Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I am quite positive that #transformationtuesday 's via IG has saved me a lot of times.
Times where I felt like all the hard work wasn't paying off.
Times all I wanted to do was think negatively.
Times that I hated my reflection.
Times I so desperately wanted to just give in the towel and give up.

One of the many things I have learned throughout my journey is I am not a quitter.
I no longer give up.
It's not an option.
And the word "can't"...
Pshhh that left my vocabulary months ago!

I am here to tell you it's not too late.
You CAN do it.
You just have to WANT it bad enough.
I just happen to want it bad enough.
I just simply refused to live my life feeling like crap anymore.

Just look how far I have came from July 15th until November 23rd.
22 pounds and tons of inches.
It was hard.
It's still hard.
It will continue to be hard.
The exciting part is to see where I will be a month, six months, even a year from now.
Striving to constantly better myself.

This isn't about being a certain size or weight anymore.
This is about truly how I feel.
How my clothes fit.
How fast I can run a mile in.
How much weight I can lift.
Those mean more than numbers.

PS Lift the weight people.
Lift those freaking weights.
Mama L isn't kidding.
It works.

PPS  Did you vote for me yet?!
You can go HERE do do so.
Just like the picture.
Easy peasy!

I appreciate all the love and support you guys continue to show me!