Wednesday, November 13, 2013

105 and will it ever be over???

Weigh In Wedneday
My high school bestie Sarah and I were chatting on Facebook yesterday about weight loss.
Sister is killin' it yo!
Seriously amazing.
Anyways we were discussing if there will ever be an end to the weight loss?
Will we ever be satisfied?
Will it ever be over?

I thought about this conversation all night.
I mean I have always said if I get to X weight I will be happy yatta yatta ya.

My answer is NO.
For me it will never be over.
I know my body.
I know me.
I will always have to work hard to maintain and keep my body healthy.
That isn't to say I won't still have my cake and eat it to.
I could never deny myself of beer, mommy juice aka wine, or those god forsaken curly fries my Husband deep fries.
I think I will eventually get to the point where I can spend my life focusing on other things but food.
Right now is not that time.
I still struggle.
There are still times I look down and have eaten two full bowls of Party Cake Ice Cream.
There are still times I am already day dreaming about what I am going to put in my mouth next.
There are days I don't want to work out and I don't.
There are days that I am negative.
There are plenty of days I still say I can't.
The difference now is that I just pick myself back up and move forward.
Old me never did that.
I just let myself continue to spiral out of control.

I think for me it will always be about striving to be a better version of myself.
Right now I am still trying to work on dropping the pounds but also toning.
I obviously know cardio drops the weight like flies in a bug zapper on a hot summer night.
So cardio is what I am focusing a lot on right now.
I am still adding weight training in but I think once I get to my goal weight of 141 (that is the top number of my BMI) I will then focus solely on weight training.
We will see...
I am desperate to get rid of my bat wings, my thigh claps, and my kangaroo pouch.

I know I have come far.
I am dam proud of that.
If your new around here I went from 265 on July 25th, which was the day I delivered my last child, to where I am at today...
I know I had said that I was going to break up with the scale but I checked in on my progress this morning.
I was 160.1
And not that anybody is counting but that is a total of 105 pounds lost!
Can I get an amen?!
So close to my 15? that I want to be at for my doctors appointment on the 21st!
I just have to really keep myself in check.
I know I can do it and that's really important.
Without believing in yourself it will never happen.

But this is not the end.
Like I said before...
I don't think there ever will be an end.
It will never be over for me.
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  1. So true! I often wonder the same thing. Great post! You are seriously such an inspiration to me. Thank you!

  2. I lost the weight once and I came back (50 pounds) ... I didn't have to fight for it really that first time, and I don't think I was even confident I could keep it. This time, I'm having to fight for the loss and I know it will never be "over" ... just as you said!

    Congrats to you. Huge change in your pictures!

  3. You are KILLING it! Seriously woman you will be at 15? I bet anything!! I'd bet the farm! I am hoping to be out of the 170s by the end of this week. If it KILLS me!

  4. AMEN!!!!! you are awesome girl!!!!

  5. My bat wings appear to be growing as my muscles are forming. If you find anything that'll help make them go away please pass them along! Exercise gives you WIIIINGS! LOL

    Awesome loss in 4 months!

  6. You are seriously awesome. Do you know that? You are so inspiring and I don't think we will ever be satisfied but we just gotta keep on keepin on!

  7. Amazing job and so true, it's a journey and it's about learning to life a new healthy lifestyle. We are never going to be those girls who get a dream body and then can just stop giving a shit about what we eat. It's too easy to fall down that slope again!

  8. Here from WIW! You are doing AMAZING! Congrats!

  9. You are kicking ass!!! Awesome!

  10. WOWZA!!!! How freaking awesome!!! You have come a long long long way girlie, and though it's still a struggle, you know that the hard work is paying off. This will become your lifestyel!!!! It already has :)

  11. You really do look amazing! And I was just talking about my arms to a friend the other day & I literally said "I wanna get rid of my bat wings". I don't wanna be ripped, just not jiggly and hangy. haha
    Keep up the good work!

  12. a-freaking-men. 105 is incredible! this is gonna sound so lame, especially coming from a fatty, but that's why they call it a lifestyle change instead of a diet. because diets end once you get to the goal. the lifestyle change is something you carry with you for the rest of your life with indulgences here and there. enjoy the things you love, just not all in one sitting or for consecutive meals. food is the biggest enemy. which is why self control is key. either way, i don't know you and i'm extremely proud of all your success already! great job!

  13. You are incredible!! I know that I will never stop with my goal I am sure that when I reach a number I will find a new number or a new muscle tone too strive towards, can that be both a bad thing and a good thing??
    You are so fabulous congratulations on getting so far!!
    Love Gi

  14. For me, this journey will never end. I had to lose the same ten pounds three separate times because I thought that I had made it. NOPE! I didn't. Now I am fighting to maintain my weight, fighting to keep my clothes, and fighting for a lean body. I still drink beer and eat unhealthy foods. I try to maintain a healthy balance and proper portion control. I am fed up of gaining weight and my clothes feeling tight. That is over for me. Maintenance is clearly the hardest and I may never completely master it. The journey never ends. look awesome! I bet you feel great! Esther Norine Designs

  15. I have often thought about what will happen when I finally get to goal. Will I want more or will I be happy maintaining. Thank god that is still 25-30 lbs away so I can put that on the back burner.
    You have come so far and look great!