Thursday, November 7, 2013

Why I would never be good at being a SAHM...

These posts here lately have been on the short and sweet side.
Sadly today is no different.
My 15 month old decided she just had to go and get a case of the croup.
It's pitiful and I am beyond tired from spazzing and checking on her every hour on the hour at night.
Leaves little to no sass around these parts.
I am here to say this...
 That I, Marcy K Burris, give SAHM's props.
Yesterday was a sure sign that I would NEVER be good at it.
More or less because I couldn't keep my hands out of the candy bowl and my ass out of the kitchen in general.
It's sad when you ate so much you don't even remember everything you ate.
So today I am catching up on work and feeling rather on the pudgy side.
In the past though I would have let that one day determine the rest of my week, sometimes the entire friggn' month.
Not the new me.
I am back on the saddle today and riding the healthy horse.
Drinking water like it's my job and trying my absolute hardest to stay within my calorie range.
If I can do it.
I am still determined to be 15? when I weigh in at the doctors on the 21st!


  1. I am the same way.. on the days that I work half days I am horrible with food!! Even if I have prepped food I open the fridge and see my prep food and grab a cupcake instead. ugh. My little boy also just had croup and it's awful!! Hope she's doing better!!

  2. I'm with you, could never be a SAHM! Good for you not letting one day get the best of you!

    Non-related question - did you ever get your domain transferred? I'm having the worst time and would love to know how you got it to finally work!

  3. I couldn't do it either! I am a better wife and mom, because I work. It just makes our family run "smoother". I hope you baby girl gets to feeling better! Don't worry about the eating.... you are doing awesome and are so on track!!! :o)

  4. I'm there with you, I couldn't do it! Weekends are so hard due to being close to the kitchen. You look absolutely amazing, though! Hope your little cutie gets well soon. Croup is rough!

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  6. I don't know how you working moms do it! Yesterday I got a call from the school and had to drop everything (everything being cleaning the kitchen and getting in another workout) to go grab the kid, who had fallen again. I'm glad I could just get up and go without having to make arrangements with work, that would totally stress me out. Plus I think WORK would stress me out, although I guess it would be nice to talk to adults and feel like I'm accomplishing something. It seems like work has its own eating issues too though (lunches out is something I never have to worry about). *Ü*

  7. I hope your little one gets better. The croup sucks.

    As for being a SAHM.. I have done both. I worked and busted my ass 40+ hours a week. And I am a stay at home mom now. To be honest, they're both the same. It's both hard work. And since I can design blogs on the side and make some money.. I am perfectly content with staying home with my children.

    But you bet your sweet ass I will be getting some kind of job when my little one goes off to school!

  8. I think every day how awesome it would be a SAHM, and even home-school my rugrats. And then I spend a weekend with them, stuck in the house, Monday won't come soon enough!! LOL! I know that sounds horrible...and I LOVE my kids so stinking much...but I dunno. Though I will also say that if I was a SAHM and home-schooled, things would be different. I might be so uptight and cranky with them all the time...because shoot...I could sleep in and actually drink coffee in my pjs!

    I also know that it might (yes, certain) hurt my weightloss efforts. I wouldn't get a workout in more times than not, and the food would be too easily accessible! Its why I suck staying on track on the weekends! LOL!

    Sigh...guess I don't have anything to worry about since I'm not quitting my job anytime soon.

    Hope little one is feeling better, and Momma!!!!!

  9. Marcy you are such an inspiration! You have definitely become a new and better person. I also keep getting back on the healthy train, usually on a Sunday or Monday after a super fun weekend. BTW....maintenance is a B*tch. I will never be able to relax and not think about calories, fat, exercise. That is my new life and I am staying healthy forever (even if I have to fight for it!) Esther Norine Designs