Wednesday, July 3, 2013


It's Wednesday.
I don't have to work tomorrow.
I have a sitter for tonight so I can go to dinner with friends while Husby does Husby things.
me in the club
Right now I am fairly happy.
My life as of late has been a roller coaster of lots of ups, downs, and loop de loos for sure.
I am glad to be able to throw a quesadilla down my pie hole tonight with good company.
I need it.
I need it badly.
As far as diet and weight loss go I haven't gained and I haven't lost and in my eyes right now I consider that a win.
I am sitting at 170.
An even number.
I like even numbers but I do wish it was lower.
Dammit it should be lower.
I need to be thankful for that number though with everything going on.
Just an up to date for those newbies up in hurrrr....
I have had poison ivy for over a week now.
I was FINALLY put on Prednisone two days ago.
I can definitely tell it's getting better but it's definitely itchy in some areas.
Making it very hard to sleep.
Good thing about prednisone is it makes me feel like I have ADHD 24/7 so shit gets done.
Bad part is I really do want to eat 24/7.
No bueno.
Hopefully at the end of these two weeks things will start looking up.
My Pawpaw also met with the oncologist again yesterday.
He was given three options.
1. Do nothing.
2. Chemotherapy.
3. In home hospice care.
If y'all know anything about this story you know my Pawpaw is like my dude.
He has been the one man in my life that has NEVER let me down.
Been there for me since the day I was born.
Life without him is just not a life I am ready to think about.
He has cancer.
Bone cancer.
It's bad.
Right now we are just all trying to stay positive, back him up with any decision he makes, and laugh.
Laughter heals the pain.
He decided to try chemo.
I think he is doing it hoping it will help with the pain and hoping that it will make us happy.
He has to take a powder supplement for the next two weeks in hopes he will gain some weight.
And then it starts...
To say I am nervous would be an understatement.
I have seen first hand what chemotherapy does.
All we can do is pray.
I, for one, totally believe in the power of prayer.
God is good.
He doesn't put us through anything we can't handle.
Kinda like the poison ivy on my left nipple that makes me want to cut my boob off as we speak.
In other news thanks to all your precious individuals who voted for me in the lip sync challenge.
I think maybe I need to consider a new profession?
Lip syncing could be the new thing right?!
Here is the video in it's entirety so you can see just how amazeballz the whole thing was...
Especially the ending!
Oh and I just spent the BEST $15.00 of my life on this...
In case you missed it you can watch my Baseball Boyfriend below and what this shirt is referring to.
He is not only adorable but he said my favorite word of all time on live television.
A girls dream come true...
Everybody have a safe, fun, happy, and healthy holiday weekend!
It’s Friday.


  1. All my thoughts and prayers for you and the fam.

  2. I am thinking about you and sending prayers your way.

    On a side note..BEST VIDEO EVER LADY. I think every wed. you should do one.

  3. That very first gif? Oh NO she didn't!!

    and praying hard for your pawpaw!!

  4. I'm really sorry to hear about your PawPaw. Cancer is an asshole.

  5. First things first . . . cancer sucks ass, and I'm super sorry to hear about your PawPaw. I'll say a prayer for him, and you and your family . . .

    Next, Congrats on the lip sync win . . . well deserved!!

    Finally, I get so excited when you have a new post . . . I LOVE reading your blog and all the crazy pics/gifs you put on it! Thanks for keeping it so real and making us all laugh . . . life is way better that way.

  6. Will be praying for your Papaw and family!

    Hope you have a great weekend! :)

  7. So sorry to hear about your PawPaw. My grandfather was my world so this hits home. I'm currently struggling with my Dad in the hospital and my wedding is in 59 days.
    Have a safe and fun weekend.

  8. thoughts & prayers for your papaw!! my grandma was diagnosed with ovarian cancer last august and is now in remission! power of prayers love! and enjoy your quesadilla!!

  9. Sorry about your PawPaw! Hopefull your tshirt will arrive soon and give you a little something extra to smile about!

  10. Saying a big prayer for your Pawpaw. Cancer sucks!! But it's worth a fight! And I hope he kicks it's ass!