Friday, July 19, 2013

While I am falling apart as my baby rounds the corner to turning one I have some Metal Marvels action going on ova hurrr today!!!

Hey y'all!
It's Friday can I get a HELLZ YEEHAW for that one?!
This week has been yet another crazy one...
Not to mention ummmm my baby turns one next week and we are having her 1st Birthday tomorrow.
Literally I have tears in my eyes.
Between preparations for that and a last minute procedure I have to get done this morning (no worries very minor) I needed a break from the ol' blog!
I am super excited for my guest poster today!!!


Helllooo Mustache Diary readers!!!
I hope you are all having a fabulous day
  I am sooo super excited to be here today!
I am sooo grateful to Marcy for having me here today.
She posted and I JUMPED on it.
I love her blog and am loving watching her progress!
It's so weird for me to blog, I haven't done it in a month and a half! CRAZINESS!
Now onto why I am here...

My name is Katie, I'm 27, I live in Orange County, CA 
aaaand this is me
I am a college student (graduating Aug 8th, the day my class ends), currently in the management Internship with Target, and I own my own online jewelry store!
Needless to say I'm pulling my hair out haha, well trying not to.
My class is an accelerated class that's our "you have to take to pass" type thing.
The internship is 10 weeks and you're supposed to learn the store, the processes, how to lead a team, all while making your personality shine so they hire you!
Oh yea and I own the online store.
I haven't spent as much time on my store as I'd like. :(
Phew, that wore me out thinking about it.

I jumped on this post because I want you all to see my store
I personally LOOOOOOVE jewelry, I also love jewelry that is affordable.
 I've worked in retail my entire life as well as managed a retail store
 Soooo I thought what better way to put ALL of this together then to come up with this...
  Metal Marvels

I know, I know. You're saying to yourself, "That means nothing to me."
 Well let me tell you all about it, It is an online jewelry store!
  My online jewelry store ♥
Shop // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Email // Marketplace Store
 I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE jewelry and I know what it feels like when you have that Ah Ha moment
when that piece you bought fits perfectly with that great outfit you're wearing.
 Here's just a sneak peek of my jewelry for sale!

So that is what I hope to bring to you:
 That perfect piece for the outfit you're planning, an everyday wear, that fun whimsical piece of jewelry, or something that makes a statement or helps a cause.
I want to bring you beautiful jewelry without breaking your bank!
 Some are handmade by others, some are handmade by me but all around GORGEOUS
I truly want to feel like you are shopping in the closet that has ALL the things you want.
I take suggestions on new items and what you want to see in the store.
I also appreciate emails, phone calls and texts!
I am CONSTANTLY available
[unless I am sleeping of course haha]
 I really hope you come visit me and maybe purchase some jewelry to add to your collection!
 Also, if you go to the Marketplace store you can "watch" my store so you know when I have new items! LOOK WHAT I HAVE FOR YOU!!!
 If you go to my site and use code:
 you get 15% off EVERYTHING!
 Thanks for listening to me and taking the time to read.
  Love to you all!
PS it would make my heart extremely happy if y'all would go to Sami's Blog and sign up for her virtual 5k!
In March of 2012, my 16 year old sister, Maggie, died in a tragic car accident. This past March, a foundation was started in honor of Maggie; The Maggie Bertram Foundation For The Fine Arts. The foundation is still very new and in the early stages.
"A group of people who loved Maggie have pooled their talent and effort into creating the Maggie Bertram Foundation for t...he Fine Arts. Maggie was an artist, dancer and musician who was killed March 4, 2012 in a tragic car accident. Only 16 years old, she had a brilliant smile, engaging personality and a warm, warm heart. She embraced the arts and excelled at them. In her honor we are beginning fun(d)raising efforts that will support fine arts education at the K-12 level. Our first focus will be Holy Family Parish School, where Maggie attended grade school and participated in dance recitals, played clarinet in the Holy Family Grade School band and won awards in the annual Declamations contest. Our dreams are that our efforts won't have to stop there....and you can help by participating in our events, donating to our Foundation and praying for our success."
 - Written by my mom, Stacie
I am going to raise money for the foundation by training and running a race. I know there are people out there who have done this type of thing before.
I'm calling it "Running For Maggie". I am going to train for a half marathon Sunday, September 8th, 2013...The Illinois Valley Striders Half Marathon. It is in Peoria, Illinois.

I started a Running For Maggie Facebook page. This will be a place for people to keep track of my fundraising progress and my training progress. Please check it out!
You can read about it more HERE or email Sami personally !!!


  1. Hello to Katie! Cute jewelry, I will have to check it out.


  2. I love her store!!! She has the cutest stuff!

  3. I will check it out! And thank you so much!!! :)