Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I am on fiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...................

Can you see the smoke coming out from behind me?
Well I dunno but I feel like I am on fiyaaaaaaaaaa!
...and do NOT be concerned it's the good kinda fire!!!
I was just randomly doing my morning reads and was caught dead in my tracks by Kristen from First Name Smith's Blog title "Hip Fuckery."
I swear it's like that bish and I are twinsies.
Everything she says I am like YES YES YES!
So I was just reading and laughing {obviously} and to my surprise I found out I won her Sarah Michele Training giveaway!
I am so excited to work with Sarah and let's be honest with two fitness challenges going down and this half marathon training in full effect I NEEDED THIS!
God is good and I swear y'all he does answer our prayers.
It may not always feel like it but I promise you he does.
It's Tuesday.
You know what that means?
Transformation Tuesday duh!
I love transformation Tuesdays for one reason. It allows me to see just how far I have come. In every day life we just don't see it. That is why pictures are a must and I am constantly seeing them. It is the only way I can visualize success for myself and that all this hard work is actually paying off! The picture on the left was from April and the picture on the right was from yesterday!
I have been really working my ass of these last couple of weeks and I am just so damn proud of myself!
PS Don't tell me you don't have time! Worked all day, battery went dead in the van had to get a jump didn't get home til after seven...
Had to wash dishes, start laundry, bathe baby/feed/put to bed and start dinner for myself! Already worked out once but managed to take ten minutes for me which includes my 300 routine MISS Operation Skinny Jeans gave me for #skinnyjeansfitcamp #andiminshortyshirts =)


  1. Awesome transformation! I agree, having pictures really helps you to see your progress!!

  2. Thanks so much for the shoutout!!! I am excited to work with you, emailing you back now!

  3. Since I have started blogging you have really changed..in a good way! You have shed some pounds and looking amazing lady!!

  4. Hot stuff momma!!!!

    Tell me more about this training....

  5. I just have to tell ya, I'm pretty much going to be stalking you from now on. I am so motivated by your success, you make me want to stick with it! So yeah. I love you.

  6. I am so proud of you...you are looking great!

  7. I am always scared to take those "Before" pictures because I just hate them. But, your comparisons make me a little more motivated to do so. You looked great in the before pictures too but, wow what a difference just since April! Keep on rockin girl. Always enjoy your blog.

  8. You are looking FANFRICKINTASTIC!!!!!!!!!! You are on fiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa for sure!! :)

  9. Look at you girrrrrllllll! Freaking hot stuff! And just in time for your daughter's 1st birthday. Boom!

  10. Girl, you are looking good!! Wow!! Good for you. Keep up the good work!