Monday, November 18, 2013

Channeling my inner Elle Noel...

I have to make this short and sweet I know ya'll are shocked because I am biz to the A today!


1.  I am channeling my inner Elle Noel this week and I am staying strict and on point.
If I have any hope to meet my goal of 15? by Thursday I do not have a choice.
Weekends just kill me sometimes mmmmmk?
I have one too many tips in the candy bowl and tub of Party Cake Ice Cream.
What Payton made me...
Sorry I just can't resist her wants and needs...

2.  My Google registration for this domain name is up on the 21st.
Now I have it set up through blogger as which if you click on will lead you back to here.
I have tried doing the steps and it always tells me invalid request.
I have tried contacting people.
So basically I am going to drink and pray and see what happens on Thursday.
Not sure if my blog will up and disappear or if it will just go back to my old address?
Either way I am just kinda rollin' with the punches at the moment.

3.  My CATS won last night and those measly little TARHEELS lost MWAHAHAHA
Hi PIC =)

4.  I know my Dad is gonna miss not keeping Payton this week they sure did have fun together this past week!
I die over the cuteness that resides in this picture!

All in all it was a fabulous weekend!
Now it's time to get serious though!


  1. Sigh....damn weekends derail me something crazy...I can relate!!

    I'm sure you're gonna crush that goal by Thursday, and even if have put in some great effort and look amazing!!! Proud of you!!!

    Now...6 weeks till New Years...I'm cracking the whip on my own ass! ;)

  2. I call em "Wicked Weekends" ... food temptations and less time for fitness, not a good combo ..

  3. You'll meet your goal baby!! You are doing SO good!! Focus and you'll get there!! Love you!

  4. Hey mine expires on the 23rd, but it's renewing. Is yours not going to automatically renew?