Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I just wanna say, that... I'm back {hair flip}

It's precisely 5:27 AM and I am sitting in front of the computer screen coffee in hand.
I'm either crazy, I love this blog a lot, love my readers more than words, or basically a combination of all three.
My Husband would claim mostly crazy...
Typically my blog posts would get drafted in my head while stuck on the bus on the way to work, in the shower, or during some other task through out the previous day.
I would jot it down in my notepad of things I wanted to talk about.
Sometimes link-ups made this a lot easier.
I was consistent.
Then when I got to work I would literally just throw it all together {I have told y'all I am NOWHERE NEAR a professional writer and I think that's obvious}...
I just put out there what's on my mind and in my heart and that's that.
Obviously this was done as soon as I got to work because I always get a little free time before work actually starts at 8:30.
Then I get an email stating no more Internet at work and I think I had a mini-stroke right there at my desk.
No lie.
I already really can't check my phone at work.
So I just sneak off to the girls restroom to check IG, Facebook, and text you hookers back.
me texting your man
I know!
I know!
They actually want me to work, at work?
I will say this though...
I am a hard worker.
I am always there, I always do any task that is asked of me, and 98.9 % of the time it's with a smile on my face.
Yesterday I was more productive than I have ever been.
And honestly y'all...
I felt super accomplished when I left the office.
Sounds kind of silly to say that out loud but it's true.
I think when we are given the freedom to do what we choose at work we just really don't get a lot done.
Here goes to Marcy being all accomplished and stuff =)
I am nowhere near perfect though.
That's obvious considering I was supposed to wake up at 4:45 to do the damn thing and I didn't peel myself out until approximately 5:23!
I also, after having such an amazing weigh-in Sunday morning, ate like an  absolute idiot.
It's like I am constantly sabotaging myself.
Something I am really striving to work on.
It's like I do really well and then I think I need a treat which turns into a days worth of binging.
I have got to figure this out!!!
I know it was just one day but I really think that one day has set me back already this week.
I really want my measurements to change when I report back to Sarah on Friday.
I just need to prove to myself that I can work really hard these next couple of days!
I did her first strength workout yesterday and it must be totally awesome because I can barely walk today.
Running should be a real treat!
I guess my question to y'all is...
How do you make it through an entire weekend of good eating?!
I did so amazing Friday and Saturday which I am patting myself on the back for.
Normally my weekends are always calorie packed.
This week I did manage to only go crazy on Sunday...
But still.
I HAVE to quit with these set backs or I am NEVER going to be able to get to where I want to be.
And damn just for shits and giggles because I absolutely love me some Betty White...
I love Betty White so much.


  1. 5:23! That's sleeping in my friend!!! I was up and at 'em at 4:57. Haha! That's only because the baby woke me up! But the alarm sounds at 5AM anyhoo. Welcome to the 5AM crew!!! Just imagine, if you get up at 4:30/5 you can fit in a small workout and then blog!!

  2. I have the same problem with the weekends. The only thing that has really been helping me is to track everything, even if it's ugly. If I know I have to track it, I'm less likely to just go crazy.

  3. There's really no secret to eating good on the weekends. You just have to dig deeper to find that motivation to keep at it.

  4. I don't eat well on weekends! Well, not all the time. I plan my "cheat" meals around my weekend schedule which helps keep me on track for the rest of the week, as well as the weekend!

  5. Dang you were up early!! And eating good on a weekend is so hard. I am about to go on vacation and no idea how I am gonna eat good.

  6. I do better through the week too, mainly because I'm at work and can't just sit in front of the tv and eat, eat, eat. So I save that for the weekends. Ha! No really, I know it's HARD and I have no solution for you...because I'm in the same boat with ya!


  7. I could never get up that early to blog!! Damn, girl!!
    We got our Internet taken away at work too, it sucks!!
    Don't worry about a little cheat, you're doing so good!

  8. I have a feeling I'm going to be a crazy lady soon waking up early to blog or else it won't get done! And let's not talk about weekends. I haven't had a good weekend yet (hence the month of plateauing).

    ummm and Betty White is amazazing!