Monday, July 8, 2013

Even at the toughest of times there is always meaning...

Well my Friday started off with a BANG!
My #60insixty right before Husband called to tell me our washer had went psycho and flooded my laundry room, our bedroom, and part of the basement!
What a way to kick of the weekend...
{I will let it be known Mama didn't even get to drink this past weekend.  Nuff said}
This is my "I am trying to look upset about getting a new washer face..."
Okay so I was upset to spend the money but we needed a new washer anyways and my new washer is pretty, new, and does fun tricks.
It's the small things that excite me anymore.


Too many eggs in their bellies...

Shiny new washer!

My fortune cookie from the Asian Buffet and I must say it kinda fit me to a T.
Husband got one that said he was a flower or something!
We definitely had a good laugh!

She is probably the only one in my family that finds me this funny!

Sleepy girl!

My real nails!
This is a big deal y'all!

My #prednisonepolly face...
Can you tell how happy I am or what?
I am straight #blowfishstatus up in hurrrrr.
Sami's Shenanigans

PS Shit has been real rough around here and that is no secret.
I will say these past two weeks in particular have had me questioning God 24/7.
WHY WHY WHY and then why some more...
It finally clicked this morning...


  1. How is the poison ivy going?

    Congrats on the washer! That is a great feeling!

  2. Sorry you've had a rough few weeks! Hang in there!

  3. Just know you have folks out here in blog land that are thinking about you . . . rooting for you (and your pawpaw) and wishing you all the best! Virtual hugs.

  4. Marcy, that is a beautiful statement about your husband. I am so blessed to have had those same feelings this past weekend about my fiance. I cant imagine going through this rough time with my Dad alone without Todd. He's my rock.
    Awesome new dryer by the way!

  5. I love you and think you are AMAZING! xo