Monday, November 4, 2013

What path will you choose?

Oh the weekends...
They go way too fast do they not?
Mine was pretty low key.
When I say pretty low key I mean I spent Friday night drinking beer and playing Bunco with the girls, Saturday was spent spending money we don't have getting shit fixed on the car, fish fry with family and friends Saturday night, and yesterday was church and a full day of chores.
This weekend I also finally did something that I have needed to do for months but didn't have the actual lady balls to make it happen.
I still have so many more to get rid of but I managed to muster up the courage to get rid of shit that just doesn't fit me anymore.
It's all too big and makes me look like I am wearing a potato sack rather than actual clothes.
I was always terrified to get rid of them.
Knowing I didn't want to gain the weight back but always scared that I may.
Somewhere along the way I have gained the confidence to know that I will not be going back.
My old self is just what is is...
Not the person I am today.
At all.
I also decided last night at 7PM that my hair needed to be red.
So I died it and a couple of you told me I looked like Pink and I got the biggest head around.
To me that is a major compliment.
Not only is Pink beautiful but when I think of her I think of somebody who is successful and extremely in shape and just knows who she is and what she wants in life.
That is somebody I have only dreamed of being for so long...
Now I am finding that I am actually that girl!

So today I am rocking some "red hair, don't care!"
When I first originally looked at this picture all I could see was a big puff ball.
I wore this outfit today only to get to work and realize that you know what...
It's too big on me.
I never thought I would ever find myself in these situations a year ago.
I have already had a few of the ladies I work with tell me that I need to get rid of these clothes that no longer fit me.
That's all besides the point.
I found myself originally wanting to be negative.
Instead though I decided to list at least five things that I love about myself in this picture.
And let me tell you it has totally changed my attitude for the day!
1.  I am digging my red hair.
2.  I love my glasses.
3.  I make this scarf look good.
4.  My smile.
5.  My face appears to have color and not look ghost like.
I am serious when I say I already feel better.
When you love yourself and can find things to be happy with it really can change how you feel.
I could have been negative.
I could have looked at that picture and found double the positives I had found.
That would have been the easy thing to do.
I am just glad I didn't choose that path.
What path will you choose today?!


  1. yeahhh girl! that is awesome and you look great. you do rock the red hair!

  2. You look amazeballs and I love the red hair! You definitely don't need to keep those fat clothes! You aren't that person anymore!

  3. Love the red hair... and that french onion dip with mouth is watering...

  4. Love this post and loving the red hair! You could not be more right.... find the positives. Something I need to work on. {{{ hugs }}}

  5. Way to go! It is so hard to get rid of clothes that are too big. I wish had and maybe I wouldn't be back in them at this time! Next time they get too big they are bye bye! Love the red hair on you!!

  6. duhhhhh redheads are the best ;) Welcome to the club!

  7. YOU ROCK!!! I love how positive you are. Plus you look amazing so you don't need to be hiding behind big clothes ;)

  8. Positive Patty is always better than Negative Nelly.... awesome! I LOVE your positives :) Loving the RED girlie!!! You freaking ROCK IT!!!!