...
I have worked my arms ass off to get even the tiniest definition.
Bat wings no more!

2.  Skinny Vanilla Lattes from Starbucks.
Might not be cheap but damn they are good!
For a large only being 160 calories I consider it a win and I found a Groupon that was $10.00 worth of Starbucks for $5.00!!!

3.  This guy.
Not to get overly mushy and make y'all wanna gouge your eyes out but he really is one of a kind.
I take for granted a lot of just how good I have it.
I may bitch and moan about him and nag him to death but I am so stinking lucky.
I have a man that works hard, is an amazing Daddy, and thinks I am hot.
What more could I ask for?
Not kidding!
He really thinks I am the prettiest woman on the planet and to know this feels amazing.
I doubted myself for so long and he has made me believe.

4.  This girl.
Only person on the planet that gets me I swear.

5.  My amazing new Country Girl Tunic top from Country Couture !!!!
#bootypoppn all day eerrryyydayyyy!

PS I am playing along with Mrs. Yoga Pants herself for #backthatazzup Friday!
Virgin here =)
Heard this song on the radio last night and it immediately made me think of my Papaw...
He sure did love his beer!
And y'all know I love me some Lukey!!!
  Drink A Beer by Luke Bryan - on Grooveshark



  2. I saw your title and almost cried...damn that song!!

    Love that shirt!

  3. Love that 5oF! And enjoy that beer! I may enjoy a few myself tonight!

  4. Girl... I just posted about this song too. Great minds think alike.

  5. I've never had a beer (I've never had a LOT of things) ... there were some religious ramifications, but regardless, it just isn't something that appeals to me at all. As picky as I am with my eating, I'm even worse with liquids for some reason! Water, milk, SF fruit punch and the occasional sprite or rootbeer ... that's about all I ever drink (no coffee or lattes either).