Wednesday, July 19, 2017

I decided that I Thrive on a flat surace ~ Queen Bee Training Days 2 & 3

One thing you will find out quickly about me, if you don't know me already, is I am super transparent.
I am not all rainbows and sunshine over her 24/7, although I strive to be as positive as possible most of the time.

Running for me has NEVER came easy.
It's actually really fucking hard and more often than not I ask myself whyintheflyingfuck  "Why" am I doing this?
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I am still not 100 percent sure I can answer that.
All I know is that this has been a goal of mine for five years and this year is all about facing my fears and crushing my goals.
And the feeling I get after a run compares to nothing else.

Yesterday was a cross-training day for me.
Honestly I find it hard not to want to run on days that I am technically not supposed to.
Yesterday was a 360 and rowing class at Planet Fitness, a 30 minute walk with some girlfriends, and then Barre class last night.
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I was nervous about this morning.
Today was a 3 mile run.
I knew that I had to get up early and go because it is hot as balls in our neck of the woods, as I am sure it is everywhere else, too!
I didn't sleep well at all.
I kept waking up and checking the clock.
I don't know if it was nerves about running or not but every on the hour I found myself glaring over to check the time.
5:30 AM rolled around and I did NOT want to get up.
I had another alarm set for 6:00 AM and decided to roll with that.
It went off and I was literally doing EVERYTHING I could to talk myself out of going.
So many excuses.
A good 40 minutes passed and I FINALLY decided that none of those excuses were good enough.
By 7:35 AM I had put in three miles and was sitting in my car drenched in sweat.
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Those three miles were MUCH easier than they were on Monday.
I won't lie though...
They were still hard.
Hills suck.
I was questioning myself the entire run...
Still left wondering how in the hell I am ever going to complete 13.1 miles?
I just have to keep on keepin' on and putting one foot in front of the other.

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