Monday, November 25, 2013

Thread Eleven Challenge #2

This past weekend ended the second Thread Eleven Challenge I have participated in.
I am not sure why but for me personally I love a good challenge and it really helps me stay motivated, especially with the Holidays quickly approaching.
It used to be nothing for me to gain 10+ pounds during the holidays.
So what?
I mean I would lose it with my same New Years Resolution that I made for myself EVERY.SINGLE.YEAR.

So the official results are in.
I lost 7 pounds and I am down 8 1/2 inches.
It seems like a lot but when I was comparing my pictures I could not physically see a difference.
My Mother promised me she could see a change, but I quickly wondered if it was because she is my Mom she didn't want to hurt my feelings?!

These are my latest results.
The top pictures are the before and the bottom are the after.

Then yesterday I started really thinking about it.
I was ashamed of how down I had gotten on myself the previous day.
Then I decided to take the before pictures from when I first started this whole challenge on July 15th.
I compared them with the results I got from this past weekend...
I have dropped a total of 22 pounds and a ton of inches.
For that I am dam proud.
For me it's not about the money, although I won't lie that is nice...
It's about me taking control of my life and feeling better about myself.
Feeling hella proud of all that I have accomplished.

Do you know how amazing that feeling is?
I can tell you this...
It's better than how I feel after I have eaten unhealthy or skipped a workout.

PS My hair got longer!

PPS Not sure yet what time voting will go live but...
Will I get YOUR vote?!


  1. I can definitely tell a difference, great job! I bet those camo shorts just fall off of your body now. :)

  2. I told you this on IG but girl, you look amazing! The difference is really astonishing!